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I write stories so that I won't be kept awake at night with a brain full of ponies.


Hygonon, Isabella, and Matilda Keizhal, a very close family, wind up in Equestria, having been plucked by unknown means from their home world of Arath.

A/N: This is an experimental character study piece, done as practice writing rather than as an actual, independant story. That said, it is a story. I've posted it for you to enjoy, anyway.

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What is that emoticon meant to represent?


it means "sure, why not?"

Hos was a beutiful exprrience to read with no typos, only on r two misinf prepositiona here and there.

I'll leave the previous aentence unedited, i find my sloppy keystrokes humorous in context.

The most impressive thing here, is you using deviantart-tier character concepts and character dynamisms, but actually pulling it off so well that your story made angel-demon-marriage-with-half-and-half-kid-hybrid feel legitimate to the point that i temporarily forgot why i ever thought the idea was cringeworthy in the first place.

That is good writing!

“I see a small town. Over there.”

Every fimfic i read, This phrase is always the bit that makes me spontaneously shudder with gleefully fearful pity for the oblivious protagonist who has just doomed themselves to Ponyville!

Hygonon's from a fantasy world with nine sapient races and where two, three, and four-way hybrids are, well, not exactly common, but not rare enough that people would consider it more than a simple oddity. Plus, by his world's standards, he's a cripple; his magic has components missing or weak. It would be like Twilight if her gaining wings meant that she couldn't stand on clouds and couldn't use levitation magic.

Long story short, I'm trying to make him into a believable character with genuine flaws and real weaknesses, and who makes sense within the context of his own world.

And, if you're reaction is anything to judge by, I'm on the right track.

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