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Totally un-realted google images search

here is one, I was searching for exactly this, "The best way to explain pewdiepie to a normal person", and I kept scrolling down, and THIS pops up. WTF?! \r\n Then THIS pops up! ?!?! ugh... then this, shows up.. why must google fail so much sometimes? I MEAN COME ON! IT CAN\'T BE THAT HARD TO FIND A DECENT PICTURE THAT EXPLAINS PEWDIEPIE TO \'NORMAL PEOPLE\'!!!

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Now after more then 2 years of not being on here, I have 2576 notifications.. yyaaaaayy....

91078 I've been dead. ._.

Just been playing a shit-ton of games like Clockwork HL2 RP.

*Jesus looks at rainbow_shy's last update*



I'm not quite sure you saw what I did there.

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