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I write stories so that I won't be kept awake at night with a brain full of ponies.

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Why thank you.

Kichi #2 · May 31st, 2016 · · 3 ·

"Bah, Celestia eating others? And you believe that Old mare tale?" Asked the King

"But Milord, it's true, I assure you" Say the griffon

"Stupid, it was only a stupid story to make you fear her... I will show her that true griffons don't fear silly stories"

And so, the King begin his journey and never came back. Celestia version was that the king agreed with her and leave. The griffons version was that Celestia killed the king cowardly, only a couple of ponies AND a griffon knew the truth, that Celestia did have another good meal last night.

I suddenly think of this.

Holy fuck.



Also I think you meant the villagers grew desperate, not despite.

Effectively creepy. I imagine Nightmare Moon is even more alarming in this universe (she has fangs in the cartoon, but not a whole mouth of steak knives. :pinkiecrazy: )

And as for Cadence...

"Shining armor?"

"Yes dear?"

"Have you seen the lobster fork? The big one?"

...... I accept this as semi-head canon.

This is a really weird story to accept as headcanon, and that's coming from the author.

7265318 Semi. I'm making a few slight changes.

7265443 I'll PM it to you.

“If your King wants war so badly, tell him that I’d be happy to talk to him personally over dinner.”

Gilderoy suddenly looked nonplussed and said with a bored voice, "Now how am I to tell him anything with my lungs missing, you stupid whorse?"

And then he ascended into a Lovecraftian horror and ate everypony's... I dunno, or care... livers.

If you're going to write a horror story with a normally angelic character becoming a demon, at least TRY to make it unexpected. There's no shock value in this whatsoever.

That would be a terrifying story, not a horrifying one.

Terror is the feeling of walking next to a cliff, fearing that the ground might give way, only for someone to push you. Horror is being pushed, only to find that not only is the ground much further than you realized, but there are spikes at the bottom. Terror builds as you approach the danger and the shock; horror grows as you come to realize how deep the shit you're in actually is.

I accept this headcanon.

Granted, the 'true' backstory can be damn near anything while still producing this story, so a cracking immortal can have multiple choice reasons to feast on the living.

If nothing else, I can see this behavior as a lesson to herself as much as it is to her enemies.


Looks about right. :pinkiehappy:

Sparkle and Thorn would approve I'd say.

Yes, yes they would.

7265491 Yeah, maybe... if this trope hadn't been done with every anthropomorphic 'good guy' in existence on furry sites thousands of times already (not exaggerating).

This is what we in the furry fandom term 'vore'... and I've seen it for 30 years. In this story, it doesn't help that it's telegraphed so strongly, I can't imagine anyone not seeing where it was going after the first half page.

Add to that the demonization of Celestia into a cold-blooded killer has also sullied far too many fics, and there's nothing to this other than a very basic character inversion with a lackluster carnivore fear trigger for those still stuck on their bestial instincts. I don't find it either terrifying or horrifying. It lacks subtlety and is structured awkwardly.

I see your point.

Yeah, it was something I wrote on a whim and posted just because. However, my intent here was that Celestia was something of a tragic monster. This isn't a story of a singular incident, but a chapter in a longer, tragic tale. Nor is it supposed to surprise, but sit like something foul in your gut.

BTW, I am well aware of vore.

This isn't really spectacular. I saw the whole thing coming as soon as I read the description, and because of that complete and utter predictability, I didn't find it creepy.

As spooky as it is, I can't help but chuckle thinking of Celestia using the gory left overs for little baby Spike's lunches for kindergarten XD Both are predators after all lol

Celestia, a bit beastly. The embodiment of day isn't all that she seems.:/

I liked it! The thought of Celestia and Luna having to curb themselves away from killing and eating all the much smaller ponies and becoming the grand rulers they are now is a good one. Evil secrets behind a motherly smile. Thumbs up, and I'll be checking out the rest of your work!

Author Interviewer

I was thinking this would be too much like The Mares of Diomedes by Admiral Biscuit, but nope! That creepy backstory was fantastic. XD

Why thank you. It was fun to write.


Strangely, and outsider wouldn’t see what all the fuss was about.

This mistake right here, three sentences in, was nearly enough to make me quit this story. It's the only one I noticed, but it's glaring and in a bad spot.

murdering a unicorn magically placed a taint on the killers.

That's quite the posthumous revenge.

This story was pretty good. I called it pretty early, but that didn't ruin it.

7270201 Not to mention it's the subject of half the pony vore stories in existence, I think.

It took me way too long to read this omg.

I can dig it.
Only complaints are the plothole on how the gryphon is supposed to deliver the message with his organs missing, and as well as

"He is an impatient man.”

But I enjoyed the hell out of this either way. Good job

Dead men may tell no tales but the notes pinned to their severed heads sure do

Cute, in a really creepy way, lol. Might have done with being a bit longer to develop the suspense more, but very enjoyable as is, thanks for writing it. It's certainly a take on Celestia we don't usually see, and it's made all the more horrifying by the fact that in this world there really are meat eating ponies and horses, so it's not a total impossibility that Celestia has a cannibalistic side to her.

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