• Published 15th May 2016
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The Zabrak and the Dragon - DeltaXeno1138

Dath Maul lands in Equestria, and is lead to a young dragon with dark side potential.

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Chapter 1

A Mandalorian Gauntlet starfighter zoomed through space, the starship colored with the pilot's signature red and black as opposed to the ship's original dark blue and metallic grey. The ship and some supplies were all he had taken after he relinquished his control of Death Watch to his second in command.

The ship was approaching a backwater planet so far from the charted regions of the Outer Rim, it was very likely the Republic, or Empire now, had no presence on it.

This is what the pilot was thinking and hoping for. I did not travel to the unknown reaches of the galaxy to fall back into the hands of my enemies the Zabrak thought bitterly. Hopefully whatever was on this planet would aid him in his plan. His plan of bringing down the Empire, and by extension the Sith. The Sith. The ones who had used him, abandoned him, and killed his kin.

A beeping sound brought the Zabrak back to reality. He blinked, seeing that the ship was alerting him of its entrance into the planet's atmosphere. He looked down to see that his right hand had unconsciously left the steering handle and was now tightly gripping his darksaber, the only lightsaber he had after losing the half of his original in his duel with Sidious.

He exhaled and replaced his hand on the handle before using the ship's computer to scan the landscape he was approaching. There was a small village with a large amount of organic life-forms, especially in a forested area near the village. There was another large concentration in what appeared to be a city of sorts far away from the village. The signs of technology were very minimal, indicating that the inhabitants of this world were either far behind in their technological advancement or were primitives who deemed it unnecessary.

There was also something else, but it wasn't something the scanners could detect. It was what brought him to this planet in the first place, its strange connection to the Force. He found that the Force was immensely present on this world, but it felt different. The closest he could compare it to was the way his mother's magicks felt. Nightsister magicks were similar but very different to the Force.

Better to land in a less populated area the pilot thought to himself I don't want to risk being attacked out of paranoia or misplaced fear. Admittedly an attack by these life-forms would most likely be futile and more of an annoyance with their limited technology, but there was still the matter of their odd connection to the Force. They could be very adept and dangerous without the need of advanced weaponry. I must be cautious.

He decided on a landing point after a short time, a clearing in the wooded area near the village. He slowed his ship's descent, turning the wings into their upright landing position, landing safely on the dirt terrain.

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight exclaimed as she charged into the throne room. The princess in question was staring out a window in the general direction of where the UFO appeared. "You summoned me about the object. You saw it."

"Yes, Twilight" Celestia affirmed as she turned to address her former student "Luna alerted me to it as soon as it neared our planet."

"At first I thought it was a meteorite, but-"

"Meteorites do not slow down or change direction before making a safe landing." Twilight turned to see Princess Luna approaching, maintaining the same calm demeanor as her sister despite the apparent arrival of extraterrestrial life.

"Then...it is an alien ship" Twilight said a little unsurely. "Princess Celestia, has Equestria ever encountered life from another world?"

"Not to either of our knowledge. But if it has, it was either long before our time or it somehow transpired without our knowledge."

"The former would be more likely" Luna said "Nothing enters Equestria from space without my knowledge."

"So this is Equestria's first contact with alien life!" Twilight exclaimed with amazement. "This is so amazing! Imagine what advanced technology they could bring us. The ability to travel through space alone would be an incredible advancement!"

"Twilight" Celestia said suddenly, interrupting her former student's joyful ramblings before they intensified. Twilight froze and turned back to Celestia, removing her hooves from where she had placed them on her cheeks in her excitement. "I would remind you we do not know why this ship has landed in Equestria, or whether they are friendly."

That statement made Twilight stop and reconsider. The princess had a point. It was possible whatever had arrived had no intention of making a peaceful connection, and maybe even meant harm.

"You're right Princess. What should we do?"

"Sister, if I may?" Luna said before Celestia could say anything. With a nod, Celestia allowed Luna to give her idea. "I suggest we send Princess Twilight with a small contingent of guards to meet our visitor or visitors. I believe it would be wise to send the Princess of Friendship to welcome somepony we would rather start on friendly terms with."

"I agree sister" Celestia said before turning back to Twilight "Do you believe you are up to the task Twilight?"

