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He hailed from the Rift, the home of his people. His blessing was granted by the two Goddesses of Light and Dark. He was chosen to brave the wilds to make his pilgrimage. It was time for him to face the beast, the Great Wyrm: That which would eat the Ley Line whole. Passed lesser beasts and the allies of the Wyrm, his boons aided him, and he dispatched them. Until they finally met for their confrontation. His resolve, unshakable. He would face the unholy monster to save the world. With Light and Dark coursing through his sword, he hewed it. Ever did the Wyrm try to unmake him. It seemed victory was near for the savior but the Wyrm was a tricky creature. It would buy more time before facing this mortal again. And so the Wyrm expelled him to the other side of the Ley Line, far across the sea, to another land. Thus the Wyrm would slowly journey, recovering its strength to meet its enemy again.

Thus begins a new chant of his journey in the land beyond the Ley Line, and how he and the Elements of Harmony bridged the gap between their two lands, and saving the world in the process.

Note: Genres of stories will be added as story progresses. This story is a loose crossover between Outland and MLP: FIM. Its mostly FIM, but Outland is loosely applied with a different canon and mythos. Also, don't expect this to be updated as averagely as other stories here due to IRL stuff. I'm strictly doing this for my enjoyment.

In addition, I find this story a nice way to introduce a native-human race that exists (in this fanfic) in the same world Equestria resides, but is separated by the powerfully dangerous Ley Lines. For a map of reference, go to this link below.


Outland is owned by Ubisoft Entertainment
MLP: FIM is owned by Hasbro
Map by Hlissner
Almaline language by Bryant K

Title Page Copyright Acknowledgments
Ponyville: Hasbro
Hero of Outland: Ubisoft
Wyrm: Wallpaper designed by norbi862

Also also also Announcement: YAY! Our first 'thumbs down!' And right after I finish it! What took my critics so long? :-D
Also also Announcement; WOOHOO! We broke 50 thumbs up! HAPPY DANCE
Also Announcement: Yes, I changed my username. No, this account was not hijacked by someone else.
Announcement: Credit goes to frieD195 for editing my fanfic. You have my gratitude!

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damn, this is really good. keep them comin' man. I swear this could make it into my top five list if you play this right.


Also, I may volunteer my editing services if you so wish or desire.

Hmm, not bad. The plot is quite interesting, and making up a new language is cool too. I really have no idea how people manage to do that. (I can't. :derpytongue2:) Unless it's a language I don't recognize?

It does have some grammatical and spelling errors, though they're very minor. Nice job. This might be very interesting.

I'm not really a fan of MLP pairings, though, especially if it's with a human. Maybe you'll change my mind? :raritywink:

Very interesting... I've never played the game before (im hoping that its a game anyways) and this seems truly promising. Consider this tracked good fellow.

Good work. Liked and tracked.


Thanks for offering. I'm going through it again to see what else I missed, but I'll take you up on that offer if you don't mind doing it for free, lol. :pinkiesmile:


Actually, I didn't make it up. The language is Almaline, which was made by Bryant K. Thanks for bringing that up, I need to credit him on the frontpage.

Wow, this is pretty interesting stuff! Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Hmmm, I like this story so far! Now I have to get to sleep for tests tomorrow >.< Faved & Thumbs up!

Oh hey, this is really good! I put it on my Read Later list, cos the description sounded cool, and it really is! I like the way he's learning a new language. I don't think I've heard of 'Outland' before though, so to me this feels less like a crossover and more like a man from a fantasy universe arriving in Equestria. I look forward to reading more and seeing events unfold.

Thanks for the compliments everyone! :pinkiesmile: :twilightsmile:


Well the idea that his race has always been there. They aren't from Earth and they aren't from another Universe. Their race is native to the planet where Equestria is, but separated by the Ley Lines (see map on frontpage). This will be explained later.

You can get Outland as a downloadable game on XboxLive. Its an indie platform game, and its AWESOME! Very challenging too.


Who knows if a pairing will even occur? I certainly don't know! :rainbowlaugh:

It was dark, but it was strange herethis sounds off, try "but he could sense his surroundings had changed". The land was flat. No hills or gorges. These weren’t the same trees as back home, either. Where didhad the Wyrm sent him?


And you have my thanks, fragged. :twilightsmile:

When you say 'Newman', do you mean that 'Newman" is the actual name of his species and not 'Human'? (maybe that's what they're called in that Outland game?) If that's the case, then everything makes sense.

Nah, it's all good. It didn't seem like the story was just rambling on to me. Besides, you've pretty much laid the foundation for an entertaining next chapter! Good job! :twilightsmile:

Great chapter, and a nice cliffhanger ending of what's to come. :pinkiehappy:

WOOHOO! I'm doing something right! :pinkiehappy:

Grammar Nazi alert!

