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With the newest bio-engineering technologies available in any pharmacy, getting body modifications has never been easier and painless.

Take a pill, close your eyes, count to ten. Now you can enjoy your pretty pony ears for a couple of days. Animale is trending - it's cheap, cute, and safe.

99.8% of the time...

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Holy s***, that was pretty dark. Nice job.
By the way:

...somewhere in my scalpel

Pretty sure you meant 'scalp.' Unless he was growing ears from his surgical knife. :trixieshiftright:

Whoa. Damn.

8682147 hahahahahahahaha, thanks for pointing that out. My auto-corrector is no help at all.

Nice story!

I had a feeling that was an FUAC moment. :rainbowlaugh:

8682251 Well, sequels are always a possibility. :ajsmug:

I'm gonna keep an eye on this

8682303 Thanks! Keep an eye on a possible sequel as well. :ajsmug:

Curses! Too quick! But this does incredibly interest me. Yes.

I like it!
Although, I wonder how such nanomachines were able to replicate Twilight so well and also do a complete mind wide too...Do they also come with the character's history? Would love to see this expand upon. Curses for this story being too short!

Physician's note, Patient #49675 - Animale overdose

Blood tests done at admission show concentrations of Animale far in excess of LD50, and beyond what normal tissue should be able to retain. Normally, Animale dosage in excess of LD50 amounts will simply excrete by perspiration or urinary flow, but due to a quirk in this patient's biochemistry, we suspect retention of the nanomachines interacted with the chemical cues in an unknown manner. Unfortunately, upon returning to the patient's room to extradite him/her to a secure location for further detailed examination, we discovered him/her to be missing, despite all the windows and doors being verified as sealed. The only cue to the patient's whereabouts was a six-pointed star pattern burned into the hospital sheets and the lingering scent of lilacs. It is recommended that all records of this patient's admission be deleted, and any further requests for information to be directed to Animale's public information service.

Records deleted and sealed as per request

That was a good little short. I'm sad it's over already.

Definitely requires a sequel.

"You said she was a unicorn!" Neil looked terrified.

"An alicorn. It's a flying version of a unicorn." I tried to explain with my ridiculously girly voice.

Don't forget that Earth Pony portion. :ajsmug:

Well that's an easy way to get a watch...

good thing I found this...
eagerly waiting for the sequel.

8682512 I believe the nano-robots replicate whatever the user is thinking. Since they were not supposed to be overdosed, the standard amount of one pill wouldn't do much. However, a whole bottle of them was capable of digging far into his subconscious mind, reaching every sort of memory related to Twilight Sparkle.

And yep, a sequel is a possibility!

My interest would certainly be piqued by a continuation/sequel. Stopping here would be quite a loss of potential.

8682593 Life Corporation Archives - Letter #1


Dr. William Robinson, PhD
Dr. Lilian Hoffman, PhD
Dr. Spencer Matarazzo


It has come to our attention that another incident report has been filled regarding the experimental drug Animale.

It is not of our company's interest and/or goals to be disturbed by the media's attention, whilst having our name distorted and tinted by unconfirmed accusations.

Life Corporation aims to preserve its reputation at any cost; a reputation that was built upon decades of uninterrupted work, and sacrifices.

Since the '96/TTP7 incident in Congo River Research Facility, we have been cautious with any sort of pharmaceutical development outside the bio-engineering facilities, and unfortunately, the lastest events have only served to prove that our vision of security although considered 'radical' by many, is utterly essential and correct.

For these, and many other reasons, the Director's Board has issued an immediate relocation order for the entire network of New Haven's Pharmaceutical Laboratories.

All the facilities shall be evacuated and transfered to The Reserve. All employees should go through psychological evaluation before the transference, or else shall be permanently dismissed from their activities.

Test subjects shall be eliminated, alongside with any files regarding their existence.

We regret to inform that all laboratories will be kept in lockdown until Life Corporation's Transportation Service arrives for retrieval. Please, do not try to leave before the Transportation Service arrival, as our confidentiality contract allows us to use - 'force as a method of containment if lockdown orders are not followed'

Incineration will be applied to all suspect objects and/or possible sources of evidence.