The purple alicorn was stunned. She had just been given the task of welcoming an extraterrestrial to Equestria and ensuring that they came off as peaceful. She composed herself before responding. "I...I'm not sure Princess. But I will try my best."

"I know you'll do your best, Princess Twilight" Celestia said with a reassuring smile "And you may tell your friends they are free to accompany you. I'm sure it would save you the time of convincing them not to go. I also think you should take your new pupil with you. This should be a valuable learning experience for all of you."

Celestia turned to one of her present guards and addressed him. "Tracer, have a contingent of six guards awaiting Twilight outside the castle. They are to accompany her into the Everfree Forest." The guard nodded and hurried out of the throne room to gather the guards.

"We wish you luck in your task Twilight. I expect to hear from you soon. Hopefully with good news. And also, address the residents of Ponyville. Tell them there is no need to panic, as I'm sure a few have already begun to do so."

"Yes Princess" Twilight said with a small bow of her head before beginning to walk away. She did recall hearing the beginnings of a commotion before she had left.

"Twilight" the young alicorn stopped in her tracks at Luna's call "I must caution you. As the ship was landing, I felt something...dark. I don't believe our visitor means harm, but if they were provoked, they could be very dangerous."

Twilight took a moment to consider this before responding. "I understand Princess. I'll do my best to make sure we don't provoke them." Twilight made her leave as the two elder princesses stayed behind, silently hoping for the best.

Celestia was correct in her assumption that the residents of Ponyville would be a little riled by the appearance of a spaceship over their town. The fact that it landed in the nearby dangerous and feared forest didn't help.

Twilight had arrived with the contingent of guards with a few uses of teleportation. She joined Mayor Mare on the town hall stage after seeing that she was having difficulty in calming everypony. Using her magic to enhance her voice, she was able to tell everypony of the task she was given and that she wished for them to stay calm.

There were murmurs amongst the crowd, some unsure, some enthusiastic, and some outright against the idea of welcoming an alien. There were a few mutterings of possible vaporizing, brain stealing, and invasive experiments. Twilight shook her head at the fear of stereotypical alien activity, while also hoping that none of them proved true.

After instructing the town to either stay indoors or go about their business, Twilight returned to her castle, instructing the guards to wait for her outside. She found what she expected when she entered the council/map room, all her friends, including Spike and Starlight, waiting for her.

"So Twilight, we're going into the Everfree Forest to whip some alien butt, right?" Twilight was not at all surprised by Rainbow's question, giving an exasperated sigh before answering.

"No Rainbow, we're going to welcome them" Twilight said as she approached the map "And we're all going to be there to do it, including you Starlight."

"Me? Why would I need to go?"

"Well you don't need to go. It's just an opportunity for a learning experience in friendship. I am going to be extending a friendly hoof to a foreigner after all."

"Can we go back a bit?" Rainbow interrupted as she flew up into a hover "So you bring six Canterlot guards with you and we're not gonna be fighting any aliens? I've literally dreamed about this."

"Hold yer horses Rainbow" Applejack said as she pulled Rainbow down with her hoof "We've got no idea what these aliens are capable of. You wouldn't wanna go swoopin in only ta get yerself vaporized or something, would ya?"

"Or have your brains melted?" Pinkie suddenly interjected with her chipper tone "Or have them removed and put in a jar? Or get frozen and made into a wall decoration? Or-"

"I think we get it darling" Rarity interjected a little bluntly "I for one see the reasoning. We wouldn't want to provoke our visitors into violence and possible enslavement. Could you imagine how dreadful I would look in chains and tattered slave clothing?"

Rarity looked to everypony giving her deadpan looks. "What?"

"Okay" Rainbow conceded "I guess you're right. I mean, it's not like they've done anything to threaten us...so far."

"Exactly" Twilight affirmed "Now we're all gonna go into the Everfree forest with the guards I was assigned, as a precaution, and welcome our visitor. And unless they give us reason not to, we will be friendly towards them and we won't provoke them into doing anything bad. Spike, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to stay here to watch the castle."

"What?!" Spike exclaimed in outrage "No! You can't have me stay here. I've always wanted to meet an alien. Can't you get somepony else to stay and watch the castle? One of the guards maybe?"

"Sorry Spike, but I don't think Celestia would appreciate having one of her guards be reduced to a house sitter. Plus, I can trust you completely. What are number one assistants for?" Twilight said with a flattering wink.

