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So long and thanks for all the fics!


This story is a sequel to Dead/Light

Twilight's life definitely took a strange turn when she died. Of course, this won't stop her from living it to the fullest, whatever that entails.
Equestria will never be the same.

After the first, chapters will alternate between serious ( - ) and silly ( ~ ), because I didn't want the story to be limited to just one. Most will be standalone, and in no kind of chronological order; expect little correlation between chapters and occasional verb tense changes from one to the next.

This story should be considered in perpetual hiatus, as it will rarely be the focus of my attention. Do not expect regular updates.

Rated teen just to be sure. Cover art made by this butt.

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Als Erstes!

But, no, seriously: I honestly wish this was longer. I want Twilight's character fleshed out more here. I like the angle you have sort of going, that she's suicidal, but I kind of want that explored more. What would Celestia say if she heard Twilight talk so casually about her own destruction? What would her friends feel if, after years of living in exile, the first thing she does when she can walk among ponies freely is go find something to fight instead of seeing them? And why hasn't Spike written to Celestia about all of this?

The whole thing's a little off kilter because of that. Twilight's decision to hunt monsters sort of makes sense, but at the same time doesn't. It needs more development. I sort of feel like I'm only seeing part of a much larger story here.


Twilight's character fleshed out

Oh Twilight, its not time to lie down and be dead. :trollestia:


What have you done...

I feel I should credit you a bit for helping me make this mess a bit less shite...
You know, I hadn't even thought of that one yet after reading that comment. I loled. Good job.
Eh, why procrastinate?
"Destrustor story"? That's a thing now? O_o

The reaction of Equestria's enemies when a lich princess shows up to fight them:

She still included Discord as a friend, so she's *qualified* to open the box.

Pretty good, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is just the thing that I didn't know I needed.

buck yes sequel to dead/light and badass sequel too

“They even drained out all the blood I had left,” I visibly prodded the wrinkled flesh of one of my legs to show them, “to slow down my decomposition. Someone also had the brilliant idea to lubricate my eyes and mouth with oil so I don’t have to spray water into them all the time, and I…”

Hmmm.... I thought at the end of the last story, Twilight had scrubbed herself clean of all remaining flesh in that black bath of hers before teleporting the contents into a volcano? Followed by resin treatment of her bones and time in a kiln to cure it.

Still, I didn't realize this sequel had even cropped up but I'm very happy to see it. I like stories involving sapient undead. I still think at some point Twilight in a moment of panic to save a friend is going to instinctively use whatever process she did on herself on them.

Physically she may not feel much, but it's quite clear her emotions are intact. She can't let herself forget that.

Well, on the plus side, if she can figure out how Tirek does his thing (or just use Tirek again) she can go back to god mode. The thing before last that threatened Equestria found that it was guarded by a super-powered unicorn. Tirek found that it was guarded by a rule-breaking lich. The next thing will find it guarded by the (arguably) living incarnation of magic, in goddess form.

gg, world. At least our new overlord is a kind one. :twilightsmile: Until she gets bored, anyway.

Fun story, would love to see more craziness in this universe.

Deep voice: "She isn't the hero that Canterlot wants, but she... well, really isn't even needed, if we are being honest here, but damn if she wasn't bored out of her hollow skull sitting around in exile all day."

I'm also pretty sure there is a funny line to be had revolving around Bane's line about "being born into the darkness", but I am too tired to coax the words into the order of greatest cleverness. :ajsleepy:

Twilight's become a little.... candid in her time as an undead princess.

This chapter is, I believe, a flashback.

I loved the original story and am glad to see that the story is not over yet.

I like the way Spike thinks. The optimist to Twilight's suicidal pessimist. He hasn't put it to words, but he genuinely believes that things can be alright. He's being active about it, too, getting help from Rarity, even staying in Twilight's home.
That said, I agree with Twilight as well; she's immortal, and doing nothing is selfish in addition to boring. That said, maybe instead of going out and stopping ponies from getting killed, she could study (or better yet, be studied - a third party is the best party to have in a sciency thing) such that she can create an elixir of immortality, and stop all death altogether!
Probably not, though; she evidently hates her undead status, and wouldn't wish it on anypony despite it being essentially a cure to death.

NVM my previous comment, of COURSE she was studied.
This brings up an interesting question: Do souls exist in your world? If they do, Twilight's self-deprecations might not be unfounded; she might actually be destined for hell, or perhaps she actually died and the thing inside her is a backup copy from before Twilight did the necromancy.

Poor, poor Twilight. She finally has something interesting to do, and it's immediately taken away from her.

Man, if they'd studied Tirek, they might have found a way to isolate Twilight's magic.
Actually, this is ultimate proof that Twilight's consciousness exists within her magic, isn't it?


Most will be standalone, and in no kind of chronological order; expect little correlation between chapters and occasional verb tense changes from one to the next.

That's not necromancy, that's pure magic.

lol this is great


Hearth's Warming came early this year. VERY EARLY. :pinkiehappy:

i think the story would be better being a chronological main story, and not a goofy "what if" about twilight searching for either life or death.


I want Twilight's character fleshed out more here.

haw haw

Is it bad that instead of Twilight's "normal" voice, I hear Raven speak?

"Mom, whatever solution we may come up with doesn't change the fact that this body that I'm currently in is dead. My metaphorical heart may be fine, but the one in my chest is never going to beat again. My mind is fine, but the brain in my skull might as well be scrambled eggs."
Too harsh?

