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This story is a sequel to Aegis of the Hive

Natural selection. It is the byword of every changeling queen who has ever lived. The chief resource that has always curbed the hives' growth used to be love. Now though, with Queen Twilight Sparkle's bloodline capable of producing love on their own, the old guard of changeling morality has seen fit to acquire this ability for the next generation before removing all of their future royal daughters' competitors.

Some queens are far closer to this goal than others.

Editor in Chief: A Bitter Pill, and Boldish42

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Instant favorite!

Yay! A continuation of a wonderful series! Thank you.

I am assuming this is still an interlude story and not the next hive story, or am I mistaken?

Regardless, I eagerly await the next chapter. We still have many things to learn such as more details of the other queens and their imminent war, as well as the new race that i have a feeling Luna just learned about.

Awesome work as always!

finally ive been pulling my hair out waiting

Wow these are flying out! I'm still making my way through For the Hive! :twilightsheepish:

It's happening! :pinkiehappy:

Too bad about Aegis and her plans, but then again, I guess biochemistry is one thing and sweeping skeletal structure rearrangement is another.

...she's totally gonna make it work anyway through sheer bull-headedness (pun intended), isn't she?

Huzzah and hooray, and what not. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Woo, new story by my favorite author :twilightsmile:

Ah, excellent! The continuation of a rather fascinating series! Looking forward to reading more of this!

But if Thunderfury somehow, somewhere finds a Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, no force on earth will prevent the epic facepalming. :trixieshiftright:

5183322 Haven't read the first chapter yet and already I'm laughing at just the comments. Yours, sir, was corny gold! :rainbowlaugh:

Woo! Editor credits Awesome!... Oh god I hope I didn't mess up... Any problems you see are the fevered hallucinations of your own minds. There I said it.:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:


~Crystalline Electrostatic~

We have a feeling that Aegis will pioneer implanted prosthetics. It is highly amusing how similar her bipedal experimentations are to pony-on-Earth introductions.
Keep going! ;)

Looks like the full size story to me, given the 'incomplete' label.

About a third of the way through the story, after the financial part

"It's was name engraved above the trigger guard: ‘Burny’."
Get rid of the "was"

only thing I noticed, Loved the other 3, and just finished aegis of the hive.

Good work, commander, and remember.
We will be watching. :trixieshiftright:

Okay... once is a coincidence, twice is a trend: Once again, there is no sequel-notification in my inbox despite loyally "fav'ing" each of the predecessors, and I once again must stumble over the story by sheer happen-stance.......

Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen any sequel-notifications in quite a while.

Oooopsies. :twilightoops:

Is the image of the story supossed to be The Deception?

5183322 Tch. I'm just waiting for a kid to be named Owain. I need some Large Haminess in this story! My sword... er, hoof? Yeah, My sword hoof twitches...


A war on two fronts is not a good thing.

Budgets are the great evil.

Wonderful story with Aegis's rebirth. Not too crazy about the whole bipedal/quadrapedal thing Aegis has got going on, but it's her/your choice I guess.

Interesting with Chrysalis. People raised hard can not see the advantages of being raised soft, or vice versa. The fact that Chrysalis and her siblings are willing to try if it ensures a future where changelings don't have to worry so much about starving of love says a lot.

Aaaaand... SPHINXES SOON?! Seriously, with all the tension in the jungle going on, it's resembling a tank with a lot of steam pressure in it, and these sphinxes might just be the release valve needed...

its not letting me read it it keeps saying there is an error

If she wants hands so bad, why doesn't she just turn into a minotaur? isn't she a changeling? a shapeshifter?

Made my day! Even if it is not the final third part yet. Keep 'em coming!!! There is so much to explore in your Universe. I would love a shot dedicated to a much younger Yumia and Cadista! :D :heart:

P. S. Yeah, what in the world is wrong with this website? It has been ages since I last received a notification in my mail...This is very vexing. :P

5184235 I have an exact same issue. Not receiving a notification from Law and other favorite authors of mine is a criminal offense in my book. I am gonna report this to the admins and suggest you do as well.

this is the continuation of from the hive and of the hive, or is from the one shot ?

*goes on to the website. first thing I see is this story...*

5185290 It's a continuation of the Aegis oneshot. Law said so himself in the story description. :)

5184289 It probably is but I think it kinda looks like Meta Knight's ship the halberd

OMG! You did indeed make it to the front page again! Cool!