Spike let out an exasperated sigh while leaning his head back, though he did have a smile on his face. "Alright, you smoozed me into it. But if you get cool alien tech like jetpacks and I don't, I will never forgive you."

"I'll be sure to get you something" Twilight said with a sarcastic eye roll "Alright everypony, let's head out. We don't want to keep our new guest waiting." Everypony began following Twilight out, though Fluttershy was lagging behind a bit, which Rainbow took notice of.

"Hey" Rainbow nudged her timid friend "You okay?"

"Oh, um...yes Rainbow, I am" Fluttershy answered reluctantly "I'm just hoping that...they don't look too scary."

Rainbow suppressed a chuckle at her friends worry and was quick to try and calm her worry. "I'm sure they won't look that bad Fluttershy. And even if they do, that doesn't mean they'll act scary. Heck, they could look terrifying and be almost as shy as you, no offense."

"None taken. And you do have a point. Who knows? They might even be cute little bunny aliens!" Fluttershy finished with a squee. Rainbow shook her head slightly while also feeling proud of her friend for not thinking of the worst for too long.

"Rarity" Spike said, causing the unicorn to stop and turn to him. She was momentarily surprised when he suddenly grabbed her foreleg in a tight hug. "Be careful, okay? I don't want you to get hurt out there."

Rarity's eyes softened before she returned the hug with a smile. "I will Spikey Wikey."

Starlight was standing in the doorway watching the cute interaction. She hadn't been here long, but she was able to learn that Spike had a long standing crush on Rarity. According to Twilight, this crush had simmered down, so Spike wasn't as adamant as he once was. She also said that Rarity didn't return the little dragon's affections, at least not in the romantic sense that he desired.

Such a shame Starlight thought as Spike and Rarity released each other I bet a cute gentlecolt like him could make her really happy if she gave him a chance.

Starlight was startled out of her thoughts when Spike suddenly hugged her leg as well. "Same goes for you Starlight. You just got here after all."

Starlight was slightly surprised by Spike's affection, but smiled and followed Rarity's example. "Thanks Spike. I'll make sure to be careful too."

"Hey Starlight, you coming?" Starlight opened her eyes in surprise at the sound of Pinkie's voice. She then realized she had gotten comfortable in the hug, taking note of Spike's natural dragon warmth. She and Spike then broke away, shuffling and stuttering nervously.

"Uh, yeah Pinkie, I'm coming" Starlight said as she quickly rejoined the group, pondering why she held on longer. She pushed the thought aside, mentally preparing herself for what was about to happen. Spike meanwhile was momentarily questioning what just happened, only to put it aside in favor of getting some chores done.

As Spike began his chores, he felt an odd sensation in the back of his mind. It was actually a trait he noticed a while ago. He presumed he had some sort of extrasensory dragon organ or something that alerted him to danger, though the sensations barely registered and usually occurred right before said danger. But this felt...different.

Spike shook his head, refocusing on his chores. He would have to wait and see what the coming of this alien would bring.

The pilot had been preparing himself before doing some checking on the planet. The air was breathable, the surface temperature was akin to Naboo, and the few inhabitants the ship managed to scan...were quadrupeds. While sentient quadrupeds weren't unfamiliar, they weren't too plentiful.

That fact that these quadrupeds had managed to build large structures already spoke for their intelligence. Whether or not they were intelligent enough not to cross him was still to be determined.

Among what he prepared was a personal speeder of four he had stored in the troop bay of the ship, a pack containing some rations and a filled canteen, a black cloak, and of course his darksaber.

A few minutes before he was to head out, he sensed something. Something that was detected by the ship's computer as well. Approaching life forms. He could sense they were a group of the native quadrupeds from their connection to the Force. A few seemed to be stronger however, with the strongest leading them.

Aside from the strange feeling, he had felt power of this caliber before. It would pose a problem if he were attacked with the full force of it. He quickly reminded himself not to present himself as hostile, unless it was required.

From the cockpit, the Zabrak began to make out the quadrupeds as they approached. And then they became completely visible. To say the pilot was mentally startled would be a big understatement.

