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Random guy ends up in Equestria story, yet for reasons unbeknownst to him, he finds himself in an Equestria much like the one he barely remembers from a show he once watched, yet very different in all the wrong aspects.

It can't possibly be because he turned into a changeling right after their infamous invasion.


And now with an editor. A huge round of applause to Kablam Pony for helping me with editing this story.

A giant round of applause for mix-up for drawing such splendid cover art.


AU: This is literally an alternate Equestria, where grim events happen as normal occurrences, also, the story starts from season 2 and moves up to season 4.

Comedy: who doesn't like to laugh at the misery of a fictional character?

Adventure: if that wasn't obvious I don't know what is.

Dark: Some of you pointed out that it has some dark elements, but don't worry, I will not write anything overboard.

Human: dare I need to state why.

Teen because of a couple of death scenes here and there, no gore, unless it's written in an extremely scientific language.

Oh, it's a shameless self insert by the way. I want to see how much I can write myself as a character in my own story and how much it relates to other characters I have written.

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Well, it seems you have a few questions.

Interesting start. The introduction is normally the hard part. Purple eyed changeling makes me have a few questions of my own, but I'm sure answers will come eventually. Changeling stories can be hit or miss for me. Human to anything stories I do like, and this one seems nice so far. Doesn't seem like our MC is one of those Swears Like a Sailor type, and he's pretty intelligent to boot.

Very curious to see where this goes.



Thank you for tracking this story and thank you for your comment.

This story is still in it's infancy and I usually tend to divide my stories into arcs with each arc having multiple quick updates over the span of several days.

So expect a few chapters to be up by the weekend, hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them

Great, we have a little context now of the main character situation, and predictably, seeing his changeling status, is dire to say the lest. I find it odd that Doctor Purple Heart seem to show actual concerned for his changeling patient just after admitting that all the changeling have been put to death, and seem not to make the connection with his patient's concerns and the former mention of the changeling probable fate awaiting him. All doe I find the Equestiane hatred for the Changelings perfectly justifiable, I find It odd that they are just put to death like that, and not just put in an interment camp for P.O.W.. Is it because they they are put down because there is no way known way to reliably contain them and there shape changing magic? Or is it that they can only be sustain by love emotion that they just die out from starvation and that the Equestien can't or wont provide the nutrients they need. On the other hand they mite just die off because they have a have a magical compulsion to die if they are not in the range of a queen after a certain amount of time.

I also wander how the other changeling act on there own, in the DWI comics there level of intelligent varies greatly from drone to drone from horribly bad actor that can't even imitate a pony very well to very conning enough to sow discord in a group. That is if you are using the comic as a reference and make your own rules.



Wow, that is a big reply...

First of all thank you for your reply, I'm very happy that you are enjoying this story in so far (given that it is the first ever human in Equestria story)

I'm not going to comment on the how's and the why's of the story because I want to avoid unnecessary spoilers as well as avoid unwanted expectations which I may change if they don't fit in the story later on.

I also wander how the other changeling act on there own, in the DWI comics there level of intelligent varies greatly from drone to drone from horribly bad actor that can't even imitate a pony very well to very conning enough to sow discord in a group. That is if you are using the comic as a reference and make your own rules.

However I am going to comment about this particular part mainly because I based a lot of this story on that particular issue of IDW comic.

I am not sure how the writers of that comic aimed for it, but I think there is a hierarchy in changeling society, the strong and the successful are far more dangerous than the normal workers who can't imitate a single pony, this is something I am going to explore in this story. (in a ratehr surprising way might I add)

that starting line...so many injuries, so little time...
I hear the voice of Natasha Volkova from Red Alert 3 spoken it...
So many targets, so little time.



An unintentional RA3 reference? You sir deserve a cookie for finding it :twilightsmile:

I am surprise that shining was so cordial with the changeling after their ruins his weeding and invaded his home town when he had his metaphorical pants down as well as being brainwash, and imprison his fiancés in a dark cake. I would have been livid in his place or at the very least cold at his mies presents, but shining is actually seem that he can hold as a descent conversation, with out showing any hint of suspicion or of holding a grudge with him, even after there was an altercation with the doctor. That would be all to his credit to his character to if that is true, unless he is trying to get information from him by tending a sympathetic ear to him.

I personality think that shining is completely out of context and would need a solid explanation to justify that behavior unless the ponies are all of an incredibly forgiving nature.

also if you are interested I do cover art for other people if you are interested. you can look to my gallery in my fimfic page account .

pm me if you are interested, it may help to attract attention to your story



I personality think that shining is completely out of context and would need a solid explanation to justify that behavior unless the ponies are all of an incredibly forgiving nature.

