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Katorga-12, an island like no other. Once a stepping stone for technological development, now an abandoned wasteland. Once a sanctuary untainted by the war which plagued the world. Now a death-trap for all who wish to uncover secrets that are best left buried. What nightmares lie within the abandoned buildings, what horrors hide in the shadows of the former Utopia?

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434822 :facehoof:
Please for the love of *** stop saying first. You people have already infected Youtube. Don't bring down other great websites.:ajbemused:

Sorry, I couldn't resist to do it.


New story!? Fuck yes.


Oh Zephyr...You remind me so much of youtube.


Basically, new video = "First!" comment.

That's what you reminded me of. Also LEARN TO RESIST TEMPATATION MAN.

Alright alright!

There is only one time when I actually can make a first post and everyone attacks me...

I know it's because you are all jealous!



I might be jelly...Damn that picture makes me want to have some jelly now.

Aaaaaanyway, what do you think about the STORY?


Haven't read the first chapter yet since I'm doing some work. But the description itself peaks my interest and seeing it's from Azzazel, It's bound to be good.

Yes, anything Azzy writes must be good, he is a damn good writer!


That's true since he's got my favourite Prototype crossover.

Well that and he got me interested in the Prototype franchise to with that story.

You hear that Azzy?
You made someone play the Prototype!

Awesome! I loved Singularity, even if all the endings did confuse me :derpytongue2:

Also, what do you think about the cover pic?

479282 Glad I got you interested. Now you know why I haven't updated Prototype. 479285 Yeah I hear ya.

Time bending technology beats magic...... Now lets see if Dr. Hooves is normal pony or timelord....

Holy shit holy shit holy shit SO MUCH YES!


Singularity Xoverhas already been made! Though I will read

also where there's Azzazel, there's Zephyr :trollestia:

479570 oh really I searched and didn't find any.


It was under another name, It was about I think James Delvin ending up in Equestria but the fic never got to the part where he dies. ima try and see if I can find it again seeing as I didn't favorite it.

I did some looking and it turned out it got deleted, It was called "Not the Afterlife I Wanted" shame it was pretty good.

I hope I'll give you pleasant surprises!

(FYI: Azzy asked me about a lot of things in this fic, so I know about almost everything.)

I loved the game of SINGULARITY. It is the best game I have ever played, and the story was just magnificent. The gameplay to, man, that was really fun. But the game was still pretty hard. It would be cool if the T.M.D. was actually real, but that would mean that the entire world would be destroyed from the E-99 element! :pinkiecrazy:

anyways, awesome SINGULARITY crossover, and to those who have not played the game... play it, it is an epic game experience. A very wide amount of gameplay features, like the weapons, weapon upgrades, and some other stuff that I am not going to mention. oh, and do you remember the first monster that you kill? MAN, that freaked me out the first time! almost gave me a heart attack! that game is just crazy, in a good way. hope to see this fiction getting finished. and I wonder how those ponies are gonna react when a guy comes to Equestria and is able to manipulate time itself?


Do the surprises include crossovers?

also I had enjoyed singularity more than I actually should of, even though people say it suck, I actually had a lot of fun with it. Dat TMD :rainbowkiss:

love it love it love it love it love it-(ETC.)

This cross-over is awesome, I wished people would make more SINGULARITY cross-overs. it's such a shame that some people don't understand the story also.

This is the first SINGULARITY fan-fiction I have ever read. I think I might be doing a SINGULARITY fan-fiction, but I cannot at the moment, because I already have about 3 - 4 stories I need to work on.

Right, now that I have read the story...


There is the traditional keyboard smash of how excited I was reading it. Again like Prototype, I have no idea what the character is capable off completely but maybe soon I will give the game a shot...after Prototype 2 of course.

Hmm, so far so good. I love it when tech meets magic in a story. The way this chapter ended did sort of make me feel like someone just flipped the treadmill I was running on into reverse though, bit of an abrupt end.

Whoohoo, turn Blue Blood into ash!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Good story, looking forward to updates.

:rainbowlaugh: " I think I took a wrong turn on the river Stix and ended up in Disney Land."
You made my day here.

Something wrong?
It's a big number, I tell ya.

FUUUUUUUUUUUU i want their reaction to ww1 and ww2 :rainbowlaugh:

503402 Compared to casualties in wars on earth or compared to the number of casualties on average that happens in equestria?:moustache: Didn't 2 million jewish people die during WW2?

Yes, but that's us, humans.
They are ponies.

If you still can't see my point then I tell you: the ponies are a very peaceful species so a war with this much casulties is BIG.

503442 I know, but compared to the casualties humans have in their wars, it is not that much.....:moustache:

As I told you before, the ponies are REALLY peaceful, they had no war in A THOUSAND years.

Just to compare: From the age of the Roman Empire we had ~20 years without war.
Yes, that is more than 1500 years of conflicts.

Just sayin'

503468 6 mil jews murdered by Hitler, lovable guy no ? ww1 : 15 mil dead 20 mil injured , ww2 : 60+ mil dead. Oh yeah their gonna love it. Back to writing for poor old Azzazel now !


6 million jewish people died in the death camps

503497 Okay I was off by only 4 mill..... god the ponies are going to freak when they learn how many casualties humans have had in their wars.:moustache:

just 15 thousand? lul tell them how many have died in our wars....their reactions would be priceless

Azzazel you god damn bastard, you cheered my really crappy mood as soon as I saw something written by you.

Why do I love you so much for providing me such awesome stories to read?!

15 thousand total for ponies. Man in world war 2 there have been battles that have had over 10x that amount and more. The battle of Stalingrad had over 1,250,000 with the whole war having 60+ mil. The ponies are going to fucking freak when they learn that, and I look forward to their reactions.

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