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At her request, Spike goes to Rarity's boutique to feed her cat Opalescence. He winds up running a bit late but figures it's not that big of a deal. Right?

Art by Haze.

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SPIKE NO!!! BURN THAT DAMN CAT!:flutterrage:....
All I want to hear is its dying gasp:pinkiecrazy:

We have such sights to show you

Well now I know where the demon from the Exorcist went.


"Please, no tears ... it's a waste of good suffering!"

You could try that though I seem to remember a song about a cat that came back the very next day.

Ooh, you have a view finder? Lemme see! Aww all I see is the pain of reality.

Yes we do! ... Where is it? It owes me money.

I will kill it as many times as I have to, it will suffer a living hell:twilightangry2:
Before my rage ceases, it will be begging for the chance to feel something as sweet as pain

And the only place it will be safe from my wrath will be in eternal Damnation:pinkiecrazy:

Ps. Great story:pinkiesmile:

In regards to horror stories about cats, here is one of my favorites.

Wait 'Til Martin Comes

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Ah yes I remember that one. It's a fun story! Admittedly though I have sat there and when Martin shows up in certain versions of it I've quoted the Festrunk brothers sketch and said, "I'm a wild and crazy guy," at the reveal.

I mean, just a standard cat, really. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh without question!

Opalescence: Kitty litter is only a word, or two, the box is far worse.

To paraphrase The Hellbound Heart, "He wanted nothing she could offer him, just her absence."

What a nice job! It's nice when people like something you've done so much that they want to put forth that much effort into something you've written!

Thanks ^^’ but wasn’t me :/ just share around the tubers who may be too shy, worried it come off as shameless self promotion of the let the authors know

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