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What would you do if you woke up and was told that your whole life was a lie?

For Alice Mills, she believed she grew up and had a human life, till one accident later she wakes up in Equestria as a pony and is told that her human life never existed. Now, as the pegasus Dream Weaver, she must learn to adjust to this new life and find out which one of her lives is a lie.

Tags might change, not completely sure.

Helping me out with this story is my editor Camdleberriato who is also the creator of my cover image.

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Oooo, meesa lika dis!

Pleases me much, this chapter, does. Room to improve, there is. Space the paragraphs a bit more, you could. Hurts the eyes, in its current state, it does. See the indents, I can, but an extra line of space between paragraphs, there should be. Story is good, otherwise.

6154820 Yoda, I didn’t know you are a brony!

Hmm.....seems like a nice start. You could easily enhance the beginning story structure. It reads nice enough. i like it. Keep going and see if it takes off as i think it will. I was reading and enjoyed it.

This story is pretty bare bones. You pretty much still have to write this story, before anyone can say anything substantial about it. Need to talk about who Dream Weaver is and how she got injured since there really aren't trucks in Equestria, what happened back in humanland, etc. More description of what the hospital looks like, what it's like being a pony, how the weather is outside, etc. Stuff going on besides Dream Weaver's little personal crisis.

6154820 I fixed the spacing, Master Rocky Runner. I'm sorry that my spacing hurt your eyes and I'll be making sure it doesn't happen again. Thank you for your guidance:twilightsmile:

6155039 Surprised, to know how many of your favorite characters are bronies, you would be.

6156048 Welcome, you are, young Padawan.

Totally agree with her on uniforms. I worked at a Rainbow Foods for 5 years. It started with a blue polo and pants, then a white polo/apron/ and pants, then after I left it was a white dress shirt/ tie/ apron/ and pants. It's now closed. Serivce is more important than looks. something the idiot coperates need to understand.

there is much potential here. Think the chapters could be longer. but nothing terrible yet. eagerly wait for more.

I guess if she really was that focused on the doctor, she could not have seen the Nurse getting back, so after a second thought i think the chapter was pretty nice.
The doctor should have either tried to use her false name for a second, or trying to avoid calling her by the name, i mean if he would not want to give her wrong ideas about herself.

It is probably the same as with the old people, in a situation like that, he should not try to force her to believe him.
However, there was not much time to do anything in this chapter, so this wasn´t a really bad part.

I think you should take your time, and make the chapters a bit longer, i hope you don´t rush anything, i actually enjoy an idea like this.

Maybe i ask to much again, but since this is your first story, and i don´t know how much you have planned, maybe i can suggest a few things, or ask for something.

Not sure if she has familly in this story, but i would like it if she didn´t suddenly woke up in this situation, and would be forced to live with a now foreign husband, and all of the kids.

I would like it, if she would have maybe a daughter, but i don´t really want to see her being that shocked, and in this situation forced to deal with someone that wants to cuddle with her, even if she doesn´t knows him anymore.
Those situations probably exist, and probably even exactly like that, but i would like it if she only would have a daughter.

It is more because i like to know the special someponys of the Chars befor, and prefer it not to have some sudden random Stallion at her side.

I wait to see which kind of doctor we have here, maybe he is a bit caring, but he acted to rashly with the morphine i guess. She probably will have nearly the same reaction the moment she wakes up, however if the window was open, and they could not just let her go without the paper work, and stuff like that, then i guess you could please add a reason like that.

edit: I really like the idea, i waited for such a story almost a month now, i hope you don´t rush anything this is such a nice idea.
It is nothing to important, it would just make the doctor look a bit more nice i guess.

I really liked that! I can't wait till the next chapter comes out. I wonder what the doctor will think when she tells him that she is actually a human. Keep up the good work!

Good start. Will follow. :twilightsmile:

I'm liking this so far!

The doctor had every right to drug me, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t pissed.

Not sure if this is really always the best solution, and that this fast, but i don´t know how long her Pony Body was laying there, maybe they just thought it would be bad for her, to built up all that panic.

This is actually a really interessting chapter in it´s own way.
I don´t know if there is a certain point you want to reach really fast, but i hope for many...many chapters, and maybe a sequel afterwards, since she doesn´t knows anything, and it looks like she doesn´t has an own family yet, that would mean everything would be new for her.

I guess i would like someone like Derpy, or another Mare as a partner, and maybe an adoption in a possibe sequel.
I know this is early, but i think if i don´t say anything, it is maybe to late, if you already has written certain things.

I would say, that you should not make a time skip in a story like this, since everything is new, and another interessting part of the story is her own mind at work, i would like to read about every moment, or at least every day.

Please try to make it a long story, and every chapter at least as long as this one, i wouldn´t mind, if you would take a while longer, for an even bigger chapter, describe a whole day or something, at least at the start it could be really interessting.

