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This story is a sequel to Elementals of Harmony

Ditzy Doo returns home one day to find an old friend waiting for her with dire news and a brain in a jar. With the latter, she will witness the answer to a pair of ominous questions: What if Jin-Gitaxias was a brony? What if New Phyrexia tried to invade Equestria?

As noted above, this is a sequel. Read the first story first, or little if anything will make sense. A certain level of gore and body horror will inevitably arise, given the nature of Phyrexia (For the card game illiterate: Like the Borg, but with more magic and much less attachment to the humanoid form.)

Cancelled after a long remission. You can see what would have been here.

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So, you decided to make this a story of its own. Me likey! :twilightsmile:

I WAS planning to go to bed, but...

Oh, boy. This isn't going to end well for Twilight when Unka Discord and his crew show up to inject a little chaos into New Phyrexia's order. (How very odd that I've just turned a character voiced by De Lancie into another Trek Icon: Janeway!!)

"I think we passed rude a long time ago."

It's times like this that I half-expect a pony version of Jethro Gibbs to show up and say "Ya think??"

Hmmm... perhaps if Ditzy really wanted to put a stop to this, she could get in touch with a large, metal person fond of saying two things:
1) Till All Are One
2) Freedom is the right of all sentient (and heavily-armed) beings.

I saw this on the main page and all i saw was the picture and thought "Pyramid Head. time for a Silent Hill story" then i read the discription

An excellent chapter once again! I'm glad that I opted to read it before going to bed.

Also, thaliamancy made sense to me.



EDIT: Oh Jesus this is going to be even more epic than the last one, isn't it? I don't know if my body is ready.

So is this just the chapters from 'Sideboard' or a continuation of the chapters from 'Sideboard' or what? :twilightsmile:

Wait, what pumpkin?
(glad to see you read homestuck, it is awesome, this is awesome, & phyrexians are awesome)
(all will be one)

Holy crap. The name of my story's Main Character's hometown is Praetor.

686406 Does this mean future!Discord is going to go back in time and offer highly advanced technology designed to fight off the Phyrexians to his younger self, while also infecting himself with a virus designed to screw them over if he becomes compleated?
Wait, I'm writing the story. Why am I asking you? :rainbowhuh: :raritywink:

686436 The only problem with this is that 18-wheelers make for poor disguises in quasimedieval settings. Aside from that, this is awesome.
Also, if Prime ever were compleated, we could get the best of both worlds! Trukk and munky! :pinkiecrazy:

686541 :pinkiegasp: Really? Could you explain it to me? I'm just taking Pinkie's word for it.
What? I can't be the only one who's had the party pony as a coauthor, can I?

687050 The introduction and "Incubation" are new material. The other two chapters were in Sideboard. More are on the way, the next chapter being tentatively titled "Visible Symptoms."

687061 I am fairly certain that there were never any webcomic references in this story, and frankly the very idea strikes me as silly and nonsensical. :raritywink:

He'd be Transtech Optimus!

This doesn't look good...

Oh, crap. Time for somepony:derpyderp2: to layeth upon Twilight a smackdown. When the pony I have in mind does do so, it won't be by accident; she WILL understand what went wrong. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Jesus Spike is big...

686436 IDK... metallic lifeforms might get affected by phyrexia oil even faster than organic ones.

Twilight's gone off the deep end again... this is where everything goes to crap. Luna! Drop the moon!

I love how you described red phyrexia.

Holy shit lagomorphs are boss.

Cadence demonstrates the true power of love. It probably won't work.

And Chaotic Celestia versus Phyrexian Twilight. Battle of the fucking millenium, that shit'll be crazy.

Oh, goody. The Elements of Chaos versus Compleated Twilight. This oughta good. Hey! Maybe Lauren will wake up and we can have some real fun!!

I hope Zecora is indeed planning on fighting Glissa, and is not leading Applejack into some trap.

Somepony purify Twilight already, before she suffers permanent mental damage? As is, she's already turning into another Locutus.

Also, wow that is an impressive rabbit culture there. Seriously.

That had been what had made her stop in the first place, the tattoo of only two hooves rather than four.
"Tattoo" isn't the right word here. I think you meant something more like "sound".

Also, a trillion Scovilles? Remind me to never go near that stuff. Most law enforcement grade pepper spray is under two billion.

785637 Tattoo. n. 2. A knocking or strong pulsation: My heart beat a tattoo on my ribs.

Your concern is appreciated, though.

