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I write stories so that I won't be kept awake at night with a brain full of ponies.


Hygonon, Isabella, and Matilda Keizhal, a very close family, wind up in Equestria, having been plucked by unknown means from their home world of Arath.

A/N: This is an experimental character study piece, done as practice writing rather than as an actual, independant story. That said, it is a story. I've posted it for you to enjoy, anyway.

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Thanks to his sister, Shining Armor was running late. His drill sergeant asks him to explain why.

This is Shining Armor's 100% truthful recounting of events.

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"Unicorns are wonderful!"
"Unicorns are fantastic!"
"Unicorns are marvelous!"
"Unicorns are glamorous!"
"Unicorns are enchanting!"
"Unicorns are terrific!"

They also like to twist words. What would happen if you asked what they really are, without the wordplay?

Unicorns provoke wonder. They create fantasies. They cause marvels. They project glamour. They weave enchantment. But most importantly, they spawn terror.

For you see, nopony said that unicorns were good.

Massively A.U.

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Pinocchio wasn't the only wooden puppet to become a real person.

There are other puppets out there, animal-like beings controlled by quasi-intelligent trees. Ponies call them timberwolves and know them as nothing but beasts. But what happens if one of those beasts were to gain the intelligence and ambition of one of the most successful hunters in the universe, a human?

This story loosely shares continuity from Split Second: An Eternity Divided. Reading that is not required at all.

Has a Tv Tropes page.
Featured on EQD: 10/2/2015

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This story is a sequel to Split Second

Twelve years ago, she broke time. Two alternate timelines exist, each with a different version of Twilight Sparkle. Both versions of her are able to see the other. In this timeline, Sparkle is a Necromancer.

Or rather, she was. Sparkle is dead now, not that she cares. She's got a new body. With Thorn (her undead dragon son) and Cobalt (her apprentice and an assassin for hire) at her side, she's ready to take on the world. Again.

(Spoilers in the comments. Read at your own risk.)

Featured on EQD.
The Tv Tropes page
The Ask Blog

This story is a sequel to Split Second and won't make sense without it.
This story also loosely shares continuity with Lupine Tree. Reading that is not required.

Cover art by Swirling Line.

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Twilight Sparkle broke time when she got her cutie mark. Now Twilight and Sparkle are sisters from another time. Twilight is hailed as the potentially greatest light magician of all time, and already has a reputation as a hero by the time she goes to Ponyville. This isn't her story, not primarily.

Sparkle is an orphan - her dark magic killed her parents. She lives with her brother in Canterlot's industrial sector because they can't afford anything better. She can't leave either. She's a natural dark mage; while Sparkle won't go mad like Sombra, her reputation is hardly any better. Worse, the law doesn't see her as a good pony.

The fact that the dead don't stay dead around her, or that Thorn - Spike's double - is an undead, soul-eating abomination, are other matters altogether.

(Also has some Slice-of-Life, but fimfiction tags won't let me put it with Adventure.)

Has an ask blog to go with it: Ask Sparkle and Thorn.
Also has a TvTropes page: Split Second Tropes.

Featured on EQD.

Cover art by Swirling Line.

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do {
Observe the crack in reality;
} while (true);

An experimental creepy tale coded by me and written by a random number generator. It's a crack-fic in more ways than one.

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These are the last words that were never said.
These are the last moments they had.

A Birdshot story (dozens of tiny stories). Each chapter may or may not be related to another.
Cover image done by me.

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Cardiac the unicorn is a bit of a nervous wreck.
He has anxiety, but he went for a doctorate.
He has hemophobia, but he became a surgeon.
He hates violence, but became a soldier.
He loves masks, but he took the bandages off.

This is Cardiac's story.

Ba-Dum. Ba-Dum. Ba-Dum. Ba-Dum. Ba-Dum. Ba-Dum. Ba-Dum. Ba-Dum.

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