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Jack's caught in the cold after his lodge burned down. He's rapidly losing body heat, but luckily he's found... two pairs of socks? With his salvation in hoof hand, will he survive or pay the ultimate price?

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Hopefully he’d still have his fingers after all this.

Famous last words :trollestia:

Nice and strong first chapter, so this is getting a favorite.


Oh this is completed, huh.
The change of tone was a bit jarring, in my opinion, for a short story.

Before I read, what is the Dark tag for ?

The threat of frostbite and death by exposure is brought up. I figured that was enough to warrant a dark tag, just to be safe.

I know this is supposed to be open-ended, but it feels a little too open ended to me. I enjoyed it, but I think it needs a little more to it.

This needs about 100 chapters worth of sequel.



Phoebe has already promised a 11 34 78-chapter sequel. This is only the first chapter.


This was actually quite splendid. I don't know if the couple of claims that this is only the first chapter and it will be continued are true, but I certainly hope so, as this was a great setup.

<--Spoiler alert?


Please sir (/madam,) may we have some more?

I definitely enjoyed this, and I will echo previous sentiments that this felt a little too open ended, and feels it needs at least another chapter, though 100 might be pushing it.

A pretty good read! It feels unfinished though, like the first chapter in a several-chapter story. Definitely write more!

7795679 this needs a continuation, ASAP

I want to see more of this.

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what an unexpected coincidence...

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