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I'm just your average Alpha Class Arc Trooper of the Republic. That said, we're still the elite defenders of all things good and free, having been trained by Jango Fett himself. Developing author too.


Escorting supplies and reinforcements to the outpost on Rhen Var in the Outer Rim, things go awry for the Alpha Squad. A mysterious attack forces the team to randomly hyperspace into Wild Space. Crashing on a planet, the ARC troopers awake to find this planet full of strange, multi-colored humanoid creatures. With no way of returning to the Republic, they must adapt to their new environment pass obstacles, face fears and struggle with the past of war.

What they didn't know is an old mutual enemy thought long dead has also taken refuge on the planet and is growing strong waiting for the moment...TO STRIKE. The Troopers with the aid of their equine companions will soon unveil the threat and face it together. The decision they choose, the action they make, will change the course of the Galaxy.

(P.S That's not me up there that's my brother Alpha-59.)

inspired by works of:Omega6047,SolidArc5542, and Dark Obsidian

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This shows promise, tracking.

This is really good. Tracking now.

Will we see the rest of the squad again?

Would I spoil anything? Of course they'll be back, and they'll come in a homorous/epic way.

alpha 14 the time has come execute order sixty-six

i like this story keep it up plz

so gonna keep up with this story i love it plz keep writing.

Where's the next chapter? I like this story

It's a slow progress, but it's coming......eventually. But I can assure to you, the wait will be worth it. Now in the meantime.....
*pick up a wrench*
I'm going to do some readjustments to the story, sooo you might see some changes.(nothing big or anything the story will be the same) (By the way, would you prefer the ponies to be ponies or anthro?)

I was listening to enter sandman while reading this, it went great with the chapter.

Can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work.

This story is definitely worth reviewing.

The bugs are not going to last very long. ARC Troopers for the win!

"One was nearly destroyed, and the other they stole to who knows where. As for the crew, all died in the cruiser. The state of the final one is unknown. He paused and continued. Get this, a Jetii general was in the damaged one. He’s dead too.”

Really it’s Jedi.

I know, Jetii is Mando'a for Jedi.

I prefer the og mode Star Wars commando.

Ooooooooooof his squad is RIP.:raritycry:

Well the Taung raise were the first mandalorians.

=in my best emperor Palpitien=exicut order 66.

I wonder how Cadence is going to react once she sees the ARC Troopers, especially since she saved one of them from dying alone in a wrecked Republic Assault Ship. And since she kept his healing a secret to all but several doctors and guards, I wonder how everyone else will react to the Princess of Love keeping this knowledge from them for months. Actions do have consequences after all.

Also, I'm loving how this story is going so far. Keep up the good work ARC Trooper.

The Tong race were the original Mandalorians if I’m correct in my EU knowledge.

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