As you maybe notice, you have made a story, at which i am really interessted, somehow i usually get like that if i read something with psychological stuff, or at least with a problem like hers.

I am glad that she hasn´t a special somepony already, i don´t know why i am so against most of the Stallions, i mean i like Big Mac, Fancy Pants, and guys like that, but i usually don´t like most the OC Stallions in romance storys , or Filthy Rich.

Not sure if she could already adopt someone, of if something could happen that lead her to watch an already bigger filly at the age of the Cutie mark Crussaiders, or something like that, but i just want to give you some ideas.

Good, i don´t know how much we are allowed to ask for possible turns of the events, but i just say, that this could be a really big, and interessting story, at least for me.

You know what?, i suddenly feel the urge to make it one of my favourite, i am maybe a bit to excited right now, but i really enjoy those moments, while she tries to learn more about herself, and about the child....well i honestly just want some filly being sad about the fact, that her mother doesn´t really knows her anymore, and that she has to learn more about her mother as well, the filly herself, could help her mother as well.

If she hasn´t seen her mother for a while, an adoption could have been possible i guess, however just some wishes, that i already repeated often enough in this one comment.

Good Night, and i think you have done a good job.

it was okay, you gave valid reasons why for this chapter.

This is the type of chapter that always catches my interest. It establishes a general mood for the story and shows what she thinks of the situation and how she's going to handle it from that point. Plus, I always look forward to the part where everypony thinks the character's completely nuts. :derpytongue2: Anyways, for me the mindset of the character is a lot bigger than the action. I want to see more chapters after this! :yay:

“But you said she finally woke up! I want to see my daughter!” a female voice boomed.
Oh shit.

Exactly. :rainbowlaugh: Love your writing, keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

Definitely nice start for the story. :twilightsmile:

Note to self: let animals die when necessary...

So we're off to a pretty good start, it seems like we have a handle on the situation. Now let's see what she's going to do about it!
Keep going! ;)

first thing i thought of when i read the title

Very ,supportive mother.
Talk about culture shock, it seems she's too blown away to really think about some of the more odd things (odder than magic hooves at least). Instincts are definitely helping, it didn't seem like she was dragging her wings or anything like that.
Still no sign of the prior persona though, that's a little worrying...
Keep going! ;)

Well this chapter was the best for me i think, could be because i only remember the important parts of the other chapters, and that i didn´t had a reason to not like anything here. I meant something like that the doctors started to sedate her, every moment she isn´t like they want her to be.

I am excited about her meeting her son, i am curious about how he is going to react, and if the mother is living a fe days with them or not.
Or maybe Fluttershy, or Drepy since she probably caused everything to happen. Not sure why i prefer Mare X Mare in the most cases, probably because i don´t really have a favourite Stallion Character, but i am just happy that she don´t have to live with a Coltfriend, that she doesn´t know.

It would be interessting to her him asking for his mother after they got home if he is at home, and not at someone others home at the meantime. Maybe he is just coming from School, i don´t know i just would like the next chapter to come a bit faster, but i rather have it this long, as a short one really fast. I would like the chapter with her son to be long.

“Yes. Miss Dream Weaver.” Dr. Monitor levitates the clipboard in front of his face. “Age 21, single and lives at 7300 Horseshoe Lane. You were involved in an accident, Miss. Weaver."

Okay, so I live on my own and I’m single. That’s good, I guess.

I would have break down laughing at that street name. She seems to have some self-control for ignoring it, or maybe I just have a strange sense of humor. :rainbowlaugh:

Finally! An update!! :yay: x 1,000,000,000 I had begun to fear you dropped this story! I'm glad to see that is not the case! :twilightsmile:

Keep this up! I can't wait to get my hooves on more!

Yay, update!:pinkiehappy: I like how you've carried the story along so far. Having a human turn into a pony after an accident, and having actual family visit, which, realistically, would probably happen in the caring pony-land.

Hi, I´m just here to ask for another story, this was starting to be one of my favourites.

6530371 thank you for liking my story! just letting you know I'm waiting for my editor to finish revising then I'll post it up :ajsmug:

6530778 Okay, that should be enough for now, I´m just curious at how she was going to react to her child.
I actually would like it, if she would be more shy than him, or maybe he would be distraught by the thought, that her mother doesn´t knew him/her anymore?

I´m sure I said some of those stuff already, but I´m not sure what you said would maybe happen, and what not.
Well I hope this is only about her, and the child for now, I´m not sure if it really happens that often, but I just don´t like it, if someone like her, that is maybe really from a different world, just accept a Stallion that is supposed to be her husband.
(Oh of course her parents, or maybe it was only her mother, can be there too, I was just talking about her own family of course.)

However, I believe you told me, that this won´t happen, but maybe later in the story she is going to meet someone. I think you wasn´t sure yoursef right?

