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He's lost his family, his Shadow Collective, and his rule over Mandalore. And on top of that, his former master is now the ultimate power in the universe.
But just like on Naboo, Darth Maul refuses to accept defeat. Now he finds himself far out in space, beyond what's been charted of the Outer Rim, and nearing a strange planet he's never encountered. This planet has an odd connection to the Force, and once he arrives, he will be drawn to a young reptilian who has not explored his own potential.

An MLPxStar Wars crossover. If you haven't seen Clone Wars (and maybe Rebels), you're gonna be missing some context.

I like comments. Preferably positive.

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Cool. Keep on keeping on.

Well this looks like fun, personally a really want a fight between Spike and Twilight it would be awesome.

yeah. spike is force sensitive but the big question will be if spike chooses the dark side as that is what maul will try to teach him or the light side.

Actually, YES! Yes I was expecting Timbers but anyway nice set-up with that.
While this is seems to be stretching Maul's personality a bit, it isn't to bad. I've always viewed both the Sith ideology as more of a practical real world application, while the Jedi are SOLELY a ideology to work forward to in the far future type thing. Every step brings you closer.

Also, what I meant by the real world application thing is that: you have a star about to go Nova
Sith: EVACUATE the planet take samples of all possible flora and fauna you can in the time you have and get the FRICK OUT OF THERE!
Jedi: Use the force to hold the star together. :facehoof:

Raise your hand if you would do the same thing to Pinkie if you had force powers because I would, Also I get way you used manticores and not timberwolves. The ponies wouldn't care if you killed a few killed them but manticores are living things.

Can't wait for him to start teaching Spike the force, can force fire be a thing?

7232577 Force fire? Hm...possibly. Never thought of it. If I decide to include it I'm gonna need to think about how it would work.

7232682 I would imagine it would would be using force lighting to ignited the air and the force to move the fire. In story Spike could be starting to learn force lighting but is hitting a road block and in a case where he needs more fire power, pun intended, he makes force fire on the spot.

Speaking of weird force powers will Maul teach Spike some what is it called force magicks?

7233495 Interesting. And on the magicks, no. Maul never learned Nightsister magicks, to my knowledge.

7233505 Not surprising from what I saw in the clone wars cartoon it didn't look like something normally the men of his world would learn. Hey which comes first the mind trick or knowledge drain?

7233734 I was under the assumption that Jedi used mind trick and Sith, or just dark siders, used knowledge drain.

I've never heard of any using both. I guess mind trick first if they did.

7233735 Rey can use both. So I lost thing I want to ask for now is Spike's training going to be more like Maul' or is brothers because from what I heard of Maul's training it wasn't pretty. Though I think the thing with the rocks could work.

7234674 When did she use knowledge drain?

Spike's training won't be as bad, at least I don't think so

I just remembered. Ventress used mind trick, like once I think, though she never used knowledge drain (on screen), to my knowledge.

7234735 What else would you call that thing she did when she fought Kylo, she so drain the knowledge of how to use a light saber right.

Well I hope Spike learns both us because it will be so fun for him to use use it on pretty much everpony and knowledge drain for those to strong for the trick.

7234814 That wasn't knowledge drain, that was Rey being influenced by the Force. Plus, Kylo would've had some kind of reaction if knowledge was being pulled from his head. Like Poe.

7234934 I think knowledge drain makes more sense and I would assume when a jedi does it it's a lot less painful. Also with the mental and physical state Kylo was in it was kinda easy.

7234997 Meeeeeehhhhhh, I can buy Ray doing mind trick, but given the context of the film with Maz Kanata telling her to let the Force flow through her, force influence makes far more sense. Plus that's basically what it says on wookieepedia, and they're canon info is 100% correct.

Also, Obi-Wan, Mace and Anakin basically had to use knowledge drain on Cad Bane since his mind couldn't be swayed, and he was clearly in pain.

7235015 Well can't fight canon, speaking of canon am going to take a guess everyone but Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and maybe Pinkie, Fluttershy, Twilight and Starlight are not strong enough to be mind tricked.

7235142 Mmmmmm, maybe Pinkie, I think Fluttershy could be susceptible. Everypony else you said, yeah I would say they're strong enough not to be mind tricked. Haven't considered mind tricks in this story by the way. It's possible, but it doesn't feel like Maul to me, unless he thinks knowledged drain would be too risky.

7235155 well Pinkie and Fluttershy are weird when it comes to mental stuff and the mass seem really really really easy to mind trick. I can see that mind is light hand for Maul but I think it fits Spike perfectly.

While it was a useful trick, he still believed that instilling fear was a far more useful trick.

There appears to be a bit of repetition here. Otherwise, amazing fic so far. The only other decent Darth Maul story I could find on this site has been dead since early 2015 so I'm glad to see one of my favorite villains getting some love.