Yeah, that's probably due to lack of foreshadowing, a mistake on my part. I explained things with more details in the next chapter, though I should add something in the third chapter as well.

6252600 That is an odd way of seeing it...
A military officer...A good one anyway...Isn't allowed to lose his cool or hold grude for long....No matter what he does...He must not compromise things because of his personal problem...Yes, I used the word personal..



Actually the way I'm portraying him is that he does hold a grudge, but doesn't allow it to affect his job.

Hopefully I conveyed it better in the fourth chapter?

This story seems like it'll either:
-Be a great story that everyone will love
-Go on hiatus and never return
-Get cancelled



Okay so, in your opinion, there is no way the narration of this story will go south? That's kind of encouraging, thank you :twilightsmile:

Usually I don't cancel a story, but a mini hiatus should be expected between different arcs as I need time to actually write the story and to proof read it and such. (I think it's 30 something chapters in which I am only three chapters ahead from the current one)

It's the same with two other stories of mine, (I'll be returning to the Disciple after I finish the first arc here)

6254471 okay, Shining Armor, being the Captain of the Royal Guard is supposed to be the personification/ ponyfication of professionalism, impartiality, justice and civility, so he must adhere to that image in public and in front of his guardsponies. He will act the part even in front of a perceive enemy by everypony and will follow the rules of respect of their basic rights as P.O.W.s , will show some clemency to them if there is a shadow of a doubt in there guiltiness of the accusation of the prisoners. We see that as has not forgone what append to him and the rest of Cantherlot just a few days ago, but he has not really shone that he does not holds a strong grudge against the Changelings. Even after Support attack the doctor, Shining is never lost his cool. And he is willing to confide his personal thoughts and filling in the matter to one of them, showing that his judgment is not clouded with prejudice against Pillar even trying to reassure him in a small manner. He is truly a paragon of his position.
Despite all the praises that I have given to Shining, Pillar should not count as a friend as he is still doing his work and his duty does not allow him to help him in any legal way. Or worst, his kindness could also be just a means for him to try and satisfy his curiosity surrounding the peculiarity of Support Pillar and will leave him hanging the moment he gets what he want, or get some sort of confection from him, or even try to manipulate him into becoming an agent to work for him by giving him a way out of the tribunal and be grateful to him in the same time. These are what interrogators often do try to do most of the time.

Also, I don't think that that you could have given any foreshadowing about Shining’s , given that the shortness of the chapters so far. the only moment that I can think is if the doctor drop a word about the Captain’s orders of insuring the prisoners good health, but I think that it would have been too forceful given the situation and I like it when the characters are uncertain or unaware of all the facts of surrounding his situation; it keep the suspense.
I like Twinkle Toes and Rotten Breath, they are hilarious, and I hope that we will see more of them in the future.

6252600 they RUINS HIS WEEDING! How dare they mess with his garden lol

And his fiancé was stuck in a dark (chocolate?) cake? Sounds kinky.

Ummm wow.
Execute everyone!?:twilightoops:
Put him in a cell hoping he gets killed before the trial... because he might not be beheaded?:twilightoops:
I think you need the Dark tag for this for how bloodthirsty the ponies are.

Looks like our main character isn't just a guy, he's a scientist too.

Main character learns of the prejudice that has happened and now plans on using logic to get out of the situation, Looks like it'll be the first time I'll read a human turned changeling trying to appeal to his case. But I gotta see what happens next.

This is... actually pretty interesting.
I'd like some more, if that suits you. :moustache:

Okay, that's the most interesting confrontation, I've ever read. Now I really wish I came to this story at a later time so I have more to read because it seems like it's a fun guy to changeling story especially for a guy to changeling that doesn't know how to transform and probably won't (or barely do it) sometime later in the future which is probably why I like it so much. I really like to see how this scientist will go from here. Though I wonder if he'll tell the truth that he made the name up on the spot or if Shining or the Doctor will call him out on this later in the story saying "Yeah, I know you made up your name back then but now is the time for the truth."

Look at me I'm already speculating. I guess you got yourself a new reader for this.

I forgot that this wasn't the end yet, but now I really did. I'm really liking things are handled here and I'm now wondering about this other Changeling and see if she's a former human too.

Yes! Kill all the cliche human characters and throw in this guy!

That story is something special! It gives you a point of wiew that is unique, yet not obsessively obsure! (Aside the fact I like most kinds of obscure) IT'S MAGIC!!!

