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Celestia has always watched over her little sister. When she has to banish her sister to the moon, she works to right some wrongs in Equestria so that her sister will be happier upon return.

However, the biggest change Celestia made has gone completely unnoticed by Luna since her return. Celestia calls Luna into her study to bring Luna's attention to one of the biggest changes of Luna's life.

(Note: romance tag NOT for princest.)

EDIT 3/26/14: In the popular stories box! Thank you all very much! This is my first really popular story, and I couldn't be more grateful for all the positive feedback!
EDIT 3/26/14 (again): Featured! Oh my GOD. This is just too awesome. I'm going to have a celebratory bowl of Lucky Charms and wonder how I came to earn the support of you lovely people.

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you should add more chapters to this story so it can be longer or make a sequel for this story

A fine little one shot. If you wish to continue, I wouldn't say no, but this ended perfectly.

One of the last lines says "Tia was print." I'm afraid I don't know what that means. Perhaps a misspelling?

This displays Luna and Celestia's sisterly bond perfectly.
Also... the feels... :fluttercry:

This is going on my favorites. :twilightsmile:

Huzzah! Another quick reminder of the behind-the-scenes never-going-to-be-seen-in-the-show relationship of Celestia and Luna. Done exceeding well, and extra for the implied TwiLuna :twilightsmile: You've earn't yourself a favourite. Excuse me for the excessive use of hyphens :derpyderp2: at least I think they're hyphens...

Cute! I really like what Celestia did with Wind Whistler, for Luna's sake. I think it might work even better if you emphasize Luna's feelings earlier - maybe have her blush or stammer a little more, or accidentally talk about how beautiful Twilight is when Celestia was only asking about her personality.

Good job!

"Tia was print. I do love her."

I guess you mean "right"

And then she opens the door to see Twilight kissing Sentry.


Excellent little story! I love the sisterly interaction between Celestia and Luna.
And the fact that Luna fell for Twilight is much appreciated. The two complement each other.

Please consider putting a link to 90Sigma in the "image source" field.

EDIT: I added it to the TwiLuna groups, blame me for popularity and/or hate...

(Note: romance tag NOT for princest.)

Darn. Oh well, I'll still give it a go.

Edit: I like it. From one completely random stranger lurking on the internet to another, good job.

Most well executed. I thought the sisters were extremely well characterized and Luna's dilemna and Celestia's solution were very sweet. This story made me happy and gave me a smile.

Thank you for sharing such a well crafted, wonderful story.

4139852 You mean 'And then she opens the door to see Twilight kissing Brad'

This... I... I don't know. I wish I could say I liked it... but Celestia's solution... something about it just rubbed me the wrong way...


Celestia's solution were very sweet

... I wish I could agree... I really do, but... I don't know. Like she didn't really love Wind, just married her to prove a point

4140334 Swiggity Swaifu
He stealin' yo waifu


To be fair, they both knew what they were getting into. She came right up to her and said; "Hey, the mistreatment of the homosexual females is something I wish to correct. Now I'm not that interested in a sexual relationship, you understand, but I want to marry you to make homosexual relations between mares legitimate. This is going to be a purely political marriage, you understand, so what do you say?"

Or something like that.

True, but doesn't make it any less wrong. And it really seems ooc for Celestia.

4140398 In English please? I don't speak moron, sorry.

4140415 Celestia is the kind of pony the manipulates everything behind the scenes. Think about it. Between grooming Twilight for princesshood, and all of the other political maneuvers she does, I would think that you could see how it is not the least bit out of character.

While I can see your point, I don't particularly agree with it. The situation as it was explained granted the mare several things:
1. A chance to be with the pony she loved, even if Celestia did not love her that way, I think that Celestia loved her student in her own way and would have been happy with her.
2. It gave her a chance to be a part of a movement to change things in Equestria for the better. I believe she would have agreed to it just for that alone, even if it's somewhat greatly implied that the mare loved Celestia. (In my mind, anyway. Reading between the lines is always subjective)
3. It gave the mare a chance to have something that she would never have otherwise had in her lifetime if Celestia had not specifically done it.