While I don't mind the random chapters chronologically wise, if you could at least put a small indication at the start of the chapter to keep away confusion, that would be great. :twilightsmile:

Something like: "2 weeks after awakening" or 10 days after Shining Armor got his flank kicked by his undead little sister or something like that :pinkiehappy:

...I think this story is going places. Definitely going places.

Magical chest of Harmony? Meh, whatever. We have the immortal necromantic princess of friendship on our side :twilightsheepish:

And that was how Equestria was made, the end. Now for the next chapter...

And unsurprisingly Twilight also voiced by the one who do Raven. Tara Strong :twilightsmile:

I dunno, I think Twilight might have been channeling a bit of Princess Clara there in the fight with Tirek.

I do not find it a coincidence that you posted this on the same day that I told you to post this.

I should comment on your stuff more.

Oh well. If it really was important I imagine we would have opened it at some point.

I get the feeling that this could come back to bite her...

20 years later...

"So, I could have returned to life properly and saved myself all that bucking misery if I had just opened this goddamned box back then!?" Twilight screamed while glaring bloody murder the empty box, her newly restored vocal chords aching at the volume of her voice. Her friends cringed at the somewhat unhinged expression on the resurrected alicorn's face.

Discord shrugged. "Looks that way. Better late than never?"

What followed was a litany of unprintable curses that literally turned the air blue and had paint peeling off the walls.


Bah! Somehow I missed that. Since this is all written from Twilight's perspective, almost like a diary or journal, perhaps each chapter could have either a date or phrase like "five months after reanimation" or something like that, to at least give us a clue on the chronological order of things.


Hah. I suggested the exact same kind of thing before I saw this post. :twilightsmile:

That would help a lot. The order of events here is a bit confusing.

So I saw a title on fimfiction that reminded me of a fic I read a while ago in which Twilight died, managed to come back but wasn't aware of the fact that she was dead. Kinda made me want to read it again. Couldn't remember the title though, so asked in the fimfiction Chatroom. No help there, so I just searched for all the Twilight fics in my favourites disabling the romance tag (reducing the amount of fics to only 6 pages or so). Having found it it, I went "yay!" and read the thing again. After finishing, I read the comments a bit, seeing that there was a sequel....


Ok, this is going in my read-later pile just for the sheer insanity of this concept. I really have high hopes that it gets pulled off.

instead of a costume, why not cast a magical illusion around herself?

Observed: they can cast illusions of sight, sound, touch, scent and taste, which self-evidently directly affect the mind without actually acting on the intermediary senses.

Observed: she can see without eyes, and hear without ears. Her mind is also fully functional, and she presumably retains the body-memory of her other senses.

Observed: per Shining Armor's shield, they can make magical "solids" of varying shape and rigidity.

Suggestion: Cast a flexible force field over herself as a sort of full-body "sleeve," giving her a tangible malleable epidermis, cover the outside with an illusion of her original appearance... and the inside with tactile, olfactory and oral illusions tied to the exterior, so that she can smell, taste, and "feel". Use a permanent artifact, such as brooch, necklace, or peytral, to contain the spell.

That's... Damn, that's an actually pretty cool idea, and now I feel as stupid as I probably am for not thinking about this.
Oh well. Maybe it could be her Sunday outfit or something.

All of which presumably require a constant investment or concentration. So while it's doable, she's certainly no changeling.

I suppose she could hunt down chrysalis and drag the secrets out of her, but overall there's no reason a disguise can't work.

And then, a bazillion years later, we find out that Rainbow Power would have restored her to life.
lasted for 12 eons.


Aye, that's a pretty good idea. Though I imagine you could say that she has been stuck in too much of a slump for a while now to really think of such innovative solutions, explaining why she doesn't have it yet. After all, this would be a pretty unorthodox application of magic - and while Twilight can do unorthodox, it stands to reason it would require of her to be in the proper mindset to do so.

From how she behaved though, it's clear she has been stuck in a bit of a nihilistic and defeatist midset (perfectly understandable - if we have only reached Tirek now, it can't have been that long since her death) and seems to have been, more or less, moping in the confines of her ruin of a castle, with nothing but her beloved sarcasm and brooding thoughts for company. Not exactly a productive state of mind (nor environment really) for getting stuff done.

Now that she has resolved to leave her cave and actually do stuff though (in other words, try and live as much as she still can) and get some excitement back in her unlife, I imagine it would get those mad scientist creative juices flowing again. And figuring out new and improved ways to "blend in" (and creating a shell that's less prone to being torn by jumping through a bush) should be pretty high on her list of priorities.


She also doesn't need to eat, rest, sleep, etc. She has plenty of time on her hooves. As with any skill, practice it enough and it no longer requires conscious effort to perform.

I was so confused when she talked about her brain in this chapter; like, didn't she scrub that out by the ending of the original fic? It wasn't until she showed her wrinked flesh on her arm while talking about having her blood drained out that it occurred to me this chapter is taking place before the final chapter of the original, lol. Very interesting, I hope we get to see more of the (relatively) immediate aftermath!

5693379 something that could snap her out of it.....

A colt or filly with a knack for illusions, in kindness, decides that what she needs to feel better is an ice cream cone. And they reason that she can't really eat--- But since she's sort of a ghostie, maybe she can eat an imaginary ice cream cone... so they cast an illusion of an ice cream cone for Twilight to make her feel better.

And it's delicious.

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