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Thank you.

Probably not as, like I mentioned, I’m only on session 8. But I’ll definitely be attending the live streams once I’m all caught up.

I shall and hopefully will see you tonight.


I think I know you too, did we meet somewhere?

I joined your discord server about 2 weeks ago and we chatted a little bit. Mentioned that I had heard about your Dead Tree streams and was going to start watching them. Currently on session 8 and have been slowly reading through the text version too when given the opportunity.

Keep up the good work on both fronts. :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for the follow! I hope you enjoy Dead Tree and Bone Daddy or Luna's Marehood :)

Please do drop upvotes on the ones you like and downvotes on the ones you hate! I like honesty in the comments, it helps me be a better writer.
Chapter 22 of Fallout Equestria Dead Tree is out finally!

We're also hiring a second editor to help get stuff out faster.

Come bug me on discord :)


I think I know you too, did we meet somewhere?

  • Viewing 2 - 6 of 6
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