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While attending Comicon a boy and his mother are transported to the magical land of Equestria. The good news is that they have the powers of the fictional characters they were dressed as. The bad news is that they aren't in the same time as the show. Join these two humans as they unravel the history of Equestria. (A Displaced story)

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story itself. Wonder Woman and Shazam belong to DC comics. My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro.

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Shazam is my favorite! I just bought some cups with him on them yesterday.

6421916 I'm glad you like him, because you're going to be seeing a lot of him in this story

Well this is great. Is the missing person in this Equestria or another one?

Perhaps maybe crossover sometime?

6421933 If by missing person you mean Robert, he's in another one of my stories. And if you are asking to do a crossover with me, then my answer is maybe

We shall track this for now, it has interesting potential.

We must crossover as soon as possible! Story-wise excellent potential.

6422010 If I can find a way for there to be a crossover that doesn't interfere with the story in a major way, then sure

I changed my dislike to like cause I accidentally clicked it and noticed it, so far this story shows promise

I know who robert is, here in another story with only his batorran and new friends that he and they are fighting against twilight and Equestria.

look at the one below

6422053 I can totally help you with that. You still need someone to inform your two characters about their situation as Displaced, that's one possible plot-line, that won't interfere with your story.

Interesting... I'll be up for crossing over sometime in the near future!

6423986 Alright, there are a few other people asking to do a crossover with me, but I might be able to work something out.

6425007 Fine with me. Just let me know whenever.

KO so the mom and the son are Wonder Woman and Shazam then what about the brother.

6425368 Robert is in another one of my stories. If you want to read Robert's story, then go check out "The Reject Chronicles"

my faveit hero with my favrit harowin the fun has bin dubuld

This story KICKS ASS! Why aren't you writing more of it!? You could seriously challenge Onomonopea, ESPECIALLY if you decide to make a big, epic, multiversal crossover!

AWESOME!!! An update!! :pinkiehappy:

6626558 Me? Rival Onomonopia? Thank you for the praise but my work is definitely not on par with his. I'm only 14 after all, I still have a ways to go before my writing is as good as his. As for the multi-verse crossover thing, I thought about it, but I don't think I'd be able to pull it off.


What about just a build up to that or going back to older stories and finding ways to crossover them with other ones?

6628517 While a multi-versal crossover won't be happening, I do have something...similar in mind:raritywink:


When's it coming out?

6631010 Well I can't say too much because that would likely spoil what I have planned, but I can say that it won't happen until after this story is finished. And with the storyline I have planned, that might not be for awhile. But I will hint about what's to come in this, and some other stories, you might be able to figure it out as my storylines progress.


Gotchya. So, when's the next chap of this coming out?

6666796 It's "fuck", you're welcome.

6667203 I simply did that so that I can keep my record going and I do not know how to blank out words.

6670235 Type "Text goes here"
Keep going^

This is perhaps one of the best premises for a displaced story I've seen in a long time! :3

6688028 Why thank you! :twilightblush: I'm glad my stories are turning out better than I expected.


Yep. Nether walker is correct. I was sold on Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman being who the displaced humans transformed to alone for this story, but now that you've given the exposition that gives proper context to what this Equestria is like, now I'm doubly sold... some spelling, grammar, and continuity errors (within the context of your story, NOT cannon MLP lore) aside.

However, I do have to wonder how Alicorns multiplied to the point there could be different families. Did they use the magic of friendship to transform more ponies who felt the same way into Alicorns or what?

A bit too expositiony... even if the character interactions, especially involving young Luna and Celestia were neat and all. I just hope the next chapter moves the plot along and doesn't involve even more exposition, as I think the readers have gotten enough of that to get the proper context for whatever happens next in the immediate future.

"Well… he wasn't really wearing a costume… although I vaguely remember him buying a Batarang from the merchant we got our stuff from."
"Why type of Batarang?"
"I didn't really get a good look at it, but I think it was the Dark Knight movie version."

He's going to be one of the Robins or Batman.


"Why type of Batarang?"

Do you mean 'What'

I see you cut a great deal out of our final draft. Why is that?

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