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(This is a crossover with Darksiders. Do note that it has a rushed ending. Just so you know.)

After bringing the last heart of the chosen ones to Samael, War enters the portal created by the demon prince in order to gain access to the Tower of Souls. Unfortunately, some outside force distabilizes the demonic magics keeping the portal's world stable, and War rushes towards the exit, much to the fear of the Watcher. After exiting it and landing in a very dark environnment, the horseman is greeted by a giant beast which rises behind him.

How will the horseman of the apocalypse return to his world and restore the balance while he remains stuck in an unknown and strange place? What does queen Chrysalis want with him anyways?

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:pinkiegasp:It's here!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

*edit* :facehoof: She is going to be killed so fast that it would make Discord look twice!!

I sense Chrysalis getting beaten into nothingness...:pinkiecrazy:

Awesome! Another giant monster dead at the beginning.:pinkiehappy:

He is war gona get his horse, Fury? he aint much of a horseman without a horse.

Chrysalis is dead now for suree

Now this is a crossover that holds great promise.

Chrysalis...did that beating you got at the wedding scramble your brains? War has crushed things that could look in your direction and cause you to implode.

Ah, I can smell the burnt corpses already:pinkiehappy:

War might beat chrysalis into submission and use her as a temporary replacement of Ruin. :rainbowlaugh:

*slips into the shadows* ill be watching...

Well this won't end well...Please don't kill her off. She has to feed on love, you know.

Twilight a witch?...He did not just go there. :twilightangry2:
and he made Fluttershy cry...:twilightangry2::twilightangry2: HIT HIM IN THE HEAD! You don't have to defeat him, but please, give him a good smack.

second chapter down and i am now sure this story is badass.

503536 Ya good luck with hitting war Il go to your funeral

Yeah! he's got his stead!

503776 I won't that was a stupid comment ha hitting war

Hurhur i laughed at the frustration of Chrysalis :rainbowlaugh:

I haven't played Darksiders,but i find War totally AWESOME! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome story, can't wait for a new chap :D

"War's giant gauntlet suddenly plowed through the beam and grabbed the alicorn by the throat."
I think you meant unicorn. Otherwise another great chapter.

I just hope War cuts Chrysalis in some pieces! :twilightangry2:

you seriously getting bored of the story? tsk tsk

War sees through the disguise and opens up a can of whoop as on Chrysalis

For the living embodiment of war...he's kinda calm

513275 That's War for ya. He ain't mah creation. You've gotta play Darksiders if you want to understand him...or you just watch a walkthrough on youtube.

Ugh, Kill more things! War must correct the balance of equestria, free discord.

513318 Unfortunately, Discord is part of the balance, so there would be no point in killing him:fluttercry:. Don't think I didn't think of him.:flutterrage:

I played Darksiders I'm just being captain obvious. Anyways can't wait for the next page

Cliffhangers, the ultimate troll technique used by authors.

Well played sir, well played.

Why is War so 'acepting' of Chrysalis's deal, he seems to easily more powerful than her and could of just commanded her to send him home.

517835 He could have done the same with Samael (I think. He was lacking lots'o power then. Hm.) This will also be a short story. I can't exactly work with someone whose only emotions are FUCKIN' SHIT UP!:flutterrage:

Honestly, I expected the Watcher to yell about having to fetch something for someone in order to go somewhere...again.
Oh well...I feel really bad for the soilders...they are about to get owned badly...

517874 It should be the last chapter the next one. So it should be big and action packed. I really didn't think this story through properly, although I guess that War's lack of any real emotions pretty much kills off any real effort to make a story with him.

Yea, with the story focusing on War of all people...I'm actually surpised that it has lasted this long without War just saying 'Screw this' and killing everything in his path. Still sucks to see it end. Any chance that you could make a sequal with Death once Darksiders 2 comes out?

517920 Meh...that depends on his personality.

It was very dark with lots of swamp plants and wierd little stems ending in a bulbous yellow ball.


Or are you trolling me?

"I know how to send you back to your worl." she said with a grin. (world)

Queen Chrysalis too the moment to massage her neck, the very fibers having been crushed by a merciless hand that reeked of blood. (took)

Meanwhile, Chrysalis started to speak, while receiving the htratening pressure from War. (threatening)

If you go through the htrone room, a secret passage should be just underneath the throne. (throne)

Call that beast of yours away and we will be able to send you withint he castle walls." ( within the )

I troll you back! :trollestia:

don't suppose that War will have a chance to redeem himself? and also, will he ever get along with the mane six, and (this part is my favorite) will he have a secret soft side for cute and adorable-ness (but still manage to make it totally un-emotional? and pinkie should somehow throw a party for him, in the room that contains the elements....just a few thoughts

519050 The weird thing is just a habit. Like the comma, I'll get it in eventually.

521388 Like I've said, War is too devoted to duty to "feel". In the game, no matter who it was, he was always serious and never smiled. That's why I've been having trouble with this crossover. I only took the Watcher into account, not War.

521793 Notice how I told him to have a secret soft side but still somehow remain emotionless...or maybe he's actually in constant turmoil and never shows it. Or maybe you've actually heard of the game he's from...

523043 Or maybe I have the game he's from and beat it?

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