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I AM A BRONY! BOW DOWN BEFORE MY ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE! Ok Sorry About That, Princess Luna Asked me To Say That.....Anyhow, HOLA.....GOODBYE...

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1008241 It Was A great Story! The One I'm Righting Is....Meh. *Shrug*

Thanks for the favorite of "Battle Cry of the Nadir"! I always love the feedback.

890426 sibling issues?

You will need to tell your siblings to give you some time alone.
Maybe you can bribe your cat or put it outside before you start writing.

Is it possible to do your writing early in the morning?

888600 Mainly My Siblings, Who Seem To Make A Game Out Of Bugging Me, And My Cat, Who Meows Constantly To Be Let Outside.

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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