What happens when you take a brilliant, bitter, and angst filled brony and put him together with a bunch of happy ponies that want to be his friends? Short answer; me with a bad attitude trying desperately to find some way out of this cheery pastel hell that is Equestria. Want the long answer? Then just click the stupid button, hold on, and get ready for an adventure that I really wish I wasn't a part of... oh and please enjoy. (That way at least one of us does.)

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Hm. Looks interesting. Will put on my read later list.:moustache: got my attention dear sir..ill shall keep reading! :moustache::moustache::moustache:

Me = Fish; this story = hook; you = get a fabulous fish dinner.

This is good! This is very good! Fantastic even! I am looking forward to MOAR!

Hmm, for a first chapter it's pretty good. My advice would me to break up those massive paragraphs into some smaller ones. It's easier for people to read that way.:twilightsmile: much drama and out bursting!

I'm really liking this character drama and turmoil, it's my favorite thing to see in any fan fiction. Especially as we see how the characters adapt and develop to every obstacle. Also I'm glad to see the text isn't so large and smashed together as before.:twilightsmile:

He sounds like he knows ALL.

Take into account: He's a human. He's a Brony. He's probably seen every episode at least twice. Not that there's anything wrong with that :twilightsmile: I'd be surprised if he DIDN'T know so much. But there are things he didn't know: How to walk. How to run. How to use his hooves. How to use magic. lol

Another great chapter to another great story! I think it's been voted up so much because it's something that's not done very often. I, for one, haven't read a story of a Brony who actually didn't want to stay in Equestria. Well done, sir :moustache:

1942160 That's what makes me unique. I have thought of what it would mean to be in Equestria and it doesn't sound too great to me. Other people just say how awesome it would be but only anti-bronies want to go back home. I am the exception to both worlds, I love the show, but I am not going to give up my life to stay there.

Lol that's the main reason I wouldn't like to stay. I have a life (which consists of sleeping 8 hours, hanging with friends 6 hours, and sitting in front of my computer the rest of the time XD) along with friends and family that I would miss. Another reason I wouldn't want to STAY (no saying there's anything wrong with taking a short trip there) is that's there's only so much of it I could stand. Maybe at most a month, but then I'd need a break, especially if Pinkie keeps following me. :rainbowlaugh:

1943665 amen to that... I would only be able to last about a week though. Overabundance of happiness makes me nauseous. That's why I could never stand to be near a cheerleader... I would lose my lunch just by being around that much joy. They just aren't natural.

I know the feeling, I've just gotten used to it since I seem to have the human embodiment of Pinkie Pie as a younger sister. :rainbowlaugh: I just made a connection: Energizer Bunny = Non-Brony's Pinkie Pie

Good, only problem is the massive paragraphs. Just hit enter a little more often, and you'll be fine.

Darn it! the chapter ended! wells looks like i need to wait for about a day

Hey I liked what you did, with avoiding the romance sappy thing, very original. If you take suggestion, I will like to see that Twilight take Jason and picture him, like some kind of brother, a good friend or perhaps a possible student, but nothing else

Also, in some kind of irony Rarity become the love interest.

P.S: Did he will meet the royal sisters in future chapters?

1948816 Okay first off you do know Jason is me right? I am glad you like the concept of no love interest but thats more of because how cut off I am from emotion. If I wasn't so distant from feeling stuff like that it probably would end up as a love story. As for Rarity being the love interest, if i like twilight more than any of the others and treat her like I dont care, how will Rarity ever come close?

P.S: You'll have to wait to find out.

Ok, I got it, that i why I mention the "irony part" in my comment, to answer your question, no I didn't know it was you, I though it was your avatar, you know, your creation, third sorry if it bother you that suggestion, and four thanks for answer my question, its a very good story

1949847 Nope, he's not an avatar, he's just me (everything I say about myself in here is true by the way). I've already made OCs, now I'm just trying to discover more about myself. You didn't bother me with your suggestion, I like it when people care enough to leave their opinions. The best feeling I get from writing is when people say they enjoy it... it lets me know I'm doing something right. I'm glad you like the story. There will be more to come. :twilightsmile:

You seem like a bitch in the story :P

I am really liking the character development and internal conflict in this story, especially this battle between science and magic. Those types of battles I especially love and can't wait to see what'll come of it in the future.:pinkiehappy:

1952261 dude everything I knew is being challenged, magic over scientific explanation, needing to ask for help when normally I could just say 'screw your help, I'm fully capable', and the concept of friendship. I only have two real life friends who I never see anymore, the act of anyone doing something nice for me is not something I experience a whole lot. I'm out of my element and I'm breaking down because of it. That should clear a few things up... and if not...


I'm your friend XD. (Too bad it's not real life.)