The Department of Control and Security has already started working on the tracking of Patient 06xSPRKL

All these measures were taken for the general safety and well-being of Life Corporation's personel, and the continuity of its operations.

We wish you all a very productive day.


The Director's Board.

8682751 If stories like these spark y'all interest, I shall not refrain from writing a sequel, or even something else in this same universe. :ajsmug:

8682879 :rainbowlaugh: Thanks! I'll do my best to not disappoint!

8682997 I have been receiving sequel requests for this story since it was posted. So yes, I must write more of this universe, complete with bubbling liquids, missing ponies, evil corporations, and unethical laboratories.

8683034 Oh, really? I supposed it'd be fair to add the narcotics tag since the story is basically about an overdose. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeesh. I could actually see that as the beginning to the sequel, depending on which direction you want to go with it.

8683044 No worries :ajsmug:

I'll leave the thing there. It's a slightly confusing tag - actually - the term 'Narcotic' is confusing by itself, considering that it is used to refer to illegal drugs (such as cocaine) that chemically speaking, are not narcotics ar all.

8683052 Well, possibly something along the lines of - 'Relatively small problem reveals a massive trouble. Friend won't believe the authorities and decides to go after his bro by himself.'

I'm not surprised if Twilight will be able to use magic thanks to the nanobots that it is still inside her system.
and then somehow it scales to a zombie apocalypse but with ponies.

One nifty thing I thought I would mention. Proteins are nano machines. There are even proteins that literally walk on two legs. A little sci for your Sci fi

8683155 That's really cool. I think I've seen a GIF of one of those 'walking proteins' before. Nature is amazing.

where can I get some Animale? I want cat ears and a fox tail :derpytongue2:

8683399 In the nearest pharmacy fifteen years from now!

It's funny because there is an actual chance of that with CRISPR being developed like it is. Although it would be a slow, personalized virus with the results decided ahead of time, but yeah.

I... I. W-what? What did I just read? Was this like a furry nightmare or something? Dont get me wrong, it was well written and interesting. But, let me reiterate... What?

8683538 I would say it is a Black Mirror-esque biological horror story. If you haven't watched Black Mirror, I strongly recommend it!

8683514 If we stop to think about it, a slow, personalized virus gone wrong, eating you throughout the years, with no known cure, is as psychological terrifying as an Animale overdose.

Actually, you gave me an idea for a parallel story in which an individual has his memories slowly replaced by fragments of a pony AI memory, until he feels no longer 'himself'.

Will this be permanent?

8683775 Perhaps... The damage seemed to be too extensive. Animale was designed to modify small body parts that would retract after a few days. I honestly don't know what would happen to let's say; an entire hoof, or hind-leg. In the best case scenario, he would go through another very painful transformation that would hardly bring back the shape of a perfect human body.

What about his mind? Will he remember who he is/was?

8683813 That's difficult to say. If his memories managed to survive in the background of his mind, perhaps he could remember something. It all depends on the extent of Animale's effects.

*Dives behind a couch and peeks over the back*

Here's hoping for at least a small bit of mental recovery; a pinprick of light in a void. Although maybe that's even more perverse than technical death. :pinkiegasp:

I think this deserves a sequel/actual story dedicated to it. The concept is interesting (and deliciously dark :pinkiecrazy:)

8683981 You can be quite sure that this will have some sort of sequence! And more stories following this same 'Biological Horror' thematic are on the way. :ajsmug:

Oh, the fun kind of dark. Too many people go directly for bloody stuff.

Agreed. The only other person that makes good fics like this would be WaxWorks. They so rarely do Gorey horror, that the one time they DID do it, It actually robbed me of a night of sleep, so they added a Gore Tag.


I never tried to write gore. Actually, I did, but the story never reached the bloody part, and it wasn't posted.

One of my main interest lies in writing Biological and Psychological Horror, those stories that eat you from inside out; the unknown presence behind your eyes, the bizarre incident in the laboratory, the rebellious AI locking you up at home, and things as such.

Whoa! Man,. That was short dark and scary that a drug could completely transform you. I will definitely vote for you to do a sequel.


Dude I think that was a lot more then ten seconds.

And here people complain about GMOs, then go and make this! :rainbowlaugh:

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