The Zabrak was perplexed as he beheld what appeared to be small, brightly colored equines lifted right out of a holoshow meant for younglings. There was also the fact that some of these equines appeared to have either horns or wings. Two things became apparent to him however. One: the ones that appeared to be the females were all flanked by horned, armored guards. Two: the female leading the entire group had both wings and a horn, and she was the strong one he had sensed.

He would have time to wonder about the possible significance of the horn/wing combination at a later time. Now, it seemed he was to be receiving a welcome, or possibly an arrest.

Deciding to leave behind the supplies he'd prepared, with the exception of his darksaber of course, he steeled himself and approched the boarding ramp. He pressed the button, put his hands behind his back and exhaled calmly as the ramp lowered, allowing him to exit the ship. Very well. Time to meet the natives.

They had arrived. After a ten minute trek through the Everfree, they had arrived at the clearing where the spaceship had landed.

Their current demeanor was somewhat the opposite of their behavior during the trip. Twilight was thinking aloud the possibilities of technological advancement and new knowledge of the galaxy. Pinkie was listing off the possibilites of the alien's appearance, from green and three headed, to giant slug, to insectoid, or "giant bug" as she put it. Rarity was expressing her desire to learn of their attire, so long as it wasn't any of the stereotypical and "atrocious" outfits, like the one piece chrome suits.

Now, everypony was staring in awe and wonder at the large vessel in front of them, even Pinkie and the guards. The glare of the sun and the minor shade resting on the outside of the cockpit left them unable to see whatever passenger was inside.

Twilight immediately noticed that the wings now appeared to be upright, though the center still resembled an arrowhead, as she saw from her telescope. Now wasn't the time to marvel at the ship's practicality however.

"Um...Hello?" Twilight called out "Whoever is in there...we have come to welcome you to our planet and extend to you our friendship." She was then going to voice the hope of exchanging valuable information, but there was a sudden hiss that startled everypony. A ramp extended downward that lead into the ship itself as small, unseen vents released what was presumably steam from either side of ramp.

A few seconds passed before steps were heard. Steadily, the pilot descended down the ramp until he reached the bottom and was in everypony's full view. It was then their turn to be startled, and slightly frightened. The most frightened being Fluttershy of course.

Twilight quickly took note of the alien's appearance. He was bipedal and greatly resembled the humans she encountered in the mirror world. She surmised he was male based on his facial structure in comparison to male humans she'd seen, and she hoped she was correct.

Unlike the humans she encountered, this alien's skin appeared to be both red and black, which formed intricate patterns on his entire face and apparantly his torso from what little of his chest she could see. Rather than hair, many small and sharp looking horns adorned his head. His legs appeared to be completely covered in armor for some reason. And his eyes. His eyes were a menacing and vibrant yellow with noticeably red blood vessels.

And then he spoke.

"I am relieved to hear that. I am also relieved to know you speak Basic. I believe my time here will prove beneficial. And now, I would request an audience with your ruler."

The words had been spoken with a pleasant smile by a voice that, while admittedly attractive sounding, appeared to carry a menacing tone behind it.

The former Darth, Maul, was now in Equestria.

Author's Note:

My first attempt at a crossover, and a Star Wars one at that. I've been away from writing for a while, so I can feel my rustiness seeping into this. I know there's not a lot of Maul in this chapter. That's because it's just the starting point. Advice welcome.

Even I gave an exasperated sigh at the "hold your horses" line. I was tempted to have Discord show up with The Smooze when Spike said smoozed. But it didn't feel right for this. Was there a hint of StarSpike/Sparlight? Maybe. You can thank titanium-pony on deviantart for making it my new ship.

I am not a 100% Star Wars fan, so I don't know everything. So forgive me if there is an abundance of sentient quadrupeds I haven't heard of or I have the ship do something it can't etc. I'm also gonna take a few liberties since there's a portion of Maul's story we've yet to be provided.

I'm a heterosexual guy, and I can admit that Sam Witwer sounds hot, especially as Maul, or maybe the Son.

If you haven't seen Clone Wars, you should go do that, like now. Because this takes place after the show, which shows how Darth Maul is still alive.

Obligatory crossover elements checklist:
[x]Reference to past event(s) from the outside material's universe
[x]MLP planet (Equis) is an existing (far off) planet in the outside material's universe
[x]Pinkie makes not so subtle reference to something from the outside material
[x]Line from outside material quoted

Other elements to come in future chapters