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I'm back · 7:19am Aug 13th, 2015

I have been busy the past weeks. I'll go back to writing on my stories soon.

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Your stories need a editor dude it's becoming very distracting!

Thank you for favouriting "Her Inner Demons" :twilightsmile:

Say hai to Crossy for me! *wink*

Thank you so much for adding I Just Wanted to Say, Iā€™m Sorry to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

I had not the best day today.

You see, a few days ago me and my very good "friend" CrossRedstone had a bet running and he lost. I got the right to ask for any kind of story I wanted, which resulted in...well, he could have done it better. I did my best to remind him of that fact, especially since he doesn't have the time to correct his mistakes.

It was a lot of fun, until...he found a way to annoy me. He told my little sister that I have recently become a brony. She has yet to stop laughing. We were going to settle this the usual way (three matches, three games, the first one to win 2 games wins) and it ended up in a tie. Normally we would have battled in a 4th game, but...long story short we annoyed each other a lot during those games and I lost my temper and said: "Fine! I'll show you how's it done!"

It ended up with another bet of who can write the better story. Of course we're way not patient enough to wait until our stories are finished (there is no time limit), so we decided to check after we both released ten chapters, the likes and dislikes would be counted after a week of the release of the tenth chapter.

The rules:
1) It has to be a crossover with Persona 3.
2) There is no time limit.
3) We have the right to post the story to every group we find necessary.
4) None of the participants likes/dislikes or adds the story of the opponent in any bookcase or trashtalk the story of the opponent anywhere.
5) Advertisement is allowed. (Like facebook posting the story or whatever)
6) The story needs to go through at least EVERY episode of the show, starting from season 1. (Additional non-canon chapters can be added)
7) Everyone who wants to join up needs to contact one of us, play 4 hours of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 straight through, while listening to this song!

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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