7250348 Oh crap, You just made me realize that. And are you referring to Step into the Light?


Not surprising from what I saw in the clone wars cartoon it didn't look like something normally the men of his world would learn. Hey which comes first the mind trick or knowledge drain?

While this is true, its likely not impossible for Maul to learn magic. As Maul (with the exception of Talzin) has clearly demonstrated through his sith training that he is MUCH more powerful then any Dathomiri witch.

7250367 no i agree that the force practice by the Sith and Jedi are more powerful, I was just hoping he'd learn force magicks just for weird/unique things that force uses normally don't do and on a magic world force magicks would fit right in.


And are you referring to Step into the Light?

I am.

So I forgot your not going toinclude the force cell thing from the prequel righ?

Hey ifSpike become gaint again would his force power get even stronger?

7282491 Midichlorians are completely misunderstood. Haven't thought about it that far. Probably not though. I don't think Maul is the type to get into the subject.

Spike's force power growing with his size? Not so sure about that. It is kind of going to be adressed, but I don't think I'll have him do it.

Well, it looks like somepony's been watching to many X-Files episodes, as it's obvious that his brains are past the liquid stage. :facehoof: Oh well a minute or so of Force Choke and then a few bounces off the walls as Maul hauls him in should help congeal them

Shouldn't the magic of the castle only be going to the main six and Spike not Starlight?

I can't wait for Spike to learn the force.

7369708 I said all but one of the seven mares. That one was Starlight.

7369729 Sorry must have read it wrong, also I've been meaning to ask can other negative emotions like sadness, fear and greed increase dark side force power like anger?

7371800 I don't think so. I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like it. Unless those emotions help increase the anger, like sadness over losing a loved one or fear of losing to an opponent.

I like this story.

Ya Spike is just a little closer to being a force user, so is Spike's skill with the saber more his connection with the force or him just dreaming of using the spear. Although dreams are seen as a force thing so I guess that fits.

So if a location is strong with magic does that mean it's also strong with the force?

7389142 His small bit of skill is from Shining Armor teaching him a few things

Location that's strong with magic also strong with the Force? Yes, basically.

7390668 So magic is like any other energy when it comes in contect with a light saber. And by that I mean a light saber can deflect a magic blast but does do to a magic shield.

Also what your thoughts on a light saber vs items that are just magic in them self or like enchanted. Like lets say sword thats magic but has no energy out put when it hits another weapon like the master sword for example would it be cut thru by the light saber or not.

7391789 I have not considered all these things yet. I will say I think a strong magic shield wouldn't get broken by a lightsaber

Can't say about enchanted swords. It might come up. Maybe

7250348 Fixed the double use of trick. It's been nagging at my brain since you pointed it out. I caved. It was bothering me.

While the light may not pull you in, it IS far more of a corrupting force as it blinds you to the atrocities that you commit. All in the name of the greater good of course. tia take note.

Had to love the bit with the datapad. Twilight would TOTALLY do that under those circumstances.

So did Starlight do to those teens?

Ok know I see your choice of influence over mind trick, so when he influence Spike to take about the basket thing was it like Spike was thinking about it and Darth just brought it to the surface?

I am pleased with this.

7637459 She made them "equal." Remember her whole shtick from S5? She just didn't want to bring it up again.

And yeah, pretty much.

7637479 Thank you, My Tallest. Anything to serve the Irken Empire! The pathetic humans suspect nothing of the subliminal messages I've so expertly hidden in this story to promote evil and chaos among this fandom poulace!!

I mean...yes, thank you, fellow puny human reader.

He was just mostly dead. So now he needs to find a miracle worker and get a pill from the guy?

10 internet points if you know the reference.

I always did figure that Sombra's horn would be the key to his revival by basically using it like a soul gem

Is Maul going to learn magic(k) from King Sombra? In the Star Wars Universe, magick is a rather obscure form of the dark side usage, mostly involving illusions (though higher forms definitely exist.) Though it's mostly used by people who aren't properly trained as a Sith, at least in the era Maul lives in. The only Sith with any real knowledge of magick within the era would be Darth Sidious, arguably the most powerful dark side practitioner of all time.

7765789 :applejackunsure:..............In a way. Not entirely. There is something to be learned that I plan on having utilized later. Maybe in chapter 9 or 10, depending how it all pans out.

Much better. :pinkiecrazy::scootangel: I look forward to more

This was awesome so what was cause Spike's force to be blocked his age, his biologically, or some magic reason.

Also which is more fun making someone hit themselves with force telekinesis or the mind trick.

7785002 Biological. Dragons have really low Force sensitivity in the context of this story. Remember the sensation he had back in the first chapter that he assumed was from some kind of sensor organ? It was his very limited Force ability.

I think it might be more fun to mind trick someone. There's a slew of possibilites.

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