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Warning to anyone reading my stories: I have never, not in my life, completed a worth-reading story. On another note, I ship Flashlight (to an extent), Cheese Pie and Tryxalis.

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Opinions on the MLP Movie · 8:10pm Feb 14th, 2018

I watched it for the first time yesterday, and went to bed shortly after.

It was...



Sadly my being late to watch it meant I was spoiled for a few things (seaponies are hippogriffs), but that didn't make it any less fantastic.

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Report PrincessOfTheEnd · 123 views ·

In case you're interested, Endstone and Harmony is a crossover/spin-off of another story. The story itself, or at least the current draft, isn't posted anywhere online, but the unfinished original draft is still posted, and can be found here:
Feel free to go laugh at my 13-year-old-self's writing.

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Anyone else like Flight Rising? I used the scrying workshop to make Celestia and Luna dragons :pinkiehappy:

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Comment posted by YawRaw deleted Sep 18th, 2019

2166124 Yea, don't be surprised! There are lots of idiots in this world!! lol:rainbowlaugh:

Surrounded by idiots huh? I know how you feel!!:facehoof:

2137569 Yes, I like Pokémon. I also like correct grammar and spelling.

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