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Changelings are a hated presence in Equestria, even years after the invasion of Canterlot. Following an incident she can't remember, a girl from our world finds herself as a new member of this despised species. Can she survive, or will her world crumble around her?

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control if what you


Anyways... interesting.

Well it certainly interesting premise...Im sure it'll become more fleshed out as time goes on.

Thanks dear. I'll correct that.

That's the intention. This HIE story is planned (aka, fingers crossed I write it well) to take a path, not centered on Elle but rather the world around her. She's basically along for the ride. Thanks for the comment!

Really enjoy the story! It has boundless potential. If I may be so bold, if you need a pre-reader, or an editor, or anything, I would be happy to help.


Wow, I've never gotten offers for editors before o.o I'd be happy to accept from both of you! I'm pretty sure I can add people to see the chapter before I actually publish it, so I'll figure that out and let you two know how it goes. If a plot summary would come in handy, I'd be happy to oblige. Thanks ever so much!

5598905 -Anything I can do to help! You can hit me up here or on skype. But I'll message my skype. I'd rather keep that info private.

yay, a human turned changeling story, not many of those floating about, certainly hope you are still writing it though


I am, but editing has been a bit rough. The second chapter's almost through editing and the third has been started.

So... it all comes down to ponies always being racist?

I don't know how to feel about that.

Then again, even the spell to burn away the Changelings' disguised isn't remotely as bad as what they tried to pull on the ponies.


This is absolutely true, and will be addressed later in the fic. There's two sides to every story, after all.:raritywink:

Friendship Castle? No Harmony Castle. It was made from the Tree of Harmony for the Elements of Harmony

5756846 I don't think it really matters since it hasn't been properly named by the show.

So far, I am loving this story. It's pretty unique in my opinion and has a very nice flow to it. It's a bit too short as of right now though and I would like to read more... any chance of that happening in the near future?


It's happening. I've been in the hospital and so have been unable to update recently.

Thanks for reading so far :)


Ouch. I hope you're doing better now!

Loved the new chapter, I can tell I'm going to love the rest of the story too :3

trying to I momentarily

to what? Also italics don't transfer from Google docs.

Also dear lord! Hospital! I do sincerely hope you're fine. Sincerely yours.


Thanks. On mobile so I'll fix it when I get to the laptop.

To all: Thanks for the well wishes and positive comments guys, I'm getting better now. Being homeschooled for the rest of the year then returning to school for my senior year. The only good thing is now I have extra time to work on this story! So hold onto your horseshoes, hangoverville is just around the corner.

6003211 If you wish do tell me in private what happened. Thanks gurl.

Still a great story, but this chapter felt like it was rushing a bit. The pacing is fine, however going from somebody nobody but Zecora knows straight to a mane six best friend that everyone knows is a tad unrealistic. Just a tip for future works, don't meet all the main characters at once or it'll be jarring to the reader.

On another note, I'm sorry to hear that you were in the hospital and need a little homeschooling. I've been in a similar situation and know it sucks. I wish you the best.

I loved the explanation for the music numbers. I'm going to accept this as fact.

Good start, but perhaps Zecora shouldn't believe her quite so quickly. Still, as you said it's your first long story, and we only learn by trying so let's press onward!

Hmm, so just finished the current chapter, I am happy to say I am enjoying what you have here. Looking forward to the next chapter.


Thanks! As I said my latest blog, I'll be updating soon! :pinkiehappy:


I'm working at it. Sadly my personal life has taken precedence over writing, but a lot of people have been asking lately, so I'm going to make a concentrated effort at it!

If I haven't in a week or so, pester me again. I tend to be rather flighty and I wouldn't be surprised if I forgot completely :twilightsheepish:

6905230 29 weeks and 6 days later... I doubt it...

rip , i'm still hoping they will continue the story.

Liked and followed, Changelings for the win.

I hope it will not canceld becouse two other Fim Fictions i sere reading were canceld a few days after I finished with them. It is a wonderfull storie by the way. :pinkiehappy:

Continue and update please soon. Maybe he give love free and change as Thorax.

Sadly, they haven't been online since 2018. Story is dead. :ajsleepy:

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