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This story is a sequel to Split Second

Twelve years ago, she broke time. Two alternate timelines exist, each with a different version of Twilight Sparkle. Both versions of her are able to see the other. In this timeline, Sparkle is a Necromancer.

Or rather, she was. Sparkle is dead now, not that she cares. She's got a new body. With Thorn (her undead dragon son) and Cobalt (her apprentice and an assassin for hire) at her side, she's ready to take on the world. Again.

(Spoilers in the comments. Read at your own risk.)

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This story is a sequel to Split Second and won't make sense without it.
This story also loosely shares continuity with Lupine Tree. Reading that is not required.

Cover art by Swirling Line.

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 1487 )

*omg i got first comment on this amasing story... better not say that stupid line then)

I admit, what I did in the first story's ending was a bit mean spirited. But, I wanted to surprise you with the sequel.

Yes, yes it was. Glad you got the first chapter of the sequel up though.

Ah the lengths you are willing to go to for dramatic tension and character building. It warms the dark forgotten corners of my heart....right before the lich's eat the warmth and carry them back to that dreaded waking world of consciousness where they belong. I'm very excited for the next chapter and can't wait for the story to really get going.

Woot! Thanks for not keeping us waiting! Not sure about the genderbend there, but, I'll trust your judgment you taken us on a great ride so far.

So this has all proceeded about how I expected it to.
Just worried about how Twilight will react to what Sparkle has done.
This continues to be an awesome story, though. Good Job.

i dont like it i want sparkles old body back if she stays like this im just going to think she is a oc an i hate oc's

"For crying out loud! Now they all think I really am dead!"

Yes Sparkle, and so did we.

Also I think it would be pretty interesting to have Celestia and/or Cadence make a national holiday remembering Sparkles achievements (the ones the public is allowed to know about) and then reborn!Sparkle comes back and says something like "aww princess, I didn't know you cared." or "you know, posthumous honors are supposed to be awarded after somepony is really gone."

Huh, so Ruby didn't make it, huh?

A pity, I was curious to learn more about her. You don't see crystal pony OCs that often.

I won't lie, that was extremely mean what you did, especially considering I just started reading Split Second a few days ago.

nice... now we got a male sparkle... WE NEED A NAME OTHER THAN "DUSK SHINE"

I like how badly Death trolled Shiny when he told him he wouldn't have a sister for long...
Oh, and now Sparkle is the son of Sombra... add that to her/he/its long list of evil titles...

Egh. Transvestite Sparkle? Rly?
Part with skeleton was funny, though.

Good old Sparkle! Taking a life and not meaning to, causing evil to go insane, and confusing her student. All in all typical Sparkle.

Sparkle already said she could (with time) reshape Tirek's body. Why not her current one? Besides, this is quite literally the perfect disguise. This is a fresh body that only two people know about. Hell, if she really has to engage her old contacts, she could claim to be Sparkle's only living descendant (unlife doesn't count Thorn). Or perhaps Cobalt's apprentice who is now passing on what he learned.

I wouldn't mind if Sparkle changed the gender back to female, because this is really messing up my mental pronouns.

(btw wille179 feel free to take any of these and use them)

I will never call her Dusk Shine (or just "Shine" - too close to "Shining Armor").

On another note...

"Cobalt, would you kindly figure it out?" the colt asked.

Is this a Bioshock reference?

On another another note...
Does Sparkle now look like a miniature Sombra?

A miniature, fluffy Sombra (Because rapid growth makes for rapid fur growth as well).


Sparkle's reincarnation spell is extremely illegal. I don't think she's going to want to tell the princesses about it.

Are you going to name Sparkle something different now that she is a he?
If so are you going to accept suggestions? Because that would be a fun contest :rainbowwild:

... that actually sounds very adorable... I for one welcome our new adorable evil overlord of death...

On another another another note...
Would you kindly tell me how long it has been since sparkles "Death" because it is not made clear to the readers and I am interested to know how long everyone has assumed she was dead for.

No. I already have a name picked out, and it will not change.

YEEEEY! :twilightblush:

It's probably best to wait until she finishes aging into an adult before making any changes.

I actually did the math, assuming we're going by human years (since horses reach puperty by 12 months of age) and a human sleep schedule:

(17 waking hours * 10) + (7 sleeping hours * 100) = 870 hours aged per day

870 hours * 30 days / 24 hours = 1087.5 days

1087.5 days / 365.25 days in a year = ~2.98 years.

Considering that a human's first growth spurt occurs between the ages of 3 and 4. This is actually checks out. :twilightsmile:

Although it makes me wonder if you actually did the math yourself or just got really lucky. :twilightblush:

... :rainbowderp: my god i had the same thoughts about it the moment i read Sparkle in a male form.....

Thank you for continuing this story.
Be safe and Play Well!

Ooh, I can't wait.
This is gonna be good!

Hm, poor Ruby. First raped, then used, then dead.

And necromancy isn't? Still the comedic value is self evident. I didn't expect colt!Sparkle to just rush in and drop that tidbit but maybe later during a suitably dramatic reveal we could get a one liner.

Actually, I was more concerned with her not burning her body out by ageing too fast. No, I didn't check my math more than just a cursory glance. Also, Sparkle herself is just guestimating with those number, since she's using a weakened version of a curse designed to kill by rapid ageing. I would put her physically closer to five, to which I note that Sparkle originally got her cutie mark at eight.

Not to mention the difficulty level of working on a body that she is inhabiting. I'm guessing she would jump into one of her spares and then rework her colt body. Or heck, keep her brand new fake identity (see my previous comments) and then just remold one of her spares.

I'm just hoping she walks through the front door as an 8 foot tall Tirek.

"Mom? Dad? I'm home! BBBFF?"

Wait. A crystal pony with bi-trbalism who...



I recognize that, and I know exactly where from. Are you pulling a clever? I think you are, aren't you?

Hehe, guess that would answer one of my big questions...

You should use the weird, more complicated cover you posted on the blog as a temporary cover, that way it's distinct.

Please Twilight, please don't tell Shining Armor too much. You know he would be obligated to tell Luna and Celestia (anything else would be OOC) and your new cover would be blown. Just say enough that he might believe you, but don't give him the evidence to prove it (maybe have the letter burn up after it is read). The others might think he is crazy, but he would know the truth and you would still be able to avoid any suspicion.

6241070 I estimate it's been a year, since a horse pregnancy lasts 11 months, and it's mentioned in the chapter that Sparkle would probably be about a month old without the aging spell.


Its a good name too... and its been hinted at, but that's all I'll say.


Yes, exactly. Just plastering a two on the old image seems lazy, but using the deep dream image gives an impression of things advancing, though for better or worse is up to the reader to decide.

Either way, that's just my two cents.

6241226 I too, would like to say that the deep dream picture would be a better fit... Just my two cents worth.

Well, I'll run the version with the 2 on it through Deep Dream, so that it takes that into account as well. It'll be up in time for the next update (which is still in the pre-writing stage, but should be done soon).

Heh this should be entertaining.
:twilightsheepish:Hey Twilight! Guess what? I'm not dead after all. Aheheh.
:twilightangry2:Twlilight: FALCON PUNCH!

Split Second 2: Split Harder!

Also, sucks to be Ruby. I was hoping for something along the lines of "Thanks for the womb, sorry I took so long." Instead Sparkle rezzed herself at the cost of one fully grown mare and one potential colt.

Celestia's not going to be happy.

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