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My Friend: "Dude, how do you manage to joke around when any sane person would be as depressed as f**k?!"

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I'm sorry I never got to finish Beautiful scales for you.

It's been years since I last logged into this profile; even longer since I last posted a story or anything because I fell out of the MLP fandom a while back. I logged back on this once for nostalgia's sake and stumbled upon your post of what happened to Jason. It pains me to hear the news and even though it happened long ago I just want to take a moment to express my condolences and say that I really appreciated Jason's comments on one of my stories.

The story I wrote, "An Anti-Brony Adventure", was by no means a great fanfic. I cancelled the story after falling out of the fandom, having it be on hiatus for so long, and feeling dissatisfied with the story overall. However, Jason was one of the few who were really drawn by it and wanted to read more. As much as I hate to cancel a story and forever leave readers with questions, it hurts even more knowing that one of your dedicated readers will never truly have proper closure to a story that you wrote but left unfinished.

Thank you for the update. Jason will be dearly missed.

This is a year late, but for those following Jason, I want to let you all know (if people see this) that he and his father passed away within a week of one another, last year. Jason passed away on November 22nd 2017, the day before thanksgiving, his birthday.

My fiance was basically like family to him, so I had the opportunity to get to meet Jason and become friends with him.
I feel that those of you who were following him, deserve to know why he went completely silent.
He passed peacefully, and has been missed dearly.

1502063 I'd like to edit the part of my previous comment on why I am a brony. I do like the animation, storytelling, writing, jokes and references, and of course, the ponies. It's like a whole bundle of joy and happiness. They all make the show great, plus you get the innocence in a dark world, utopia, type of setting.

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