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Part 1: Lyra's Pyro Predicament
Part 2: Twilight's Demoman Devastation
Part 3: King Sombra's Robotic Retaliation

When a mishap causes two para-dimensional weapons to colide with one another, RED Team's Pyro is sent flying from the Team Fortress 2 universe into the alternate universe of My Little Pony, where he is almost instantly discovered by Lyra, who shelters him in her home.

Having him hidden in her small townhouse isn't easy; keeping him from setting things on fire, teaching him that not every cart that passes by is cause for alarm, and that blue ponies are not something to be suspicious of.

However, with Nightmare Night soon approaching, Princess Luna feels that there may be something more sinister riding on the coat tails of Pyro's grand entrance; the first human to ever set foot in Equestria some thousand years ago...

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Actually, this seems pretty good! Will wait to see at least the next chapter!

Cool fic! Let's see where this goes!

:pinkiecrazy:........ awesome..... :yay:~♪yay♪

:moustache: Keep up the Epic work my good sir.

It was good, but you lose some points for grammar.

You know that girly clapping pose the Pyro does after he high-fives someone? That sums up the way I feel about this story.

tracking for sure, looks great so far.

You commited to the tf2 in this one. Thank you, most just give a "and then tf2 met ponies." Keep it up.

Oh my god I read the first paragraph of the engineer and I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the situation that I can imagine perfectly in my minds eye (I was that same engie). Haven't finished but I will say now that this has to be good.:pinkiehappy:

*Sees title and picture*

Grordbort/TF2/MLP? :raritystarry:

*Error: All wants have been depleted. Please want more later*

Yet another fic for me to wait countless hours impatiently for

OH GOD, i belive the ponies finally found out about tf2's vs. saxton hale mode:twilightangry2:

...wait, the pyro did not have he's manmelter equipted, he shouldn't have been able to use the hakouden taunt, in fact, he should have been in civilian mode, seeing as he had no weapon equipted, IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE :rainbowhuh:


Interesting... Tracking.

favorited and starred and all that shit that happens when you get a good writer with a good idea.

208805:twilightoops: Yikes, I'd better keep working on that next installment then! Also, nice catch on the "No weapon, no taunt" thing, but I'm operating under the assumption that he can use the Huddha-oken without the aid of weapons (I personally think he can use that anytime he wants, but incase you haven't noticed, he's a tad looney) because his ability to summons flames WILL INDEED help him out later.

This story is pretty damn good I like how you mixed game with story, and I guess the pyro brought his inventory with him :rainbowlaugh:,
I cant wait for the next chapter keep up the great work :pinkiehappy:

i enjoyed
keep it coming
that is all

This is actually Pretty Awesome! I hope to see more of this, sir! :pinkiehappy:

mmmmm, Pyro, as in the good or the bad Pyro?

FRIKKEN TRAKED BY DESCIPTION ALONE. story was good too. no regrets!::rainbowkiss::rainbowdetermined2::twilightsheepish::moustache::twistnerd::scootangel::twilightblush::raritystarry:
take these happy pony emoticons

209045 :trollestia: I see you noticed that the Pyro always comes prepared, good catch :moustache:

The team fortress 2 part was fucking awesome very few people can write good TF2 fanfiction but you sir manage to pull it off. can't wait to see where the story takes my second favorite class in the world of ponies.

YES! :pinkiegasp:
YES! :yay:
Another pony / TF2 crossover fanfiction!
I have to say, i wanted to track it when i saw the title, but the my eyes looked at the first chapter, and i just read it all, not even stopping on the way.
I'm such an TF2-verse and fanfiction addict. :twilightsheepish:
Congrats on achieving eternal fame! Fics of this quality last long trough the time. :yay:

This was awesome and we'll actually get to find out what the Pyro looks like without the mask. One of life's mysteries solved. I wasn't sure about this fic then I saw it's popularity and read it and I'm like...SOLD!

Good work dear sir! take a 5star and i will track this shit!

Interesting, but it needs clean-up. Grammar's off in some places, and apostrophes are misused in others.

Very interesting. I'm going to track this and come back later.

This story has some real POTENTIAL. M O A R !!!

209949 :derpytongue2: Yeah, that's not really my strong suit

210110 Dunno if you have an editor, but they can be a godsend sometimes.

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