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Oh, that's okay. I actually prefer people to not delete their comments on my stories, otherwise I'm pretty much left wondering whether or not they were saying nasty things to me. Granted the possibility of that actually being the case are pretty slim, but still you never know, and I would like to at least know if I upset somebody or not. Because that way, if there is a problem, I can at least do something about it as opposed to just being left in the dark.
As for your question on how I got "good" at writing, the truth is that I'm still learning. I got to the point I am at right from nothing more and nothing less than practice, practice, practice, and yet even more practice. I also took a creative writing class a few years ago, which has helped me tremendously in honing my skill, if you could call it that. But even today, even after all of that practice I am still what many would consider to be a novice in the field of writing. I just happen to be a bit more competent than a few other people, which is truthfully not saying much considering this is a fanfiction site. I still make mistakes like forgetting words or not using proper punctuation or spacing, and yet I still endeavor to improve myself. That's why at the end of every chapter I write I ask for people to point out any errors I make, because every little bit helps me to become that much better at writing.

I asked how you got so good at writing but it was written weird so I deleted it.

If you mind my asking, what was the comment you just posted on my story? Just curious.

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