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I write stories so that I won't be kept awake at night with a brain full of ponies.


Pinocchio wasn't the only wooden puppet to become a real person.

There are other puppets out there, animal-like beings controlled by quasi-intelligent trees. Ponies call them timberwolves and know them as nothing but beasts. But what happens if one of those beasts were to gain the intelligence and ambition of one of the most successful hunters in the universe, a human?

This story loosely shares continuity from Split Second: An Eternity Divided. Reading that is not required at all.

Has a Tv Tropes page.
Featured on EQD: 10/2/2015

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i love this :pinkiehappy:

MOAR MY GOOD FRIEND!! MOARR!! :flutterrage:

Ha so 'punny' HA! The puns fly my friends!

this story is similar to my own timberwolf story Wolf in Wood on the bases of intelligence Timberwolves

Nice intro, short, sweet, and to the point.

Happy Writing,
-Bright Light

Bone vir, oportet me verecunde poposcisset auferret, plus capitum.
"good sir, I must respectfully demand more chapters."

Happy Writing,
-Bright Light

Mine is a remake of my never-published timberwolf story by the same name back from 2014. I guess you could say yours is similar to mine. Haha.

No, but my first version was set back in pre-nightmare moon times, featured Luna x Wolf, and Wolf was a reincarnated brony who died almost 60 years after the show went off air, and has almost no recollection of the show save for a vague familiarity.

6438901 ahh I knew that there were other T-wolf stories outside of clop

Ha. Lumber Jack.
Of course.
Equestria has infected his mind.

Oh hey. This seems like fun. I wonder what happened to the old guy.

Well, I'll be damned. Color me impressed when a prologue of all things lead up to a huge pun.

:rainbowderp:Wow. One of the best, and shortest, prologues I have read to date. Kudos to you author, kudos.:moustache:

An ex-human Timberwolf Tree? You, good author, had my intrigue with a possible lone ex-human Timberwolf, but now you have my attention with this new development.

An HiE story by the same mad genius that wrote Split Second?!?! :rainbowderp:

I am almost too terrified to read! :raritystarry:

And maybe I went a little overboard with the puns when I first realized that I could make them. I’m sure you can forgive me; I was board. Board. Get it?

Wood you keep the tree puns on the down low?

We all saw the flood of puns coming! i mean he basically axed for it.

That was cool! You have earned my thumbs up, sir or madame.

Loving it :)

It's a journey of exploration, for all of us!

Well now, this is interesting...
So we are set in at around show era (plus or minus a few years) and have established contact with a canon character.
Although the "I have no real plan for it" makes me worry about premature endings (or worse, indefinite lack of updates), I greatly look forward to seeing how this takes us.

Now, theory time: Since the tree inherently can't talk or move much, it's likely going to use a wolf as an Avatar of itself (like an organic version of Crusader the Bolo in Legacy). Most likely it'll use the Lycan for now, but if things progress positively with Zecora (since it's clear that's who she is) and Lumber gets creative with it's designs, we might eventually see a wooden pony (or wooden human if the memories are strong enough). If tree/pony relations go well enough (in the far future) we could get a "Forest Protector" scenario. Where the tree controls all the Timberwolves, who hunt the monsters (since they're nonsapient and highly magical) and protect travelling ponies (since they're the only creatures smart enough to provide intelligent companionship).
On a different route, assuming our human who kindly donated his wealth of knowledge knows enough, we could see the rise of a Timberwolf civilization. We've already got tools and weapons in production, and the only thing inhibiting mining operations is lack of current need and fear of fire. Give it enough years/decades/centuries and you could have a whole new race of wooden creatures with enough magic to be sapient in their own right, but also connected via hive-mind to the Great Tree.
In more short term sights though, the hides will likely be worn by Lumber's avatar (since how do you clothe a tree?). Zecora will be scared and suspicious, but her reactions implies that those flowers were rare/ hard to acquire (well obviously since they're from the most well defended trees in the forest) and several more offerings will make her curious at the least. Opening lines of conversation should also increase her willingness to cooperate, once she recognizes its intelligence. Maybe form a tentative symbiotic relationship over the next few chapters. They acquire rare plants for her, she provides conversation and local knowledge about magic and such that Lumber lacks.

Seeing the POV of an intelligent Timberwolf is really fun:pinkiehappy:

Glorious story, not that I expected any different from you after reading Split Second. Keep up the good work.

Great chapter! On to the next... as soon as its posted!

The Tree can walk, you know.

Oh? I didn't see that. If I've understood things correctly, I think the most it's moved so far is wiggling its branches to make the new transmitter seeds fall down.

It can also slightly wiggle its roots. Give it a month and it could probably move a few dozen feet.

You remind me of the moving trees in that one forest near the Shire in Middle Earth (from LOTR books, its before the barrowights.)

I honestly like this story a bit more than I expected to!
Ill be honest I was hoping for a "timberwolf turned smart" or "human turned timberwolf" story but I like the feel of this story

D'aww, who's a good boy?

Please don't eat me.

It's somewhere in the middle of that, really.

Nice first chapter, I hope you make some of them rather large later, or at least a really long story, Or try to make an open ending, maybe we want a sequel in the end, the idea itself is really nice already.

I could be wrong, but didn´t this story had romance befor? Maybe i remember the wrong story right now, but somehow I thought this Timber Wolf would maybe be a former Human, and probably has something to do with Fluttershy later.

Well considering that I only posted this a few days ago and my original, unpublished draft had nothing to do with Fluttershy, it's safe to say that you're thinking of the wrong story.

Intriguing, and a new approach. I'm interested to see where it goes.

(You might want to have the text checked/edited a little, though - you're running into homophone and apostrophe placement problems.)

This is good, however I thought he would already meet another intelligent creature in chapter two, but I like it, that it takes a bit longer to reach certain points in the story.

I like the thought pattern, how it doesn't jump directly to confusion, surprise, pain- just introspect.
I'm hooked, I'll keep reading.

You jammed that hook in my eye, now I can't ever leave. I have to wait for the next part, so I guess I'll be here a while...

God damn do I love your writing, Wille.

Imaginative creativity is one of the biggest things I value in the stories I look for. Mad props to you for that.

Just wanted to let you know.



Awwww... Thanks! :twilightblush:

so will they experiment with materials and thing test out ideas? science tree!

I feel this is relevant.

Hehe... Something like that.

6440039 this story and that comment are so punny :trollestia:

I didn't realize that you also wrote An Eternity Divided. Great story! Loving these updates!

you piqued my curiosity. I wanna see where this goes :trixieshiftright:

Honestly? I like it when an auther has no plan, or a very loose plan
It gives the story a bit of life :pinkiesmile:
Like the tree!

May I just say that you are awesome at creating horrifying magical systems that nevertheless make perfect sense in context?

I don't think I've ever connected with a video as much as I have that one

Timberwolf blossoms are a powerful aphrodisiac huh?

This neat, and also horrifying when you consider why a species of carnivorous tree would evolve such a trait.

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