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After a mishap in a magic duel, the ponies are transported to the Team Fortress universe. They'll take the classes places while The Engineer tries to find a way to get them home.

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Ill admit: little skeptical at first. But this turned out to be hilarious.

I now have this mental image of Über Pinkie and Trixie standing atop a pile of corpses, with pigeons flying behind them and everything.

I will forever see pinkie carrying a mini-gun. Like QuillDipper said, I was skeptical as of how you would cross these, but you found a great way to intermingle the two world and create a harmony of awesome! I'm excited for the Fluttershy section.

I couldn't read Sandvich in Pinkie's voice, so ended up singing in a Pinkie-Heavy mix. It was not good.

Conventions are a bit iffy at times but otherwise a very good read!

>Searching internet
>MLP? Team Fortress?
>MY FUCKING FACE WHEN :pinkiehappy:

.... You put a story behind TF2, not only that, but with ponies....
I never thought I would see the day that would happen.
This should prove most interesting.

You even got the bloody hats....
Now what? Achievements?

You should have this posted to Equestria Daily.
Would make for a fine show.

It's on ED. But with the latest update thing they're doing the newest chapter got kinda shoved into a mass update without anyone noticing

I always like it when Derpy isn't presented as having oatmeal for brains; she might be absent-minded by times but she has a mind to go absent with....if you'll forgive the screwy analogy.....:pinkiehappy:

Did he lie, or was it really no longer set for them?

Remember how he had to set the regenerator to the ponies?

Let's hope that the others start seeing that Derpy isn't stupid; let's also hope that Engi can compensate for the timelag and send them home a few minutes after they left.

THIS IS AMAZING!!! Dude/dudette(bad spelling ftw) I hope your writing the next chapter!! Can't wait to see what happens next!!:rainbowkiss:

Enemy pyro respects Derpy?

I haven't read this story yet, although I plan to... im a little skeptical because I'm not sure where you're going to place the ponies compared to the TF2 classes.
Ok, I will always see the following to be true:

Pinkie = Pyro :pinkiecrazy:
Rarity = Spy :raritystarry:
Twilight = Sniper :twilightsmile:
AJ = Engineer :ajsmug:
Fluttershy = Medic :fluttershysad:
Rainbow Dash = Scout :rainbowdetermined2:
Spike = Soldier :moustache:

that is what everypony thinks before reading this. the real one:
rarity still spy:raritywink:
AJ still engineer:applejackconfused:
fluttershy=sniper:flutterrage: lol
RD always scout, the best combo ever:rainbowdetermined2:
Angle bunny is soldier.
trixy is the medic...:trixieshiftleft:
and Drepy Hooves is the pyro:derpytongue2:

cliff hangers, almost as bad as hang overs.

Oh, dang. I hope it's not too late for anypony. ESPECIALLY Derpy.

A cliff-hanger?
I-I can deal with *twitch* this. : pinkiecrazy: hehehehe!
No! No need to go crazy. :twilightsheepish:
Hehehehehehe!! :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

Now on a serious note. :ajbemused: You are credit to team! :pinkiesmile:

This is absolutely fucking Hilarious
Why is there No Random Or comedy Tag?

I've seen a similar story on Deviantart.

Extreme cliff hanger?

Why would you do that?! :raritydespair:

drunk twilight sparkle? Oh god yes :rainbowkiss:

what is this i don't even

The fourth wall; Not only has it been broken, but it was completely obliterated with a ballistic missile.

Oh my god. Just like the regular Team Fortress 2 community.


Why must you make a cliff hanger? :flutterrage::raritycry::raritydespair::twilightoops::facehoof::rainbowhuh:




*le me*: Gee, I sure hope this chapter has an interesting and satisfying ending!
*le cliffhanger*: Umad? :trollestia:

What an incredibly interesting crossover! I both have owned TF2 and watched MLP:FiM, and they are both great. I am thoroughly impressed at how you incorporated a bit of the community's personality (so to say) Not only that, but you gave this game a back-story, and an amazing one at that! Although you are a bastard for leaving that ridiculously suspenseful cliffhanger. And for that, I applaud you. Keep up the great work. Can't wait for the next chapter!

AxleandWheel IS CREDIT TO FANDOM~! :eeyup:

Funny thing. The bottom ad bar under the chapter is showing an ad for Hanna Hats. :derpytongue2:

Cool. Now comes the wrap-up wherein Twi helps Derpy with her image problem....and perhaps with her speech impediment.

The crazy thing is, I can imagine Hale doing just that...
And I thought that the Demoman would be a zebra. After all, Zecora is the Equestrian equivalent of a black woman.
Oh, and can you provide a rundown of who became what kind of pony? Some are obvious, but a few are pretty vague. To me, anyways.

Twilight is ALWAYS the sniper, no, ALWAYS.

that was an epic story i hope there is a sequel but that is probably unlikely, thanks for the great story

... They left the portal untouched...


Making Demo a zebra is kind of a cool idea, but than I can't give him the unicorn magic, which works well with someone into explosives.

As for the species list:
Scout, Pyro, and Miss Pauling are Pegusi
Soldier, Engi, and Sniper are Earth Ponies
and Demo, Heavy, Medic, and Spy are unicorns

See, I agree that Twilight makes a better Sniper than Demo. However, the only spot that I feel I can justify having Fluttershy in is Sniper. She would never accept Medic for a mentor, what with his being a complete sadistic psychopath, while Sniper comes off as a man just doing his job. Plus, Twilight needs to lighten up a bit, and a Demoman is just the class for the job.

You sir, are in luck.:pinkiehappy: There will be a sequel, I;m putting up a blog post with a bit more information.

I read all 10 chapter in one day, this is one of the best stories I've ever read. I love crossovers, and with the amount of bronies in TF2, this story seemed so much more satisfying. :yay:

As for, pretty much, the first Series I've read when I joined, It was awesome:twilightsmile:

Now I can't stop thinking of Hale standing outside RED Spawn with a protest sign yelled 'HAAAAAALLLLLLEEEEE!!!!' , even if it makes me crack up every time I think it:rainbowlaugh:

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