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Since I was little I have been a fan of video games, anime, cartoons, comics, tcg, etc. But in 2019 i became a brony.


The Shadow Empire has risen, peace in the galaxy is in danger, only the Jedi Knights can stop them, but sometimes the teachings of a Jedi are not the most appropriate, but a young boy with green hair will learn that not everything is so simple, but he will be determined to move forward to find peace in the galaxy, and will take down anyone who stands in his way.


And it will show us a different vision of the Force

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Ok wow, Star Storm is just cold.

What will happen next?

You will shocked when you see it.


Why does it feel like some the parts of this story feel like I've seen it from somewhere else before? Like they belong to another Star Wars story.

Well, i took inspirations from a Fan fic i read many many years ago on Fanfiction.net, before i became a brony, i dont remember the name but it shows the difficult part about not being chosen by the force

This is good. Star Storm is really a dick for killing Spike's dreams. Twilight should've punched him, but the slap was just as satisfying. Can't wait for the next chapter to see where Spike's heart leads him. Star Storm should be kicked off from the team for what he did, in my opinion.

Yes, Star Storm has many things that a Jedi does wrong, which I will tell you about in the author's notes of the next episode, thanks for reading it.

You should let Spike pilot an X-ceptor when he gets his own ship.

force lightning? I'm not trying to Force you to do anything.

Yeah sorry the next week i will update, promise.

If you need an OC, let me know.

Good story. And I agree about the concept of darkness being used as good. For so long it's always been a black and white scenario light is good and dark is bad, but in actuality and several examples light can be bad and dark can be good. It all depends on how you use them. I mean take a look at Riku in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. He opened his heart to darkness in the beginning and fell to it. But he found his way back and learned to harness his darkness without losing sight of himself and now he walks the Road to Dawn.

Wished FIM let Luna embrace Nightmare Moon in the show and use those dark powers for good.

I am surprised there is only two chapters.

Pretty nice story

Good story it was short but I just wish that spikes lightsaber was a different color other colors besides the classic blue, green, and red. Like like Samuel Jackson's lightsaber the purple one. But since he's the dark Jedi I think it would have been cool if he had it the grey lightsaber representing that he can do both light side and a dark side powers without the corruption.

SEQUEL!!!! This was awesome! Even though it was short, it was still great! Again, SEQUEL!!!!

Wow, you like Kingdom Hearts too, awesome, and thanks for reading.

Wow, that's a great idea, how did I not think of it?

I'm sorry, as I clarified, I don't know anything outside of the movies, so maybe I should have researched more about lightsabers, I only gave that saber to Spike because I really like Kylo Ren's saber.

Well, maybe I can do a sequel if I get the inspiration.


Intriguing idea. Though there are two big continuity errors that just don't match up given the lore/cannon of Star Wars and its universe.

The first one being that in order to be a Jedi, the Force has to pick you. It's literally the defining factor that determines if an individual can be a Jedi. If it doesn't grant you Force-sensitive powers, then there's no way you can be a Jedi without them. Because being a Jedi means, you feel the Force flowing through you that allows you to do lightsaber combats, jumps, flips, and do everything else. So the fact that Spike becomes a Jedi without the Force granting him these abilities, doesn't make sense. If the Force didn't choose him from the start, then there's absolutely no chance he can be a Jedi.

The second one is Spike using the Dark side of the Force for good. In Star Wars, it's clear as the sky is blue that the Light side is good while the Dark side is evil. No two ways about it. Cause by a person using the Dark Side of the force, it means they are committed to being bad. Literally all who have used the Dark side of the Force are bad guys. While Spike saying he can use it for good is nothing more than a thought, cause the Dark side is so powerful that you have no choice but to let it take control of you in order to gain its power. So for Spike, he would have to let his feelings of anger and betrayal be embraced to be allowed to use the Dark side. So really, Spike is bad by using the Dark side in the first place.

Again, those are the two biggest errors that make this story a bit disconnected when it comes to Star Wars cannon and the lore that is already set in stone. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's not great either. I would advise when you have a chance to look up some research into Star Wars to help you get a better feeling of how this universe works. In the chance that you plan a sequel.

You know, Star Storm sort of makes me think of these guys when it comes to representing what is wrong with the Jedi Order. Take your pick of who's worst:

Yes, I wrote to Star Storm thinking about Jedi like that.

I bet if they hadn't been so closed-minded, maybe everything could have been different, but no.

Order 66 was kind of tragic, but I definitely didn't feel sorry for some of them.

Comment posted by TM deleted May 18th

Not bad, but not great. I suggest doing some heavy research on Star Wars as there are many errors for the lore and continuity. Light side is always made up of good guys and the dark side is nothing but bad. It's one of the many franchise that sticks with this idea and doesn't have the means of today's ideology where you can still redeem yourself if you did something bad. No! That's not how is works in this universe and it's one of the many reasons why people like it cause they know who to cheer for and who to hate.

Which ties into Spike going to the dark side and not being corrupted. That doesn't work like that. The dark side is so powerful that you have no choice but to let it control you because you're pouring your hate, anger, jealousy into it. It's the reason why the Sith have red lightsabers because it's part of a ritual where their anger, and hated emotions are poured into the kyber crystal to give them that red color. So Spike not being evil is a major error in the Star Wars universe. And all that Star Storm said was right.

Also you might need to research into how Jedi think, cause they weren't so close-minded as you make them out to be. The only thing I would advise is to take a look at other forms of Star Wars stories on this site to help you get a firm understanding of how the universe of Star Wars works.

Here's one that I'm enjoying at the moment: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/505647/star-wars-the-great-war


I know that story, its great and good writed but is not for me.

Im sorry, i only try to write a concept of the Force i wanted to see, i only watched the movies and a few comic books.

But still i wanted to show another view of the Jedi, not all are heroes to everybody, i bet there another stories out there using the dark side for the good.

Well, I think this fic is great, I can understand that the Star Wars universe has rules, but come on, this is a fic, I think we can free ourselves a little.

Hey, don't apologize, your story is one of the best I've read and I think it's the best in Star Wars/MLP, I also like the concept of a dark side Jedi, I must admit you have talent.

I hope that in the future you can give us a sequel with Spike using the dark power to defeat other villains.

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