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Queen Chrysalis has a very cute daughter. Her name is Sky- Princess Sky, to be exact. This daughter has an essay to write for school, about going on an undercover mission.

Too bad she has no idea what an undercover mission is like.

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5648712 xD this is kwote.

XD I really do wonder what this mission would be. Hey you could continue make a chaoter about the family having a field trip day! Would be fun! Would earn the romance tag maybe?

Kwooote btw.

Wow, thanks so much for the in depth comment. It's refreshing to see some people actually helping a writer instead of saying good or bad.
Yes, changeling hair is like that. That is, Chrysalis's hair is. All the other changelings have no hair. A common fanon is that all changeling royalty has hair, which is something I subscribe to.
Yeah, it really has nothing to do with romance, but I still wasn't entirely sure. I'll probably take it down.
I very very very much considered giving an intro like that, but again, I just wasn't sure. Let me bounce the idea off a couple of my friends, and if they agree I'll put it in.
I guess I could see where you were coming from with the chapter title. Unlike your other suggestions, I still kinda like it like that, but perhaps I'll put it in quotes or something, like Sky actually said it.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll definitely be implementing one or more of them.

And then she will eat all the love you give off. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt! xD

More common fanon is that all changelings have "hair", but it's a silk-like material that they use for constructing cocoons and shiz.

Aww she's so cute. Maybe she'll be the one to discover that if you give love, you get love, and bring aobut an era of peace between changelings and ponykind


She's so cuuuuuute! :rainbowkiss:

I might have to put this in one of my stories someday. If that's ok with you, tho.

5649247 That's what we all hope. ;) ((pm me if you wish))

That's absolutely fine! For reference, this a story about her past...at her "current" age, a teenager, but if you write about her as a filly all you need to know is she's a great flier and bad magic user. Even if you dont end up using her, I'm thrilled you'd even consider it! :pinkiehappy:

Now that would be interesting. If it were to happen, it'd be a sequel to my current project, which has Sky as a side character in her teens. You've definitely given me inspiration though!


Ok, I might pair her up with my Changeling OC. Thanks!



But seriously, this has potential!

Awwww, adorable little kid.

(good job!)

Very nice, so glad I had time to read it :twilightsmile:

Eh, it isn't bad, but early on, it's a very tough read. I'm not going to upvote, or downvote it.

Princess Sky is adorably silly. And evil.

She is undoubtedly Mommy's Little Villain.

This. is. so bucking CUTE...

I now have my daily dose of adorableness for the next fortnight, great work with Sky, consider this a follow :twilightsmile:

Thank you all for all the comments <3 I truly appreciate it! I'm just really happy that I pulled off an OC well enough that it didn't detract from the fic. At least, you guys seem to think that it worked ^^ Success! Really, I'm so happy right now.

Princess Sky is so adorable. When she says that mommy is more powerful than daddy, I am wondering who her daddy is. Is it Shining Armor? Great story, an upvote and a fave.

5671178 It might just mean she is more powerful politically. But trust me... she's strong real strong. http://princessebet.deviantart.com/art/Father-and-Daughter-464760237 Also here he is. His name is Ao. (Ay-Oh)

Though the comment from nion might seem out of place, our canon works together. Ao is his OC and Sky is mine. Sky was born pre-Canterlot invasion, just that Chryssi's rage built up against the specist ponies, so much so that she was willing to marry Shining Armor to get revenge.

It seems that everyone thinks Sky is adorable. I will be keeping this in mind for future oneshots, so...keep an eye out :raritywink:

Chrysalis's daughter is freaking adorkable. :yay:

This was hilarious. I just wonder what, for heaven's sake happened to Twilight's social life. :rainbowlaugh:


no no stop that

bad nionios

we dont say that kind of stuff out loud :unsuresweetie:

To be honest I never thought this to be funny but I was wrong you surprise me....

5855576 Your face is funny :P ((profile pic))

Oh god, the cute. Hnnnnnng! *clutches chest*

I wouldn't mind seeing more of her. And I can just so vividly imagine Chryssie's expression at the end.

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