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This story is a sequel to Over-The-Counter Sparkles

Small incidents tend to remain within the boundaries of irrelevancy.

But what to do, when one of those incidents reveal the tip of a very deep iceberg – an iceberg of intricate connections, of hazy corporations surviving on the borderline of legality?

Neil Fleming just wanted his friend back, but to get what he wants, he must delve into a world of fringe science, corruption, and bizarre consequences.

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Go corporations!

yay big money
boo twilightsparklehuman-thing

Was misspelling animal intentional?

You actually made a sequel. Over The Counter Sparkles had one of my top 15 most disturbing endings to a fic on this site, and I can only anticipate where this goes.

8730852 The name of the drug featured on the first story is Animale.

8730848 Evil corporations are the best.

8730855 Although I can't promise an end more disturbing than OTCS, I do promise very disturbing checkpoints in the middle! :ajsmug:


Evil corporations are the best.

They aren't evil! You are biased against corporations!

8730867 If we stop and think, evil is a very relative concept isn't it? What seems evil to the general world, may have very good reasons to be done by the people in charge. It's sort of a gray line.

True, but since you are the author and you called the corporation "evil" you have ultimate say. Hence, you seem to hint that the corporation in the story IS evil, by your definition of course.

8730876 Well, the corporation certainly has some... Unusual way of dealing with issues. I don't think the founder of said corporation thinks he's running an evil empire, only keeping things under control - no matter what measures shall be taken. It comes to a point in the corporate world where people become mere statistics and graphics. It dehumanizes them into numbers.

But for the people on the lower levels of the pyramid, these decisions may seem terribly harsh.


It comes to a point in the corporate world where people become mere statistics and graphics. It dehumanizes them into numbers.

Ha! Like a famous quote by Joseph Stalin... "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic."

Oh man, looking forward to this. :yay:

It's an interesting start. I thought it was funny how Twilight basically vaporized the guards without even noticing it, all while worrying whether she was strong enough to break open the cover to an air vent.

I'd have loved a moment of silence there, where Twilight metaphorically coughs out some soot, and is like "...well okay then, I guess I am strong enough!"

The comments don't count.


I'd have loved a moment of silence there, where Twilight metaphorically coughs out some soot, and is like "...well okay then, I guess Iamstrong enough!"


I'm pretty sure that's something she'd say if she could waste a couple more seconds there.

I just had an awsome theory pop into my head, twilight somehow gets into the scp foundation as an overseer.

It would be awesome, If Anime characters did exist in this reality because then we could start relationships with them and we would be able to talk with them in person get some info from Do My Essay For Me about the anime charachters

Does taking Animale turn you into a Manimal?

On second thought that is terrifying...... Specifically because 682 might be from an animal od.

Oh yeah I'm reading this

She would never be an overseer. They'd either kill her or container her indefinitely.

Facedesk. I feel really silly now.
The only posibility for that to be able to happen is if the foundation doesnt exist yet, and she is one of the founders.

Then the foundation wouldn't use D-class because she wouldn't like their systematic torture

I totally forgot D class was a thing.

This looks like it's going to be quite a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

This should be fun. *grabs popcorn*

The way the corporation runs reminds of the SCP Corporation for some reason...

Curious. I wonder how the nanites gave her actual magic.

I think that escape attempt was too successful.

Bridgeport, Milford, New Haven, so weird seeing places I'm actually near/go to regularly. Its always some big city, or unnamed town, but this time I understand where everything is taking place. So awesome! Hey, if you need a town in Connecticut for another part of the story, I'd be honored if you used Enfield somehow, even a mention.

State pride aside, I'm loving things so far, I can't wait to see more!

8855078 That's cool! I've never been to Enfield (not that I remember) it's near the border with Massachusetts, right?

Part of my family lives in CT, Waterbury/New Haven to be more specific.

Yup, as far north in Connecticut as you can be before hitting Massachusetts! Just east of the little notch at the top of the state.

A new member joins the rescue squad?

I'm so happy this is still alive! This is one of the few series that not only immediately grab my attention by the ears, but is one that I actually HAD to favorite. Adding more to mythos such as letters or memos would be an exciting development to this series. Also adding characters to the team is an awesome development! Please keep up the great work and I hope to read more soon!:pinkiehappy:

8921952 Glad to hear that. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the support, I'll do my best!

keep going.great!

Ah, covering their tracks as best they can. Conniving little...

Well, big, actually, given how the HQ intruded on the Yale-New Haven system le a biotech tumor.

In any case, glad I finally read this. Looking forward to more.

Huh, so "Twilight" busted a hole in their roof, and the first reaction was to clear everything out and scarper off. Smart.

I don't wanna read internal memos of Life Corporation, so much as I want to leave that a mystery while reading about the adventures of Niel and Marcus, or how Twilight's dealing with being fabricated and hunted, or both. Or maybe more stories of the confused people who overdosed on it for one reason or another. But you should write whatever you enjoy writing, and if that's corporate memos, then go ahead I guess.

"brakes" by the way not "breaks"

Hm. Nearly forgot this was in my favorites list.

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