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Goodbye, Fimfic · 11:15pm Dec 1st, 2020

For the confidence I’ve gained, for the words I’ve written, for anyone who ever saw anything good in my stories, I say thanks, FimFic.

Wish I’d been able to finish things properly.

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I'll keep an eye out then

I’m going on vacation from work soon. If I don’t have something posted by December, then probably won’t be active here anymore.

You still active?

Heyyy, glad to see you’re still kicking, even if it’s not necessarily here. Cheers, my dude <3

To be completely honest, I haven’t felt the sense of community that used to keep me going in between chapters. And I’ve added a few other fandoms onto my workload since last year. I feel a strange detachment. Twilight Dragonkle is probably the thing keeping me even once-in-a-blue-moon active. Thanks for your concern though. I spent most of April 1st this year debating whether anyone would react positively to a blog post from someone who hadn’t been active in months. I’m glad at least one person would have. ❣️

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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