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Taking Back My Joy · 7:25pm 6 days ago

Since the first, I’ve switched to drinking just water. I still eat as badly as I did before, before you ask. And it’s a radical change for me because I was hooked on soda and caffeine. In the week before I gave it up I had somewhere in the ballpark of at least a two liter a day. One day was easily four to six liters. It was a can here and here and here and a convenience store extra large there and there. It all added up. And i was still always tired. Still spiking and dipping on my

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Thanks for the fave.

Shoot me a pitch/prompt on PM. I’m curious.

I do have a few WIPs, but if you’re looking for a one shot or shortfic and like how I write, I’d definitely hear you out!

Would you be willing to take a fic request?

Thank you for the watch! I hope you find my stories as enjoyable to read as I did to write them!

Thanks for following me.

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