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After a fluke turn of events, Fluttershy finds herself on the throne of the Galactic Empire.

She finds out just how scary being on that throne can be...

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Really good story. Haven’t read any fluttershy like that for a long time. Can’t wait for more.

I'll admit... I have no knowledge on Star Wars. But, I do find this interesting. Especially with how Flutters can apparently kill with her Stare.


I'll admit... I have no knowledge on Star Wars

*looks around nervously*

*whispers* Neither do I...

I love this story. When will the next chapter be published?

Don't get too excited. The only time I work on this story is when I'm sad and trying to work my self-esteem up from the depths of the Dead Zone... guess it matters how my next story goes...

Okay, cool.

Fluttershy invents a new type of dark magic and becomes an alicorn. Just kidding lol

Apparently, according to the Wikipedia article on the Penance Stare, Fluttershy's Stare is a low-tier version of the Penance Stare. So, her being able to kill with her stare makes sense. Also! Write more of this story!

"The Darth Vader... who decapitated the Princess of Love?" the pony's face began to morph into the face of pure power.

"Yyyyyeeeeeeeeeee... mmmmmmaaaaybe?" Darth Vader hesitated, slowly backing away from the projector.

"DIE!" the pony screamed, Staring.

Savage!Shy is Savage.

Ok wow, this is such a cool original idea :D

Maybe Fluttershy will appoint Pinkie Pie as grand vizier.

I don't care that it's been a year since this was updated, I'm followings anyways.

Out of every fic I've ever read this is the only one to make me laugh out loud.

Who ever said that the univers has no sence of humor liad, this is hulerius:rainbowlaugh:

Signed, Emperor Sheev Palpatine. 03ABY

By the way BBY/ABY (befor/after battle of Yavin) is the fandom year marker and I doubt they use it in univers.
Galactic Imperial Year (GIY) makes more sence.
The Empire was formed 19 bby, so 22GIY make more sence in univers and use brakets[ ] to use BBY/ABY for the readers.

Next chap...

Nah, you cant get rid of Vader! He is to iconic!

So what about Palpy's other, not forged, contingencies that essentially amount to "Fuck the universe up as hard as you idiots can if I ever happen to die."

Like the "Fuck your atmosphere" satellite systems. or "go to the ass end of the galaxy to make a new, more dickish empire." What happens to those plans?

Normally, I can't stand 'Ponies are OP' fanfics.
However, this is exceptionally funny and I hope you continue it.

OK, from a star wars fan... PLEASE CONTINUE, THIS IS SO AMUSING!

This is exceedingly humorous and I love it, dearie. Keep up.

Apparently if he changes his mind they don't DO anything.

"Yyyyyeeeeeeeeeee... mmmmmmaaaaybe?" Darth Vader hesitated

HA!!!!! Also

From that day forward, Darth Vader was never seen again.

Aw I wanted to see him have to work for Fluttershy.....

This shouldn’t depend on your emotions . PS I want to see how this story plays out.

Where did you get that? I can't find any references to Fluttershy's stare anywhere...

Grand Moff Tarkin

.....He dead already.

OH MY SWEET CELESTIA! Not only did Fluttershy killed the Emperor with the Stare, but then proceeded to MIND-RAPE DARTH FREAKING VADER INTO RUNNING FOR THE HILLS! I'm dying laughing right now.

MOAR PLEASE! But please don't have Flutters turn evil. She's too good for that!

Just dropping another comment to let you know how much I still love this idea (and hope you return to it someday):yay:

So you going to continue this story or is it abandoned

I love the story you wrote so far, it may have some chronological errors, but it's still great and funny sometimes and I can't wait to see what happens next. I read you have a hard time with staying on 1 project but I am confident you can push forward. Keep writing great stories and may the force be with you, always. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::yay:

Oh god now I can't wait to see Fluttershy use the stare on Vader. Imagine the literal chosen one groveling on the ground, begging for mercy.

Both the Emperor and the chosen one succumbed to Fluttershy's stare, yet Discord in the show just laughed it off. Does this mean Discord is stronger than Palps and Vader?

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