Ok so this is my first comment on this story as I just started reading and got to this point (incomplete). My thoughts:

I always enjoy this part of a HIE type story, even if the human has a new form. Its the wonder and discovery of it all. So by default this is going to be the most fun for me. Oddly though, this story has the human taking a lot for granted (other than magic) and skips straight to the protagonist *thinking* about the situation and figuring it out based on what info he's got. Thats unusual and refreshing.

On the other hand, he's a bit of a Spock, isnt he? Are we going to find out that he's a Vulcan with no emotions at all? Or being a changeling means he has no emotion of his own? Somehow I doubt that you could wake up in that situation and not feel some panic or fear or whatnot.

Ok, executing the changelings is not very FIM, but I'm good with that. Honestly the show itself isn't that great compared with what the fans make it into. Thats why I like FIMFiction so much. So go nuts and darken the feel with executions, I wont complain. Nor will I complain at slightly different takes on the characters in your story vs the show.

I will say that I *think* I know how the next few chapters would tend to go, so I'm hoping to be surprised with some twists. So far the unexpected events have been "different type of changeling" and "executing prisoners". The other surprise was the detached personality of the changeling. I don't yet know what the human scientist in Canterlot is planning on doing so of course I cant guess at the long term story arc. Looking forward to discovering it in future chapters though.



When the cover art is ready, I'll be updating the story then.

A thumbs up as promised. :pinkiehappy:
Great story by the way.

How does the dates of the chapters jump back from 2015 to 2014 again??



2014 chapters were written in 2014, 2015 chapters were added because the 2014 chapters were too fast paced coupled with worse English and mary sueish properties.

I waited six month before submitting this story because every time I wanted to submit it, I felt it lacking. That is why the story have so many date discrepancies.

And I wake up, shuddering; a cold sweat ran down my forehead. Negative results are a scientist’s worst nightmare.

And F's on tests.

Very different, and followed from the art in question. So here's to hoping this does well, despite reservations.



Glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:


Thank you and glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Really lives up to the dark comedy. I'm glad they started allowing those tags to be paired.

6419298 Looks like kangaroo court is in session. And this makes for a lovely uphill battle. And times to see wether or not this actually get admitted, we'll see.

That's not good, I wonder if this version of Cestia and Luna are far less compassionate than their prime line counter parts, also I'm sure rarity would have something to say about Luna's choice of attire. Moar, if you please good author.:moustache:

I really dislike the ponies in this one. I just wish Discord or any other powerful character would show up to whoop the ponies flanks! :rainbowlaugh:

Well, Lovecraft seem to be a bitch anyway...
Our protagonist and "Skipper" on the other hand...
If it is still very much a sham then only Deus Ex Machina can help them escape.

holy shit that was brutal. guess this is going to be a kangaroo court that Shining will have to bail him out of? Or perhaps he will call the ponies out on their shit? can't wait for the next chapter.

Question when was this realized cos I was just reading this randomly


not bad looking foreword to seeing how your changelings behave


I'm thinking that this chapter is a nightmare, because the AU that we have seen so far has not had anything that will make ponies ruthless murders, and rather, that's what our biochem student believes.


Wow, so many replies


This might be the darkest chapter in the entire story, though I do intend on keeping it up with the dark humor, but lighter than this.


Admitted where? Might I ask.


Compassionate only toward ponies, other creatures? Not so much, other invading creatures? Not at all.


Discord has his own arc in the story, I wont spoil the fun just yet.


If it puts your mind at ease, when I wrote the court scene some six month ago, I thought to myself, "this is so stupid, it could actually work."


I'm sorry, I didn't understand your question, what was realized?


I'm glad you enjoyed it.

As for everyone else, I'm glad your enjoying it so far, the next chapter will be posted either tomorrow or the day after.


What I said was just my own wishful thinking on my part. I really want to break this situation up with all the might it needs, but I know it's going to go on, no matter what. I can only hope Skipper will be fine. Pillar will be fine anyways, as he is the Protagonist, but Skipper might die! It kind of makes me nervous and anxiety! :fluttershysad:

Haha man. The last few lines made me laugh. Guilty!



I honestly did not expect such strong reaction from a character I wrote, as a thank you, I assure you, no one is going to die any time soon.


That was the reaction I was aiming for, Thank you!

6419890 By our rather zealous celestia as judge. Luna seems content to merely prosecute, and the guard, executioner.

This is a very good story so far, and I can't wait to read more of it.

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