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Lebanese Ph.D candidate who practice martial arts, piano playing, languages learning, fan fiction writing. And no, I am seriously not making any of that up.


Discord’s ascension to the throne of Equestria wasn't an easy one. Though it was filled with many perils and innumerable foes, he triumphed with wits and magic. He beat them all, with the exception of the celestial sisters, of course. They imprisoned him into stone for a thousand years. How rude of them...

For the past millennium, Discord had never thought of any of the hordes of enemies he had defeated in order to gain the throne. He didn’t need to. Even if they didn’t suffer from an unfortunate "accident," and survived long enough to see his reign end, they’re still not immortal enough to have survived a thousand years, right? How wrong he was. Your past can always return to bite you in the ass.

Author's note:
Story takes place after season three, so I'm assuming that the last season will never happened.
Story contains more than one language, I'd highly appreciate any correction of any mistakes I've unknowingly made while using them.

Many thanks to Alicorn Activist and sevenofeleven for editing and proofreading.

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Wow. Just wow. The stygia is a polite being who loves tea. Im loving this!:pinkiehappy:

Wow. Just wow. The stygia is a polite being who loves tea. Im loving this!:pinkiehappy:

The concept is good, your style is better than average, but your spelling needs a lot of work. I recommend you find an editor, because at the moment it looks like you're using spell check but frequently choosing the wrong correction (common mistake, but far from your only one: "quite" where you intended "quiet")

So. Crazy king done sonicrainboom and planned to crash into discord. Thats, an amusing idea.



Looks like I got caught red handed :twilightblush:
Well usually I don't have much time to edit or proofread my stories, I was waiting on my proofreader to finish. However that wasn't the case this weekend which is why so many chapters were published at such a small interval of time. Guess I'm still not there yet.

A big thanks for your criticism, I highly appreciate it. :pinkiehappy:


And the fun just keeps on coming. :rainbowwild:



I always pictured him as an overly eager Aizen from bleach.

Azazel does have that same murderous tone, but he is far more excited than Aizen at times.

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Ahuizotl grinned his villainous cheeky grin, “I hoped you would ask. you see I-
“Like to write erotic fanfiction about us?”

Still my favorite joke...



I see no reason for attacking my editor in such a manner.

So would you point out where he didn't do his job properly?

the bold is what I corrected

“Today is the day, my dear Fluttershy.” Discord was prancing around in his best friend's cottage, “Today is the anniversary of my reformation.”

She paused a bit to catch her breath when she noticed something in the distance. “and what are those mares doing over there?”

Discord took a binocular out of nowhere and took a closer look at where Fluttershy was pointing.

“Oh! Those are for the gentlecolt party. You girls aren’t invited there.” Fluttershy shrugged at the notion, “Besides, I want this party to include everypony, and I do mean everypony.”

“And it sure will,” popped Cheese Sandwich, “Thanks to your chaos magic, I can throw the biggest party that will ever be remembered, for eternity,” he said.

I can't be bothered to edit the rest so as of now I'd recommend getting an editor who knows how to correctly use semicolons.



Now that is a much better reply than your previous one sentence, thank you for your critic.



I hate negative criticism without legitimate reasons behind them

Much better.
Many things are easier to see.

Don't forget to describe the chains.

Einschließen (Gr): shut up

Einschließen (German): to lock (somebody) up.
Ich schließe dich jetzt ein. (German) : I am locking you up now.
I think you meant: "Halt die Klappe!"
That even fits with that the comment is supposed to be rude.
"Halt die Klappe, Celestia, I am not talking to you" or something like that.

6735759 No problem^^ The only reason I saw that is because I am a native German, else I probably wouldn't have even thought a second about it.



That's great! I always loved the German language, once I got used to it, it felt so easy going.

By the way tthis story going you're either insane or brilliant I want more

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could the storm King from the MLP movie be from the stormlands of Equestria


Don't know, this was way older than the Storm King and the MLP movie, I didn't bother thinking about a relationship between the two.

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