I kinda know what you mean though, and what I was getting at that it was funny in the story when you acted like that, especially towards Twilight and Spike.:pinkiehappy:

1955831 I'm not afraid to admit I'm an asshole. I know I am, you know I am, EVERYBODY knows I am... and I don't try to hide it. If you read the personality test results in the first chapter it basically says since my 'feeling side' is my least developed trait, I may have difficulty giving the warmth and support that is sometimes necessary in relationships. It also says I don't realize the value of attending to other people's feelings so I become overly critical and sarcastic with others. So if you ever wonder 'why is he being such a jerk to the ones he likes?', remember that's just a part of who I am.

Hey one question, what will you do if you ever come across Blueblood? And just for you to know, yeah you are a little mean but still you are not a complete asshole like that prick of blueblood, so…you can feel a little better knowing that

1970213 I'll probably ask what makes him so outstanding and he'd probably say something like "I'm just a cut above the rest" to which I'd reply "sooooo... nothing? Nothing makes you special. Your parents must be so proud knowing their son is an egotistical jerk with no talent..."

And in that moment, Rarity will have a new level of respect to you, see? You are not a complete asshole, you only need a little of kindness, and I understand about, no able to have emotions, I know the feeling bro, I understand…the illness not so much, but well all of us have problems. Good luck with the story and…give them a chance, I bet you will not be regretted, just stay away from Pinkie …I don't think you would like a party right now and I think will be a bad idea if all the town hate you.

1970514 I only act the way I want without caring who I hurt or who I help (with the rare exception of my friends). If you act like something you're not you only end up hurting yourself. I've never been too friendly towards rich snobs, so Blueblood would be no different. I wouldn't be acting that way towards him if he didn't deserve it. Rarity's approval would just be a bonus of how I naturally behave. And I don't quite think you realize how emotionless I have really been for the past ten years. You shall see what I mean in future chapters.

Wow, 8 story updates for me today? Your story is the icing on the cake.

1972744 Thank you, that's an awesome thing for you to say.

I have to go back home to where my life has always given me hell, whether I want to or not. I feel that it is my duty to try to improve our planet in any way I can.

Come 'ere, I fucking love you! :flutterrage:
Gotta read this some time later.

1972768 O_O um, yeah you scare me so I'm just gonna stay over here if that's okay with you...

1972786 *hands Jason a basball bat*

Nope. Come here. :ajbemused:

Anyways, started on the first chapter, good so far. Something I can relate to.

Twilight: Say please.
Jason: Screw that.
Me: Guffawing and making the upper floor endure an akward silence

I don't know why but I feel like I was reading the thoughts of Frankenstein when you mention the whole I erase my emotion 10 years ago (No offense,) je, lucky for you magic is not connected with emotions, I suppose you wouldn't want to open that door.

I don't know if Twilight will tell more ponys about your story, and I assume you couldn't care less, but if Candace, hear your story and offer you help in returning color into your world, what would you do? Or what would you tell her?

1973436 Well actually I would care if Twilight went around blabbing about me. I told her because she asked and the time seemed to fit, nobody else needs to know for now. As for Cadence wanting to help, I would deny it. I try my best to do things on my own if I can and helping our world is none of her concern. As far as I see it, the job belongs to me. It's my mission, I'll complete it! (plus it would be a little cheap using the pony who can spread love to change how people feel towards one another...)

I was actually meaning that she will specifically help you, so you don't feel pain, that pretty much Twilight must think that your heart is hurting you very badly with sorrow and loneliness…and assume that Candace can help you feel better, like an anti depressive (You understand?) And if you want to keep that a secret, you better make her pinkie promise to never tell anybody, other wise she will tell to every pony, starting by the princess, this kind of things will not pass her over, and know more than ever she will try to help you now that she consider you her student.

And do it quick, before AJ or Pinkie appear, they will be Twilight first options for you to feel better…well they and Shy, but you get my point.

1973527 I would still deny her 'help'. I am this way because I chose to be, not because it was forced upon me. If she were to unlock my emotions it probably wouldn't be good for me, just look at what happened when I felt a brief moment of sadness! Think of what would happen if everything I have sealed away was released at once... it would probably kill me. Since this is the case I should probably stay away from Cadence, but everyone else should be fine as long as they don't pester me all the time.

Have sense, just make sure, that they will not try anything, you know how they are, sometimes they act thinking is the best for you and…oh I don't know, Candace or Twilight will cast a spell while you are sleep or something like that. That is why you would have to give a good reason, for them not do any spell…like you said, that consequences can be very bad

1973636 True, I just may have to have a word with twilight then... later.

1972811 You know what you must do...

1975713 *says sarcasticly* Yessss... Cuz that's who scared you and caused you to back into a corner.

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