So Silent is a Savant? If this is going where we think it is, he could be verh helpful indeed ...
Keep going! ;)

Yes! Another chapter!

I'd love to see how this story progresses. It's such an interesting and creative concept and I feel like it's hard to come by stories like this. So, yeah...moar plz :twilightsmile:

6554354 A savant or a mature mute?

6555061 Well, hard to say, since we haven't met him yet.

Love it, and hope to see more in the future! :pinkiesmile:

I don't trust the mother. At all. There's something fishy about her, though I don't know what.

In fact let's theorize, What if Dream Weaver didn't tell her mother about Melody because she was afraid of her, and when she did find out she got pissed and tried to kill Weaver and then take Melody as her own, of course she didn't expect she will survive, but since she has an 'amnesia' she can easily manipulate her.

I had read the chapter at work, or at least when I had break today, it was really nice, and somehow interessting how affraid she was to meet new people, or rather Dream Weavers family, probably because she was supposed to take care of a child too, and not just herself.

Well...at first I didn´t knew what to think about Fluttershy being her cousin, but she is my favourite character, and it is still like a new meeting.

I´m just curious how much Dream Weaver means to Fluttershy, and I hope you can think of something interessting if she is about to meet her son. Not sure how close they already where, and how long she had him.
I just hope nothing happens to fast while they have to learn about each other again.

I can´t really concentrate right now, but I believe I said everything, awesome chapter, I hope we get another one soon, but of course take your time, I don´t want to risk a lesser quality.

I'm sorry for the lateness everyone! Between my two jobs and school, my creative juices have been at an all time low

Exactly why I haven't- *screeching noise* Wait, minus the two jobs part... between vidoegames, television, and school, my "creative juices" have been at an "all-time low"... 'bout to get something out soon though (been six weeks-ish since I published a chapter in my own story... dang...)

Oh, and great to finally see an update! Look forward to seeing more! :pinkiehappy:

OOooohhh now I remember the story, I got a bit confused, but now I remember it.

Well the son seems more special than I remember, with him being nearly emotionless, but that´s maybe just him not expecting much from his life.

However, the part with her son was a bit to short for me, at least after the last chapter was four month´s ago.
Since she was so affraid I expected her son to make he first move, and maybe even are more curious.
This is a bit different than I thought it would be, but this could be interessting anyway, I get the feelig I know that type of character as well from somewhere.

I just would like the next chapter to come a bit sooner, most of the adoption storys somehow die along the way of writing them, at least many of those I keeped track of.

Yay updates! Silent proves his astuteness.
She really needs a bit more time to calm down and center herself, but at least she's not freaking out as much as might be.
Keep going! ;)

Ok. That was the very definition of awkward.

She explained as she stepped aside for Sweat Feathers and me to walk in.
for Sweat Feathers and me to walk in.
Sweat Feathers and me
Sweet Feathers and I
Other than that, great job so far. :twilightsheepish:

(chuckles darkly) there's a reason you feel so comfortable...
We're surprised Sweet didn't curb the enthusiasm of her friends... Oh well.
Keep going! ;)

Well I'll be honest and tell you that I'm never really a fan of too long flashbacks, since I read it to see some fun things in Euestria, which is why I always hated a party in the Human world going over two chapters before he ends up in Euestria. If the party didn't means something for the rest of the story it is even worse.

Well I like it, this time it was short enough...the Human moment I mean, but since this was the only chapter after a long time, it feelt like it stole the room for different more interessting stuff.

I guess if the next chapter has a chance to come earlier, I'm alright with it. However, please don't rush anything and make a chapter with just around 1.000 words because you want to finish quickly, this is even worse than having to wait half a year, because with to many words, the quality of a chapter seem less good sometimes.

Well be sure you know I like this story, but the other stuff is still my opinion.

I don't exactly have a new idea, I just had that picture in mind, with Lemon taking her to Lemons house telling them about her "third mother".
I could image Lemon using her amnesia as a reason to show Dream to her own parents, if she should secretly love her friend.

Thank you for the new chapter.

That Dream Journal keeps sounding more and more like something she really needs to read. Like, did the real Dream Weaver actually fanfic about humans in a weird pony-on-Earth fic way?
Then again, it's been noted that they're exclusively other ponies dreams IIRC.
We're just waiting for her to speak up about something and someone going, "wow, that's something Dream would say! Did you remember something?"
Keep going! ;)

Hey, do you mind if you could find out if the dog’s ok?”
I’m going to get a nurse and we’re going to run a PET scan,



She explained as she stepped aside for Sweet Feathers and I to walk in.

She explained as she stepped aside for I to walk in.

"me" is correct*

*correct depending which grammar Nazi you speak with

The adaptation is going well! Seems Silent is getting more comfortable, he seems very hopeful.
Shame Pinkie didn't give any hints, but she's definitely on Dream's radar now.
Keep going! ;)

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