OMGAnotherBook, So fast.....thats fantastic :raritystarry:

Great addition to your world once again but there is one thing I hope you can explain later on. How the hell did the bitch queen and her incompetent sisters manage to get Twilight and Rainbows kids without them noticing and/or burning their hives to the ground? Considering the hive mind and the level of intelligence Twilight, Rainbow and their children have shown in your previous fics this just doesn't seem possible. Sorry but to me it's going to be glaring plothole until you can explain how it was possible. Drone going missing from the hivemind for long enough for the idiot trio to make their royal children would be noticed.

Interesting. So Chrysalis and Co. have learned to produced changelings that can produce love, but for it to work they have to be raised in a kind and gentle environment. Talk about having to become your enemy to defeat your enemy.

Inside were over three and a half thousand chrysalises, with an even split between lavender and blue pods.

Damn, those are a lot of work-in-progress changelings.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know some of Dash's hatchlings, especially this Thunderfury.

Quadrapedal/bipedal Aegis? Neat.

This pleases me. Continue :moustache:

5185367 your doing it wrong... doesn't work as well without the sound [youtube=P3ALwKeSEYs]

5188900 well it still seems to say incomplete

Law, I have a question: all this business with consorts made me have idle thoughts. If male changelings can father eggs with their Queen, then does it mean they can only do that with the Queen exclusively? Can they have children with female ponies or (much like Rose in Ponyville) it is also an impossibility? How come the female drones are incapable of independent reproduction? Are they just that way or were they alchemically engineered that way? Also, I am rather curious about original breeding drones: were they doingit so to say the traditional way or were the female drones capable of laying eggs too just like the Queen on their own without help? Lol Oh, and another q: does a male drone need to be reborn to be a consort or can he do the 'job's straight away? Man, double unintended pun. XD! I a m on a roll today. Lol

P.S. I would also love to know just how did Sticky Spit manage to corner one of Twilight's consorts...Leave No detail out lol!!! (This site needs an emoticon for suggestive eyes)

“Yes, we’ll have enough trouble getting rid of the competition in the jungle as it is, the last thing we’ll need are equestrians sticking their snouts were they don’t belong.”


Roughly a thousand miles north, pillars of smoke rose from the center of a huge swath of clear cut forest.

Page break above this paragraph.

A thousand billion yeses! I'm sad that I didn't know it came out today. But I'm happy the series is so mind blowingly awesome that it takes only a few days to hit the Feature Box.

About time!

I was just thinking about this story a few days ago, too!

... *Faves, thumbs up, and kisses author Buggs Bunny style*:pinkiehappy:

5187520 This is exactly what I was wondering. How do you lose your own kid? Yes, you have a couple thousand of them, but the hive mind! Did Chrysalis just waltz into the Everfree, into the most guarded central location of Pheonix Roost and rape a consort drone?

I am thinking that this will get explained in later chapters, otherwise, yes, massive plot hole.

You know, Changelings would make perfect salesmen; Knowing innately what the customer wants, having the best professional look, and best of all...

They come up with the best buzzwords

it's in the wrong place, but shouldn't be gotten rid of,

"It's was name engraved above the trigger guard: ‘Burny’."

should be "Its name was engraved above the trigger guard: 'Burny'" also, should be "Its" not "It's".

it was mentioned that Twilights "blood" was needed and that they/she hypnotized a drone to get it. they also mention that trying a second time would be too risky. unless i'm completely off regarding this, i'm guessing that they just drained a bit of blood from one of her drones to use for alchemy and hypnotized said drone so that it didn't realize nor suspect that anything was wrong.

do you have the "Favorites" bookshelf set to give notifications? after they changed the layout all bookshelves, even "Tracking", were set to not give notifications by default.

5193236 Actually in the story "Of the Hive" Cadista mentioned that the ability mentioned that the ability to produce love couldn't be given alchemically and the only reason Twilight had the ability was that she never lost it. Also iirc in the sequel "For the Hive" it was mentioned that Twilight had to stop letting Ratchet fertilize her because his kids lost the ability implying that both parents needed to have the ability for the children to have it. Then again I could remember wrong or I could have misunderstood something. Wouldn't be the first time.

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