Huh. I've never encountered that definition before. You learn something new every day! :twilightsmile:

785671 Happy to be of assistance. :twilightsmile: Did you like the chapter?

Oh yes, very much so. I must say that I'm very curious as to how far Pinkie will go towards the "darker" side of her Element, as it would seems that she isn't quite aware of how much the oil is having an effect on her.

by Luna The blight dragon in Equestria.

Is that... The blight dragon? Uh, one point for the invasion.

And oral holocaust, from now on I want to use this term.

And Trixie, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. It really seems like the forces of good are taking a few more hits than they can handle. Although, Pumpkin's been keeping the narrative focus off of whatever decisive macguffin they're cooking up. Who knows.

Well, geeze. One one hand, Iambic Heptameter Zecora and the KoL shoutout made me squee. But on another, I just really dislike your giga-Flanderized supergod-planeswalker-genre-savvy-Discord's-mom Pinkie.

Oh I love everything about this story. Everything.
Now excuse me while I pick up the latest Magic game on steam.

OH my head... I'm not sure which part of this story I like more. It's all so magnificently funny and awesome... Did you distill TTGL and mix it with Magic and MLP or something!?

785877 785977
Yup, that'd be ol' Skittles himself. His handler's mind got eaten by one Sheoldred's paperweights, so Urabrask has had him on retainer for a bit. At least, he has for the sake of the story.

Writing Zecora's dialogue is always something of an adventure, given that I actually care about keeping some kind of meter. I figured "anxiety = more elaborate rhyming schemes" would make a good excuse for... well, more elaborate rhyming schemes. :derpytongue2:
Sorry you don't like Pinkie. (On the other hand, if I didn't make her the ridiculous being she is, how else could I have fit in the Loathingarian reference? :raritywink:) Rest assured, though, the other Thanes are by no means going to be a cakewalk. Blowing up Ish Sah kind of blew the element of surprise along with it.

789890 792206
Thank you both. :pinkiehappy: As for the matter of blending ponies, mana, and Spiral Energy, I don't believe I did, though there is that one scene in chapter 17 of Elementals of Harmony where Luna decides to, and I quote, "kick pity to the curve and move beyond the regrettable.":trixieshiftright:

797843 true but I would suspect the hidden to send a moltensteel dragon instead.

No, I'd say this story already has a fairly large amount of 'authorial bull-honkery'.

I'm not sure if this counts as abuse of the fourth wall or not...

914259 I'm preeeetty sure that the fourth wall was sodomized in this chapter...
with a jackhammer...
and nitroglycerin.

Why not Specimens # 28 and 142? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:
'Trixie Hobbitses':facehoof:

"I don't think she's being corrupted, Shining. I think the corruption's getting Sparkled."

Yes, Phyrexian oil does have a way of making you think you're beating it, doesn't it?
Would that be Archchancellor Riddle Cruller?

1020552 In order:
*Because specimen 28 had a nasty tendency to cease to exist before the first incision could be made. (Also, since Besieged was the second set, I added 249 [the number of cards in Scars] to the Commando's collector's number.)
*That's been her name since Elementals of Harmony. :ajsmug:
*No comment at this time. :scootangel:
*Maaaaaybe. :trollestia:

>Trixie Hobbitses


The plot thickens! So many threads to keep track of. Also nice to see Steven Magnet kick some ass. I love that guy.

Hmmm, judging from this chapter, methinks that when Twilight learns that the hot stallion didn't really care about her and was using her as a vector to spread the Oil, Phyrexia will learn the fury of a mare scorned...

Weeeee update. :)

I counted 2 references to Discworld in a casual glance (weatherwaxed vamperism and the arch archchancellor). There may be more I missed.

Not sure if Skitecrafter could get past the rules committee. But a clever card idea.

I have read many stories on this site, but yours is the first that I have been compelled enough to comment on that I had to make an account. And that comment is... Trixie Hobbitses. You magnificent bastard. That has to be the best name for any character I have ever seen, and I love you for it. :twilightsmile:

That is all.

So Rainbow Dash now has permanent Magefire Wings? Nice.
Jin-Gitaxias has direly underestimated Twilight Sparkle. She isn't pure Blue; she's Izzet-style Blue-Red (Izzet brains and Izzet boilers: contents under pressure!). She has a much larger capacity for raw destruction than Gitaxias is anticipating, and once she realizes that his goals are incompatible with hers and are inflexible, she will unleash that destructive potential.

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