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An aspiring writer who will only write/read MLP stories staring Spike and Twilight.


Spike is separated from his friends when he falls through a hole created during an earthquake. Deep beneath the earth, he finds a forest teeming with life, both breathtakingly beautiful and breathtakingly lethal. Unfortunately, many of its inhabitants would like to make a meal of him. Now, Spike has to find a way to contact his friends while avoiding monster bugs. Somehow, he must survive and not succumb to his baser instincts.

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This story is the result of watching too much nature documentaries and a show called Monster Bug Wars!

In that case, this story should have a crossover tag.

7212924 Perhaps, but I didn't think to do so because I was inspired by the idea of confronting these creatures in their own world. I'm not putting Spike into the show and I'm not reenacting every episode. I just watched so much of it that I ended up imaging this plot.

A story that handles the more scientific and indulging approach to giant monsters. This should be promising.

dang that centipede is really freaking tough I want to see it fight the giant crab its shell should be to tough for the centipedes fangs to get through

7258468 I hope so. And I hope you'll enjoy it! Sorry for the late response.

7325208 Yeah, centipedes are the serial killers of the bug world. I have absolutely no idea if a crab could hold out against a centipede when they wrap around their prey to prevent escape, but we can hope. Fortunately, even they have predators even in the bug world. Or perhaps that's unfortunate because I don't want to meet something more dangerous.

7325543 well from how tough this centipede is the only thing I could think of being tougher would be a giant Spider which ever species of spider is you pick or its predator could be a giant wasp or hornet of some kind or you could make up some creature just to kill but it is your story and a really good story I must say :pinkiesmile:

7325598 Actually, fully-grown centipedes can eat spiders too so long as they don't fall in the web or if the spider doesn't use a web. I don't know about hornets. One alone might not take down a centipede but in a swarm they might drive it away. I don't want to say what creatures prey on centipedes and risk a spoiler of a potential future encounter. Thanks so much for your support!:twilightsmile:

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Wait...most of this sounds like the book version of Spider Riders...

7337208 If it does, that is purely coincidental. I've never heard of Spider Riders.

I thought sir knight was Spike when he is older but now I cant tell :unsuresweetie:

7337208 No I think Journey to the Center of the Earth is a bit closer...

7339185 Ehh...It kinda sounds like the intro to the Inner World in the first book.

7339185 I never noticed that. Yeah, I guess it is a bit like Journey to the Center of the Earth. That was purely a coincidence. I wasn't even thinking about that book when I wrote this.

7337610 The answers will be revealed soon

Holy shit, this is awesome.

undiscovered species... apparently

spike was really cool though

7355618 Behemoth (with a capital B) = the monster Spike encountered on the first day before meeting Sir Knight
Cento = the centipede from part 7

7355244 Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.:twilightsmile:

7355991 Correct, Behemoth is a fictional, undiscovered species. If she were real, Behemoth would probably be classified as a Synapsid or a mammal-like reptile.

Glad you liked Spike in this chapter!:twilightsmile:

its definately up there with my top ten stories (would say top five but one aughor in this website has like six stories his writing and they are all great and that is a hard complement to get when you write crossover stories)

hey you Dont mind if i ask you to read my story would you. I want opinions on it before i continue... and finish with my art classes but that is irrelevant. Please.

7357193 Sure. Send me a link and I'll check it out when I have enough time.

here you go but remember my very first story with many things planned only reason why it's not finished is lazyness and alot of really good stories.

I hope Spike doesn't get blamed for what happened.

7386011 Working on the chapter right now. You'll see very soon.

pour Spike it isn't your fault please don't blame your self :fluttercry:

Right in the kokoro.

this has been one of my favorite stories about Spike :pinkiehappy:

Beautiful story, 10/10. Wonder if there will be a sequel though...

7387449 Thanks for the feedback. Sequels only happen if I think there's something worthwhile to explore.

7388942 Oh. I get it. "Right in the heart." Thank you.

An imaginative adventure. Thank you for this gift.:twilightsmile:

7424972 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile:

I rate it godlike out of godlike

Wasn't the start of the story I was expecting but it is still good. :twilightsheepish: I know I'll enjoy this story alot.:twilightsmile:

I'm really liking this story so far. :pinkiesmile: I always loved adventure storys. :twilightsmile:

Damn. This Underworld is dangerous. :pinkiecrazy:

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