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This story is a sequel to Buck My Life

About a year has passed since the human-turned-pony named Jason arrived in Equestria. The events of the past still haunt him and two certain alicorn sisters have noticed. They believe it is time to give the self-appointed protector of their kingdom a new start. He is less than agreeable however and feels as though their 'gift' is nothing but a royal pain in the neck. Join him on his journey through life as he tries to cope with the ponies around him, daily life, and this change that could very well give him exactly what he needs.

Chapters (8)

What happens when you take a brilliant, bitter, and angst filled brony and put him together with a bunch of happy ponies that want to be his friends? Short answer; me with a bad attitude trying desperately to find some way out of this cheery pastel hell that is Equestria. Want the long answer? Then just click the stupid button, hold on, and get ready for an adventure that I really wish I wasn't a part of... oh and please enjoy. (That way at least one of us does.)

Chapters (23)

(Sequel to The Legend of a Shadowmare. You should read it first before reading this.) Seven years after General Lux has been defeated, Daemon now has a family. The most important thing to him right now is his daughters safety, but when his old enemy attacks, will he be able to save that which has given him so much joy? A perilous journey awaits and Daemon is going to give it his all, along with the help of a few he comes across on the way, to save his little Shadowmare!

Chapters (5)

When a demonic pony comes to Ponyville, questions arise as to who the stallion is... and furthermore 'what' he is. As events unfold it is discovered that the legend of the Shadowmare race from ancient pony folklore is far from the truth. It is up to one of the two remaining Shadowmares to rise to the challenge and save the dying race from extermination. However, the only way to recover his full potential, Daemon, the last male Shadowmare in existence, must complete a daunting task... make friends with as many as he can. While making friends he also discovers something new to his battle hardened species... love.

Chapters (18)
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