Another point I'd like to make is that anything Celestia did would have been highly politicized. Choosing to do something so public, extreme, and against the social norms of the time was very risky and showed everypony just how much she cared about the issue. Remember, this is a time when the land was still in a state of extreme turmoil from the banishment of one of its rulers. Not really a time when you want to introduce more turmoil than is absolutely necessary.

While I agree that perhaps Wind Whistler may not have been as happy with Celestia as she may have been with a mare who would have loved her in the same way, it was also a time when she would not have been happy at all if Celestia had not done something. It would also have been a time when even hinting to another mare that you might be interested in her in another way might have been grounds for complete ostracization if you talked to the wrong pony or word got around.

I can't really think of another way that Celestia could have handled it. Wind Whistler certainly wouldn't have been able to go around looking for a mare to settle down with, nor would she want to the risk of complete ostracization and demonizing being a lesbian apparently carried in those times.

So... That's my argument for why Celestia's solution was the best of bad situation and why it was actually very sweet and touching. She could have been risking her shaky kingdom over the love she had for her sister and her desire to see her happy when she finally returned to Equestria. Beyond that, it was also the best (I think) of a bad situation for Wind Whistler as well, for the reasons stated above.


*translation to follow*
I say, dear fellow, it appears that somepony is attempting to woo that pony which you adore so much. You may wish to jump in now and pursue your lady love, otherwise you may lose her.
*end translation*

*Note from the programmer: Help! I'm stuck in a computer translating idiocy into flowery prose!*

Okay, so. I really can't reply to each and every one of you I wish to thank for your support, so-

-wait a minute. Yes I can!

Thank you all so very, VERY much!!:pinkiehappy: :heart:
To those who pointed out the 'print' error, it's fixed, and I'm adding a link to the image.
To those of you debating the Wind Whistler thing- everything Noble Thought said is pretty much how it went down. Is it the perfect solution? No. Is it the best solution? As close to one as you're going to get.

Also, I should've made this clearer, but Celestia's doing what she did was an attempt to see Luna's point of view. A failed one, as indicated by the fact that no, Celestia does not like mares. But she was willing to try for her sister. :heart:

Now...hehe....I'd like you all very much to know that your comments have given me an idea! For a sequel? A prequel? A sister story? All will be revealed in due time :raritywink:


Not to sound fanish, but I actually think the way it was handled was spot on. I'm not sure how you could have worked in the idea that Celestia had wanted to at least try to like mares without cheapening the gesture. There is a fine art to writing between the lines intentionally, and I don't think there's a perfect way to do it (I certainly haven't mastered it, at any rate.)

The best way to do so, that I've seen, is to know your source material so well, to understand the struggle so that even when you don't state it outright, your word choice and the flow of the story states it for you. Sometimes what you don't say speaks louder than what you do. This lets the readers plug in their own reasons and either identify with or vilify the unspoken sentiment.

Of course, this can also cause intense debate. *see below*

Time. She could have been patient, worked on it over millenia. Instead, for the sole purpose of proving a point, not for love, she married.

I think that we all need



And by taking so much time to effect the change, generation upon generation of ponies would have been denied their desires. Sometimes the best way to affect change is to do it quickly, so that the pain is lessened. With Celestia's blessing, that change would happen much more quickly and the pain of change would be over that much quicker.

I just can't see Celestia letting her subjects suffer unnecessarily if another solution presented itself. Also, it gave Wind Whistler the chance, within her lifetime, to have something that she would never have gotten.

I also don't think she did it to prove a point. I think she did it to make a change. There is a difference. Proving a point is just saying "I did this." Making a change by leading is far more than that. It sets an example, and this instance had the potential risk of also fragmenting the land again if the nobles felt so strongly about it that they wouldn't have accepted her co-ruler as a lesbian (strongly hinted.)

I still can't accept your reasoning. I just don't think it fits Celestia's personality at all.

It just rubs me the wrong way... Sorry if I come across as a dick


I understand, and you weren't. I've read stories too that others loved that rubbed me just the wrong way, so I understand where you're coming from. Our opinions on the story just don't mesh, and I can respect that.

