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Not much to tell, just an amateur with nothing better to do.


Walnut Grove is an orphan. Yup, simple as that. After spending ages waiting for a family to adopt him, he went looking for one. Except... he didn't exactly find what he was looking for.

Edit: Woah... second time this story has been featured. Either I did something right, or it’s dumb luck. Probably the latter. Either way, I guess I’ll make a whole slice of life story out if this... because that’s apparently what you guys a want.

There is a reading of the first chapter on YouTube by Skijarama that I quit enjoyed if any of you are interested.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 219 )

I haven't read this yet but as a changeling I agree with the title at least.

Yay! I hope you do enjoy it though.

Glad you thought so! I like to think I do cute and lighthearted stories decently.

Ok, this was pretty cute.

I'm allowed to make her nice if I want to! So yeah! (Notice sarcasm for comedic effect. Not actually mad.)

Also, Chrysalis really just doesn't give a crap, does she? And to give you a headache, how does this fit into the season 6 finale?

It might give me some ideas on how to write a redemption fic where chrysi becomes a responsible mother and at least decent neighbor.

I dunno. I just wanted to make a cute story. You know, express my creativity to entertain people with all the cute stuff? I didn't exactly develop lore for this.

Well it is cute, so no lore is required!

Nice fic. The ending was a little bit too easy, but I see what you were going for.

Cute and beautiful! I suspected that the queen has a caring side. You got my like and fave, you should do a sequel that shows his time with his family.

Yeah, I just wanted it to end on a light note.

This was so adorable!!!!!!!! Any chance you'll make this a few chapters longer, just following the life of the three changelings and the pony?

Hey! You got featured! Good job!

I might add a few bonus chapters. I'm not sure yet.

Yeah, I guess I can make some bonus chapters or something to follow this up.

I didn't even realize I did but low and behold, it did! That's... unexpected frankly.

I suddenly have a cute image of Walnut snuggling Chrissy and calling her Grandma popping into my head XD

This is mostly quite good, but I think the ending falls a little flat.

This reminds me of Don't Let the Bed Bug Bite and The Bug in the Cave by naturalbornderpy. Heck, it wouldnt be much of a stretch to be in the same continuity.

Also, my figuring says this takes place before the series proper and definitely before A Canterlot Wedding, otherwise Walnut would either be actively denied access to the hive or know what a changeling was (if not both).

Have a like. This was likable fluff.

Pretty cute. I enjoyed this. I think I would read a longer story with these characters, if you were to write it.


"Penchant." A pension is something you get after you are old enough to retire. I don't usually nitpick spelling, but using words completely wrong is one of those things that bother me.

Wow this is such a good short story. Bravo! Really enjoyed it

That had popped into my head too.

I had a feeling people would want me to throw in a "what happened after" bonus chapter anyway, so I made the ending a transitional open end. Also I was tired.

Thanks, that's what I was aiming for.

Me and spelling are old rivals. I've struggled with my horrendous misspellings for as long as I can remember. I ment to spell penchant but instead spelled pension. I'll fix it. Thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks! I figured there are enough dramatic stories out there that a nice relaxing bit of fluff might be a good idea. You know, get home from work or school or whatever, make some tea (or whatever you drink) and read a cute story to forget how stressful everything ever is.


I actually found your story because It's currently the 3rd most popular story on the site as of right now maybe you will be featured soon

It's WHAT!?! Holy pringles that's unbelievable! I didn't think it was anything special when I published it!

I love how detached and indifferent Chrysalis is. She's old and jaded enough that nothing fazes her!

She'll make an interesting "grandma."

heres a silly thought Imagine Chrissy taking Walnut into Ponyville to register him for school. Now I know they really wouldnt have to, they could probably give Walnut his education at the hive. But just the thought of changelings casually walking into Ponyville undisguised to registered a foal for school is just amusing

I actually didn't notice any real misspellings beside that one, so I'd say you've been struggling fairly well.

I'd hope so with all the times I proofread.

I would read more of this au honestly changelings being good adopted family despite the difference in species is always epic!

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