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Well, Hello There Everyone! ;) · 8:06am Apr 13th, 2014

*Waves* Hellooooooo!

My name is Lady GryphonInia and I am here more for reading the awesome stories instead of writing them myself. lol However, recently I got a bit more confident in that department and things may change soon. ;D

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I understand you’re enthusiastic, and I certainly appreciate that you did art for the story, but even when it doesn’t come off as rude such an overwhelming number of comments from a single person can still be irritating — “Sure, I know what you think, but what the fuck does anyone else?” — or actually have the effect opposite of what you intended, dissuading others from commenting by making them think “Why should I bother saying anything if this joker has already said everything there is to said?”

When it does come off as rude it evokes imagery of an inconsiderate and irritating idiot: “Edit button? What edit button? LOL. ’scuse me, I’mma have to go clog up the comments now.”

It’s a fine line to walk; an empty peanut gallery is often seen as barren and thus pointless to contribute to — “Why bother saying anything when nobody’s here to read it?” — a full peanut gallery is often seen as oversaturated and thus pointless to contribute to — “Any insight that could be shared already has been.” — and, as I illustrated earlier, trying to drum up thoughtful commentary can be counterproductive. Even trying to counter inadvertently counter‐productive influences can itself be counter‐productive — a polite “please edit your comments” will come off as a “fuck off and die, kthxbai” at least half of the time.

Sorry if I came off as too discouraging; I’m wary of scaring you off, but I felt it better to be brutally honest than beat around the bush. :unsuresweetie:

1556483 Errm...okay...

Did I just get C&D'ed? :twilightoops:

I swear I was only trying to induce people to a discussion which was virtually non-existant unlike many chapters before. :scootangel:

More than twenty of the forty‐five comments on chapter four of Culling of the Hives are yours. Please use the edit button in the future.

1177708 I could not due to some circumstances, but I never forgot. I am sorry for taking so long. It will be finished soon. I am back to drawing Hive fan art. :) I posted a similar poster of Yumia yesterday if you are interested. :pinkiesmile:

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