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No one tells a story like you do.


Fevers, hoarding, and throwing up the strongest acid any toilet has ever seen. These seemingly innocuous symptoms (okay, maybe not so much the last one) are the telltale signs that Twilight Velvet recognizes as part of the family medical history. There was a strange branch of the family tree that had been handled discreetly. But the time for such discretion is over, Twilight’s symptoms aren’t responding to the usual treatment. It’s time to explore that branch, learn from it and bring her life back to a new normal.

This is the story of Twilight and her secret dragon heritage.

Amazing! Cover Art By: Anonpencil

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An epic in the making. Bards shall sing this tail for 1,000 years.

I was quite amused!

I like this. Acid spewing twilight is now in the top five best Twilights. Right before drunk Twilight and Rage Twilight.

Aside from being written hastily, and I had trouble with one of the scene changes, a fine little ditty you have written.
You have given me a chuckle. Wish I was there at BC!

Everything about this is great. But what if becoming an alicorn brought a little more dragon hmm? Just an idea but still my favorite part is the authors note. Never change Spike... never change.

Twilight is part dragon?! I need to design her a new wardrope with dragon-theme immediately! :raritystarry:
Err... sis? Does this mean you will accept Spike's invitation to have dinner with you now?:unsuresweetie:
(looking elsewhere) I... I... that can be discussed later! First, the dresses! :raritywink:

Thank you! I certainly didn’t expect it to catch fire like this!

How about drunken, raging, acid-spewing Twilight? Uh, asking for a friend.

Wish you were here too!

Looks at incomplete tag
I got you fam

I’d say never change, but he never does! Ha!

Couture comes first :raritywink:


I wounder if her hatching/raising Spike and being part dragon have any effect on each other.

Velvet sighed. “Honestly, I never thought it would come up. My change was less troublesome than my mother’s and much later.”

Two is not a reliable sample, and you may be a fluke, Velvet.

Please let it be a fluke.

would make sense since that her assension would aggrivate her dragon half

there needs to be more stories like this.

Its a queer story that really comes off like other Twilight stories. The dialogue is short but to the point. It has an interesting build but I can see this going somewhere interesting. I love it.

Two may not be an adequate sample size, but when it's all you have...

Twilight is part dragon, eh? But does she collect taxes???

Lmao, so you were at the panel as well. I wondered how many of these might pop up since it was a fun concept.

plundered her booty

This made me chuckle. More soon, please.




Thank you!

My brain conjured a few ideas and it’s been on fire since!

Multiple data points not always attainable in field research. :pinkiehappy:

...hm, Friendship Taxation? Sounds like an oxymoron, XD


I haven’t seen others yet, but I have been really blown away by the response to this one. 2018, Year of the Dragonkle!

That was at least as fun to write. Thanks!

well she is a princess, so I think she has the right to do so, or it just goes to her castle before going to cantalot I sure spike one in charge of it

please sir may have some moar,
so guess since twilight is spewing acid she most be part unholy/undead dragon

You were in the BronyCon panel too, I see. I knew it was too fun of an idea for someone not to jump on.

Hmm, would life expectancy transfer over as well? Because I can think of one old mare that seems practically ancient. :pinkiecrazy::ajbemused:

maybe or go after luna or Candace or her teacher, depend if she in love with one of them, or wand to troll the guards/her borther

Spike useful? This isn't a AU it's a reverse dimension.

If she's part dragon tou could make that one of the resouns she could hatch spike since she would have some dragon magic

and we learn next time that there are few female dragons and all of them are like this when in heat/season/nesting and what twilight need is long hard laid with mult dragon male at the same time

You seem to have cut off in the middle of a scene, or at least left a line unfinished.

“Oh geez, Twilight,” Spike said, his face paling. “Smooth move


Lol, that was the end of that, just somehow missed a period and end quotation mark at the very end.

I, uh, would probably have to up the rating for that! :rainbowlaugh:

I feel like the author is threatening me but I’m enjoying the story too much to care! Keep writing the good stuff a lot of people are behind you! You’re a damn good author so I hope you forgive us later ;)

not really all you got to do is say twilight got to choose choose A she has to start take a herb ever day to help keep those need in check or choose b move to the dragonland and end up as a boodqueen lol

i never would of thought that they were talking about a Obstacle course

Fetish in English has religious connotations, oddly enough. That's actually the origin of the word, only later did it start being about what pops people's rocks. Nowadays, the only non-sexual way I've heard people use "fetish" is to talk about African religious/spiritual trinkets, so Zecora actually has a ton of fetishes.

Velvet shrugged. “I suppose Zecora is right.” She stood and crossed around to hug her daughter side-long. “With Ember as a friend, it’s easier for a pony to travel dragon lands.”

Let's hope the dragon counsel won't take advantage of this situation to make a demand from Twilight - seeing her as a distant relative to dragonkind.

Now if only Twilight could regurgitate words as well then first impressions might not be too bad.

Fetish does indeed also refer to a object with spiritual meaning or mystical properties. So yea charms and "lucky" objects are fetishes. To a degree Applejack is the pony with a cannon fetish, her Pappy's Hat.

Well. There's a ship I haven't seen before.

What do you mean? Copper and black dragons breath acid too

was going toward more of a dark type not normal type

lol.. that moment when dirty minds came to the wrong conclusion about what starlight was referring to about miss velvet. xD

Was a chapter skipped or something? It feels like there's a rather large disconnect between the previous chapter and this one. Last one, we had Momma Sparkle taking care of her baby, this chapter, baby Sparkle is vomiting on a dragon.

The old village is overrun by wyverns

instant flashback to the first time I fought a rathian and rathalos

Sorry but can't fav and like again.

Never thought Twilight would find her relatives before meeting with Ember. Wonder whether she would grow large like a dragon?

So does this count as Twilight and Spike going on an acid trip? There's something you don't spew everyday.

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