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I'm just an aspiring changeling writer. Did I ever mention I love changelings? Changelings need more love!

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Status Report: June · 12:47am Jul 1st, 2018

Hello again, everyone.

I hope that you have all been great since the last blog post. As you might have noticed, I have gotten a bit more productive this month. Two chapters posted in two weeks is something I am really proud of and I will try to update weekly or bi-weekly as much as I can. Regarding that much, I've already taken steps in order to boost my productivity.

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Oh hey! Thanks for the follow and stuff.

Story Approver

Adorable profile picture. :heart:

2278190 It was an okay episode. It delved greatly on changeling lore within the show, which it needed tremendously, in my opinion. I could have gone without the song, or the "I AM INSTANTLY OKAY WITH YOU" change of heart from the other characters. My headcanon and world-building elements, however, remain intact.

All in all, good episode, with good morals, but slightly bad writing at the end.

2158865 I think the previous one was nicer but whatever suits your fancy.

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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