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Whiter Penmanship

Just your average albino 'sus with a passion for writing and a knack for procrastination! Feel free to hang around and give the stories a read, leave a comment, or just shoot me a PM and we can chat.

Hey there! I'm Whiter Penmanship, but most people call me Penny, and I write about rainbow wonder-horses of the miniature variety. I enjoy most genres, but I'm especially fond of adventure and slice of life stories. No matter the case, I absolutely love happy endings and the gooey, mushy, sappy stuff that's overflowing with kidney-stalling sweetness that makes you just want to say "D'awww..." aloud.

That being said, I also have a soft spot for well-written bittersweet and sad stories as well, especially those which make the reader really appreciate the good in an otherwise bleak situation, but only when the sad themes don’t dominate the story.

I’m also a pretty big fan of raunchy stuff as well, admittedly, but I do like there to be at least some substance to it. Shameless clop with no plot is usually just a mood-based thing for me. Usually.

Last, but most certainly not least, Spitfire is best pony, though I adore most things related to the Wonderbolts and Shadowbolts. Otherwise, fancypones, such as Fleur-de-Lis and Octavia, come in a close second, followed by another half-dozen or so ponies I won't bother listing off.

But hey, that's enough rambling from me. Happy reading!

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The inane ramblings of an albino pegasus


Quick Updates! · 3:17am Aug 13th, 2015

So! Bronycon is over and I've just returned! Which means that I can get back to writing the next chapter of A Goddess' Sorrow—look at me, guys, it's been a month and I'm still here, writing! That's, like, a new record!

Incidentally, I only just happened to notice today that the story is officially two years old, as of a few days ago! Two years and three chapters... I'm not very good at that whole "productivity" thing.

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1040471 When it comes to the name of "Whiter Penmanship" or "Penny", did you come up with that name on your own? What was it that drew you in and FiM and inspired you to create fanfiction of your own?

hello you:rainbowkiss: remember me?

Well thank you! :twilightblush:

...I think. :rainbowhuh:

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