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If the counter of the site is not screwing up with me, you're the 100th reader to follow Actually, I'm dead. Thank you very much for reading and very glad that you liked it.

As I always say to my readers, feel free to tell me your opinions on the story, those always matter a lot to me.

True enough. I gave what I thought was the truthful answer based on my experience. Reality dictates otherwise.

1776170 This is incorrect. Private is only accessible to the creator--other people can't see it or its contents. Public is listed on your userpage--under the Library tab--and users are notified when things are added to it. Unlisted is like private, but people with the link to it can access an unlisted bookshelf and its contents.

You can find all this info and more in the site's FAQ; http://www.fimfiction.net/faq#bookshelves If you aren't sure of the answer yourself, it often helps to check or point the person elsewhere, instead of spreading misinformation. Positive intentions work better when backed up with facts :raritywink:

Edit: I goofed. See CleverPun's answer above. I've only ever used those options once, and my answer is what I gleaned in that time instead of what they are supposed to be used for, apparently.

Hey thanks. I actually have a question about the Libraries. I notice that there are three settings for them: Public, Private, and Unlisted. What is the difference between these? I mean I get that "Unlisted" is invisible to everybody but what about the other two?

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