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Beyond Earth and beyond the Universe within which Earth exists there is a place full of love; the richest mine of love that can be found, as it is seen by those capable of utilizing it...

Within that place, specifically a part of it called the Everfree Forest, awakes one such creature: a Changeling; specifically, a Changeling who had been a human on Earth the day before. How will he survive in a body that literally needs love for nourishment, while in a world that is now wise to the Changelings' tricks and has branded them evil? Better question: Will he be able to change more than his physical appearance?

These questions are not the only thing that will plague him, for the hows and whys of his arrival and transformation are in a hurry to reveal themselves, and Equestria's heart will stop as it waits for its fate to be decided.

Now with a side story (with more to come) from other characters' POV!

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Hmm, interesting take on Changelings, and from a HiE-esque story, too.

It's already going to be VERY interesting to see how he copes with the changeling's only form of nourishment.


interesting indeed, its good to see story's whit Chrysalis/changlings soming out only a few days after the episode, she (Chrysalis) is my new favourite villain, there just something with her that's well perfect, and i hope your story lives up to it

lol you are fast i was just thinking of a hie changeling story yesterday, well good story will favorite.

you are the first changeling hie story grats

lul I think 500k+ Bronies had the same idea to this story myself included.

will keep in tabs

Please sir, may I have some more?


this was indeed an interesting take on a HiE, the story and writing so far was okey not excellent but still good, i will track this and see where it you decide to take it.
i see you have tag´d Chrysalis in this which is awesome that she will show up because she is nothing but a total badass, and you brought up a good point in the story that ihadn't relay considered until now,
the changelings use love as food, now that puts the situation in a diffident light, shes still evil even tho i don't think pony's who'd die from it, even tho we never saw a changing feed of a pony in the episode, it cant be a nice felling.
anyways ill track this and see where you take it good luck whit future writing

Looking good so far, eagerly awaiting more.


I like it more plz:pinkiehappy:

Loving it so far, but I did notice one small possible error. You mentioned fur on your changeling, but considering their insectoid nature, it's unlikely they actually have fur. Probably more of a chitinous shell.

Apart from that, looking forward to see how this goes!

I do so enjoy a good human turned something other than pony story.

Another story to add to my ranks of "human turned something other the pony" stories. I think this is the 3rd one i tracked.

DAMMIT! Someone got to it before me...

I should hope it is, seeing as that's the angle I'm going for!
I know this is out rather quick, but the idea hit me like a bear trap and wouldn't let go!
Thinking, as in writing your own? Or just waiting for one to appear?
R-Really? If you're right, woohoo :yay:
Ha, I don't know about that number, but it is too interesting an angle to leave alone, no? And thank you!
Certainly, In a (hopefully little) while.
Thank you! I know it's not my best work, being in a bit of a rush to get it out, but hopefully it'll get better... and writing new angles on things is just what I do.
Thank you!
Oh, my... "need" more? You may want to get that checked out!
Thank you! More there will be... when I can get time.
Curious thing to point out, and while I would consider it any other day, it's rather important the main character get a bit scraped up as he has. Kind of difficult to do that with an exoskeleton...
As do I!
Ooo, thank you!
Thank you(?)
S-sorry! Please, go ahead and write yours, too! I'm sure there will be more like it before long, anyway.

488422 Perfectly understandable, but there is always the idea that he could molt his cracked and beaten up exoskeleton. Both would work fine though :rainbowwild:

M-hm, that is an idea... Perhaps in some future edit. I'm too lazy/anxious to get on with the rest of the story.

awesome story faved for more chapters if that's ok with you

And why wouldn't it be? :twilightsmile: It's great to know there are people who want to read more!



S-seriously? There are no others? I am most honestly surprised! And of course writing more is the plan!

WELL write now please And no joke i looked on google for more just took me back to this the only one Grats (':pinkiehappy:');

I want more of it, though I already know it won't be like Ballad pf Echo the Diamond Dog, with comedy at moments mixed with good and at times sad story, since the only tags here are "Sad, Dark, Human". Unless you plan to add more later. I just hope my guess is right and Fluttershy actually wanted to help him and injuries show in each form.(Come on, Fluttershy would help ANY animal, take a look at Angel)

Ha, I have class in less than 20 minutes! Maybe after? And it is nice to know I'm in uncharted territory... :rainbowdetermined2:
I never read the Ballad of Echo, but I'd heard of it, and be lying if I said it wasn't in my mind when I started this.Honestly, this was a kind of "whim" piece, so there is some malleability there. As for Fluttershy... who knows?:scootangel:

Yep, saw this coming. I just knew that the moment I saw the Changelings, that if someone was willing to make a Diamond Dog out of themselfs and make them seem far more well rounded then the show protrays them, then someone else will end up a Changeling. Don't get me wrong, it's always great to see a self insert that isn't a pony, and you've done a wonderful job protraying it so far. I just saw it coming.

*claps* Yay! I wanna see how this goes, for if I ever get sent to equestria as a changeling, I'll have a slightly better idea of what to do! :derpytongue2:

Um, I don't know where you got that impression from, but this is not a self-insert... :rainbowhuh: But thank you for the "wonderful job" comment!
Ha! Never thought of employing a piece of fan fiction as a guide for surviving in another world!

Awesome concept, and I hope to see more.


:pinkiegasp: Never?! Oh my! But I thought thats what all of these HiE fics were... :rainbowhuh: Maybe Im doing it wrong... :applejackunsure:

Oh very nice! More please.

No need to hope! More there shall be!
Silly-filly, there's no wrong way to read! :twilightsmile:
Thank you!


True enough! Well, unless i tried to read underwater. I don't think the books or my laptop would much appriciate that! :fluttershysad: Or what if I tried to read in the dark! That would hurt my eyes! Or if I tried to read on fire! I could never sit still long enough to get any sense, and I would be all "Im on fire! Help me help!" And then you'd be like "How much do you have read?" And I would respond" i've only read one paragrapgh and It's been three minutes! This isn't working at all!" Or I could try reading on the Moon! Actually, that would be fun! :pinkiehappy:

I can read wrong, I just have to ignore everything logical and do things that I've learned are generally a bad idea! :pinkiecrazy:

That was fun to write! :rainbowwild:

THIS STORY ROCKS!:pinkiehappy:

Me gusta.
Exactly the type of fic I was looking for, and now im interested to see how the story will develop from here =D

E-exactly? Well, I hope that sentiment continues as the story develops! Thank you!

Sorry IM GONNA BE IMPATIANT WHTA you mean before friday :( well atleast promise me gonna be long :) thanks

ill try to wait but no promises


favoriting, thumbing up, and following! bravo bravo *claps* love the story and how it started keep up the work! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, thank you a lot! I hope not to disappoint in the future!

I hope this updates soon! Even though I am very jealous, as this totally outshines my story!:fluttercry:

It always has to be a Brony...

Is "soon" before the end of the week? And don't worry! With practice, you can get better!
Actually, in this story, it is pretty important... I will say that knowing the characters would certainly help in imitating them as a Changeling, wouldn't you think?...

Author's Notes:

Woah… This chapter turned out, as I've said, almost twice as long as I anticipated… Even as you all, I suspect, would like for such a trend to continue, I hope it doesn't! Trying to get this done by the day I told myself I would put it up nearly wore my fingers down! That, and I suspect the editing could still use some work… As I have no betas, I suppose I'll turn to you, my readers, for help. So, please, point out anything you even think you spot.

i can beta read for you

yay cant wait for the next one

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