The green aura covering its pitch-black for
it will be perfect bate.
“Oh geez. Common Fluttershy,
for it is a long tail
we have existed sense
We Newman lived sense
“I mean, your cutey mark is cool!”
“Where did you get your cutey-mark, Darius?”
For it sent me all the way here after I striking
Awe common Darius.
I doubt there is anything her I cannot handle.
that awright?

1. I believe you meant fur.
2. I believe you meant bait.
3. You forgot to capitalise your P
4. No need for the full stop (.) as a comma (,) would be fine. Also its come on.
5. I believe you meant tale.
6. I believe you meant since.
7. Again, since.
8. I think its spelt as cutie.
9. Same as above.
10. I think you meant struck (no idea if its the language barrier or something).
11. Its Aww come on. I am awe struck at this.:trollestia:
12. Its missing an e to become here.
13. You mispelt alright.

I am soooo... evil? FORGIVE ME:raritycry:

lol, your doing the right thing pointing these out to me. I'll be honest, I write so much in my profession, when I write a fanfic, its more for recreation so I don't take grammar seriously. Its like that part of my mind is taking a break. :rainbowlaugh:

But there is good news. frie195 has volunteered to edit, and will be credited once the edited chapters come in. I'll post all originals first, then replace with edited versions later.

all i can think of when hearing him ride on celestia (non sexually of course) is... "Eye of the tiger!

Wow, I had no idea my little comical praise of the editor would affect the rest of the story. :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome chapter. And a new language! So interesting! :rainbowkiss:

Thanks. It doesn't make sense to me that every race on the planet would speak the same language. And given they are separated by Ley Lines, it would make sense Equestrian and Newman lingo would be different (emphasis on Chapter 1).

Yeah, those feat of yours.
He then felt Rainbow Dash being lifted from his harms

1. Feet
2. Arms
3. Heads:trollestia:

But yes, good chapter overall and lol at the riding of Celestia.:rainbowlaugh:

Corrections made, sir. I can credit you for editing if you like but you'll have to chose your own theme song. Eye of the Tiger is already assigned. :rainbowlaugh:

ponys are aweeeesome

494333 Its all right, no need for a song since i basically suck at choosing right songs :fluttershbad:


Another chapter! Keep it up.

I'm afraid I have no idea what to look for when it comes to the reference, sorry. I don't wax poetic at all. :derpyderp1:

I'm no poet... so, I couldn't tell what this "connection" is, either. :rainbowderp:

It's a great chapter, though, and the song was a nice touch.

Well, not 'literally' poetic. Like, you know the concept of 'poetic justice' or 'poetic irony?'

I guess its too abstract so I'll give it away here and simply declare the contest a flop. :derpytongue2:

But I'll give an idea of the poetic concept I put in there.
1. Darius sings to the sky his grief to cope.
2. His mother taught him the sky will hear his grief and help him bear it.
3. Rainbow Dash is a pegasus born at Cloudsdale.
4) Dash heard his grief and was there for him to help cope.

Hows that for explaining it? :twilightsmile:

504651 Ah... well, now that you point it out, it makes sense. :derpytongue2:

Also, is there going to be something more going on between Darius and Dash? :rainbowkiss:



Hmm yea, that was a bit abstract. I'm impressed you thought that up, though.

Is there a glossary of terms for the Almaline language? I'm damn impressed by the fact that there's a whole language for Darius and his people, but I suppose that just comes with the game.

Here ya go. :twilightsmile:

And no, it doesn't come part of the game, actually. Its something I'm blending in from something else. So you might say I'm combining three things: MLP, Outland, and Almaline.



That's cool. It adds a nice little cultural flair to the Newmen.

"Cutie Mark Crusaders" not "Cuteymark Crusaders"

GAH! :derpytongue2: How did I mess that up? :twilightsheepish:
Thanks for catching that. :rainbowlaugh:

Did not see that ship a-sailing


Well I was trying to avoid crashing it into the dock, hence why they are taking it slow. :rainbowlaugh:

But mind you, I haven't decided if it is going sail or sink. :eeyup:

This one line was pure lol;
What was she feeding that rodent? Pure rage?
I couldn't hold it in:rainbowlaugh:

Now for the mistake;
The rabbit blinked on confusion, then thought for a moment, scratching its chin.
It should be blinked in confusion. But yeah, you get the idea:pinkiehappy:


Found and corrected. Thanks.


This chapter worked out pretty well, I think.

It was that or go on a pranking spree through Ponyville for the Element of Laughter, so...

Criticism yay!

It was a good strategy sense Queen Chrysalis never encountered or dealt with the night princess.
Now her horn glowed before Luna created lightning bolt that struck a mile away from them.
He removed the moccasins from his feat.
Twilight got a closer look as her main tickled his toes.

1. Since.
2. You missed a in between.
3. Feet.
4. Mane.

Woops... those ain't criticism...


Thanks. I believe frieD195 addressed those now. :pinkiesmile:

Hope you get another chapter out soon.

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