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Like a dragon, most of my time is spent hibernating, then pure terror. Also horse words.

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Memory is something many people take for granted these days. People think that memory is just something we use to store information. I guess that's sort of true, but what nobody realizes is just how much of a gift memory is. Sure, some people think that all remembering does is dig up old wounds and bring nothing but pain, but they don't understand is that pain is what makes us human. Only through pain can we understand what friendship and love really mean to us. If everything was all good and well, we would never learn to appreciate what we have...

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Concerning ponies & your 'Man Card'

I've heard from too many people of both genders, both within the community and from without, that us men who watch - and by extension read MLP fan-fiction - should hand in their 'Man Cards'. They act that as if by merely being associated with MLP we are effeminate, or somehow otherwise defective as men - weak.

Well, I think it's time for a news flash, there is more to being a man than being strong. A man should also be caring and considerate, loyal and honorable, honest and most importantly, indomitable. I think the meaning of 'strength' has been lost, or at the very least twisted. Being strong doesn't mean that you're infallible, or some kind of god-like perfect being, it's admitting you have weaknesses and faults. All of us do. A real man isn't born, but forged in hardship. He will be beaten, knocked down, broken even...but what makes him a Man is rolling with life's punches. If he gets knocked down twice, he rises thrice.

So, if you're giving up your 'man card' just because you read ponies, you'd better damn well be getting a 'gentleman card' in exchange. Because, if you're handing them over for no other reason than because you're ashamed to have it known that you watch/ read about ponies, you don't deserve them. Enjoy your ponies without shame, admit when something hurts or moves you to tears, because part of being a human being is finding a way to enjoy the time that is given to you on this Earth to its fullest.

Make no apologies. Accept no substitutions. And most importantly...

-_Ƣ ~ Stay classy.


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I'm gonna try to keep this one short.

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