Thanks for the debate. :twilightsmile:

That was cute. Favoriting to see what the sequel/prequel/whatever will look like. :twilightsmile:

I hope it's the story of Wind Whistler and Celestia! :twilightblush:

hi hi

There's no one correct way to be in a relationship, people are naturally going to have different expectations. The important thing is to understand them rather than assuming someone follows a prescribed set of expectations. It doesn't help that so many people don't have a good grasp on what will make them happy, trying to fill the empty gaps with material trivialities, but then again, Wind Whistler always was the logical, reasonable one. That sounds like something she'd agree to.

This was a very fun read. Are you going to do a sequel?

Sequel: We learn that owliscious is female and Luna has the hots for her

(Note: romance tag NOT for princest.)

Oh, why the hell not?:fluttershysad:

I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just say that, at the very least, more of the Wind Whistler/Celestia situation will be addressed :raritywink:

Yes, there will be a sequel/prequel/sister story upcoming! :pinkiehappy:

Pretty Good. But we thinketh thou should use the way Luna really speaks.:pinkiesmile:

EDIT 3/26/14: In the popular stories box! Thank you all very much! This is my first really popular story, and I couldn't be more grateful for all the positive feedback!

Edit to the edit: now it's in the Featured box. :pinkiecrazy:

we demandeth a sequal....... please? :fluttershysad::heart:

I think I got it. Not the story. I understand that well enough, but which part of the story that feels off to me. At first i thought it was Celestia's actions with Wind Wistler, much like Ebony Gryphon did above, and that Celestia was OOC. However, that didn't sit right either. Celestia is a political veteran, and it is something that she would do, at least in my thinking.

Then it hit me. It wasn't Celestia's actions that disturbed me... it was Luna's reaction. She shows shock when first told -- understandable. It was this part that felt odd:

"You...do not feel that way about mares, do you?"
"No, I do not."
"Then...you entered a relationship with a mare- a MARRIAGE with a mare-just to make that acceptable?" Luna stared up with wide eyes.
"Yes, Luna, that I did."
"Hmm..." Luna glanced towards the floor, then looked back up, a sheepish smile on her face. "I mean not to sound unappreciative, but...did Wind Whistler know of this?" She shook with fear that her sister would be angry, but relaxed when her sister laughed merrily.

Luna is in shock again after asking... or it's anger, and that's the crux. I can't really tell.
Almost immediately after, she's being "sheepish" and fearful. I think that perhaps it may have been better if Luna had displayed a more obvious rightous anger (or at least perturbation) over Celestia possibly hurting someone else for Luna's benefit. Of course Celestia would quickly correct her, and then carry on with the rest of the story.

The reason I say these things, is that Luna has been consistently shown to be the more "active" in showing her emotions. Celestia sips tea and raises an eyebrow, and it takes something like a full-on Twilight-breakdown to get her to break out of her diplomatic shell and show the audience a bit of emoting. Luna, on the other hoof, is shown to be more animated in expressing her thoughts.

In this instance, it appears that Luna is slightly shocked to her sister's answer and then is walking on eggshells. She obviously knew Wind Whistler from her dialogue. and it seems odd to me that she wouldn't act with a bit more force.

Still, I loved the story as a whole. Have a fave and a like.

It would just kill me if Twilight was straight.

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Honestly I don't think anypony has a chance with Twilight, she is married to her books...

I can totally see Luna turning herself into a book to be with Twilight.

Meh, too fast-paced. Seemed like you just sat down and stamped it out rather than writing it carefully.

4143196 She wouldn't be the first. Literally.

hi hi

A day later, this continues to be a thought provoking piece. I don't think that basing a marriage off of utility rather than true love is any more unnatural than basing a marriage off of love for someone of the same sex. In fact, it is my understanding that some people actually prefer a union that is founded on utility.

It makes me wonder, with the possibility of magic like in Lesson Zero, if Wind Whistler would prefer passionless honesty, or false passion.

But the main six constantly use mule as an insult. They are some racist ponies.


Are those first two lines a quote from Plato? I'm being serious, mind you

if twilight is a princess in this isnt the romance tag aplied to the princess?

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