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About My Existence · 1:11am Dec 31st, 2020


You might not know me.

You might not remember me.

Throughout the years, I have changed a lot. I have changed my identity, my characteristics, my personality.

I revolved and bubbled all over, evaporated, coagulated, and rebuilt myself.

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A Ghost Passing By · 1:39am Jun 13th, 2019

Oh boy, it feels weird to be here again after so long.

For nearly a year, maybe more, I've been a poltergeist tossing and turning inside the walls of FimFiction. Once or twice, something might have escaped, but not much. Not much at all.

Which is kind of weird, considering the fact that now I have been writing on a daily basis for months. Only... I'm not writing about ponies, but about chemistry and bizarre fictionesque romances.

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For Others · 5:26am Aug 28th, 2017

When you hear the word charity what comes to your mind?

Giving money to non-profit institutions? Food and water to refugees? Some little coins to a beggar?

Although those are forms of charity, the concept goes way beyond that. In fact, I think the word charity may not be the perfect expression to describe a few things. I prefer the term work.

Work for others.

There's a quote that says: You may not find a job, but you'll always find work to do.

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You Deserve It · 1:13am Aug 26th, 2017

You deserve to be whatever you want.

Your existence is a must. Whether you consider your past choices bad or good.

We are windows through which the universe comprehends itself, we awoke in the dust of a blue world, we crawled our way out of the mud. As far as we know, in a sphere of light-years, we are going solo.

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Things That Really Matter · 3:32pm Jul 30th, 2017

Our society is plagued with anxiety.

It is no unknown truth the fact that the world has been speeding its processes since the 80's, with the arrival of the internet and globalization every new decade brought with it new wonders, and new challenges too.

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Residual · 1:05am Nov 17th, 2016

It's such a depressing little word, isn't it?

For some reason, this little thing got stuck in my mind.


Residual Feelings,

Residual Life,

Residual Energy,

Residual Memory.

Residue : "A small amount of something that remains after the main part has gone or been taken or used."


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I Love You, Japan · 12:12am May 31st, 2015

'Awareness of the transience of all things heightens appreciation of their beauty, and evokes a gentle sadness at their passing'

That's just perfect! They managed to describe what I feel - every single day of my life.

Why don't we have a word for this?

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