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Sometimes I dream about Fleur, sometimes I write about her. She's a fantastic mare, and I just want her to be happy.

Last night I wrote a letter, and it was the last one.

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Interesting prose, Pedro. Nice work.

Although I do feel the psychiatric ward drop was a little rushed.

Hmm... I like it a lot.

5612487 Thank you, Monsieur. I wrote this story last night, so Indeed - the last part may sound a little bit rushed. I'm sorry for that.

Tugs at the heartstrings ever so gently, especially with the ending quote. Very nice, although there were a few grammar errors.

Short and sweet. I like it.

It was wonderful. Just simply wonderful.

5612554 Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

Is equestria and fleur just his imagination?

5612724 Well, that's a matter of interpretation. Maybe it is, maybe not. It depends on the point of view. :eeyup:

Oh my god man. That ending and author's note at the end :raritydespair:

Why why why do you have to give me these deep feels? *sigh* :facehoof:

Dramatic feels aside it was an interesting distraction from my studies... now if you'll excuse me, i have some soul searching to do.

Just a quick question:
Was fleur and anon married? I dunno, its what i had in mind but i got to ask just to be sure.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

5615331 I have, but I don't think they would accept it or anything.


Just a quick question:
Was fleur and anon married? I dunno, its what i had in mind but i got to ask just to be sure.

Well, maybe. It depends on your interpretation - Were his memories real or not?

EqD doesn't like to accept human stories, unless they're overly pretentious. Even then, they're very particular.

They're literary cunts. I'm not attacking the prereaders, just their "standards". It seems (to me) that if you don't have a story featured there, you're essentially a "nobody" in the pony fanfiction realm.


C.S LEWIS!!!! BIG FAN HERE!!!:pinkiehappy:

schrotinger anon.

Wow. That was such beautiful writing. :fluttercry: Such a nice story. I actually liked the pace of the ending. The fast-paced feel made me think about the story more. Was it all in his head? Will he see her again? 10/10 here. Solid.

5845324 I'm really glad that you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Ah, you touch my heart again, with your work. Very well done, Bravo!

5975125 Oh, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my story. :twilightsmile:

wow very nice work dude, quite sad.

7071173 Crazy, right?

Even more crazy would be, if everything was real, and the hospital crew was hiding the truth from him.

Say, am I the only one who got a deep sense of existential dread as the ending panned out?

8189457 Probably not, hahahaha

Hm... very good.


Ah, you found this one! Gosh, this was a long time ago...

Sometimes I write new chapters of a story called "Shooting Towards The Moon"

But it's quite rare nowadays.

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